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Tliltocatl sabulosus (Guatemalan Redrump Tarantula) about 1"+


Tliltocatl sabulosus (Guatemalan Redrump Tarantula) for sale.

Scientific Name: Tliltocatl sabulosus

Common Name: Guatemalan Redrump

Type: new world terrestrial

Endemic Location: Guatemala

Adult Size: 5-6"

Diet: Crickets, roaches and mealworms

General info: Tliltocatl sabulosus, or the Guatemalan Redrump Tarantula, is a great choice for any beginner tarantula enthusiast. With their dark bodies and distinctive red hairs on the abdomen, these terrestrial spiders are simply beautiful. Their more docile disposition makes them the perfect addition to any arachnid collection!

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