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Elisabeth M July 10, 2024 Always fantastic service! Will be buying more Tarantulas as soon as I can make room. 😊

Mark A July 10, 2024 Very informative, Fear Not Tarantulas has all the bases covered. Their response time is also much faster than other dealers. Professional & to the point and much appreciated.

Holly Ann K July 10, 2024 Fantastic! Emma was friendly, helpful, and very quick to respond. As usual, I love all interactions with Fear Not Tarantulas staff!

David M July 9, 2024 Fast response and friendly as always!

Courtney C July 8, 2024 Excellent customer service!! Answered any questions that I had. Ordered during a holiday week and didn’t expect a response but Emma responded swiftly!

Shamekia W July 8, 2024 All came in alive a well. Had me a little scared with the Pumpkin patch being in moist paper towel (no visual) but once I peaked inside I understood why. OMG!!!!!! So freakin, stinkin, cute, tiny and AAAAAAdorable!!!! My wander spider.... wow. Love at first sight and the others you know what let me stop myself. I just realized, your just asking how they are (LOL). They are fine. I'm just excited. If I don't stop myself I am going to continue on and on and on and who wants to hear how much I love Fear not tarantulas and that you guys are my number on place a love to order my eight legged babies from. I mean truly, I love them and thank you. Thank you so much!!!!

Mallory B July 8, 2024 I was impressed with how quick the turn around was on the communication. I was honestly expecting hours in-between emails. It was my mess up on my order, however, your support and efficiency was great! 

Damian E July 8, 2024 Customer support emailed me really quick with a better delivery date due to temperatures. I feel that made it easier for me. I plan on ordering more from fear not tarantulas soon. Great Customer support

Louis A F July 7, 2025  This is my 2nd order with fear not and ive enjoyed the experience both times. They always answer fast and answer all my questions and make the process super easy. I love this company. I would recommend it to any tarantula enthusiast ❤️

Kentray B July 7, 2024 The support is amazing at being kept in the loop with everything. This is my first but not last time ordering. Got tracking number fast no delay on shipping as of yet! Would recommend most definitely!

Marissa P July 7, 2024 Fear not has been so great with communication when I’ve needed assistance and I truly appreciate that and will be coming back!

Liz Slaight July 6, 2024 cares deeply about their animals, and always awesome customer service. I've gotten several happy and healthy tarantulas from them. ❤️

Jason E July 5, 2024 I'm impressed with the amount of care and concern put into completing a purchase and pickup of my new pet! More than enough info and safe guards to make sure the customer is informed! Just waiting for my new little one to arrive now! 

Courtney C July 5, 2024 I review everything that I purchase online. I did order around a holiday, wasn’t expecting a response but you guys did! So excited for my new T’s!

Peter W July 4, 2024 The support was great. My question got answered very fast and perfectly even on a day off. Thank you!

Benjamin H July 3, 2024 Amazing as usual

William K July 2, 2024 As usual, a good, quick response! Very happy with this place...this is my second one. I love my Antilles pink toe n it's doin well!! Thanks so much for everything. I appreciate ya!

Chad M July 2, 2024 Great customer service and also great inventory list along with very fair prices!!! Thank you FNT! Can’t wait to make my next order!!!!

John Reed July 2, 2024 Amazing service, look long forward to more orders from you guys

Jen F July 1, 2024 Very specific answer to my question which was great! I also do not feel like I'm annoying anyone with my perhaps basic question lol.

Matthew T July 1, 2024 Always excellent communication and fast shipping!!

Elisabeth M June 29, 2024 Everything is fantastic as usual. The tarantulas look great and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Greg P June 28, 2024 You guys are awesome! Thank you!

John R June 28, 2024 Ordered twice, great service both times and planning ordering more in upcoming week

Heather Headrick-Langley June 27, 2024 Very very awesome babies 🖤🖤🖤 As a tarantula mom I highly recommend them

Katrina L June 27, 2024 It was professional and timely. I’ve had multiple experiences with this company and all of them have been great! No complaints!

Holly K June 26, 2024 Tanya was fantastic! She answered my question very quickly and not only gave me great advice, but also gave me encouragement. (I was nervous about rehousing my new trapdoor spider.)

Matthew B June 26, 2024 FearNot handles shipping with clear communication and safety of the animal first. 

Pablo A June 25, 2024 Prompt responses Very clear directions/expectations Definitely will be happy to shop for more buggies from here

John Hall June 25, 2024 Top notch support!!!!

Artemio Salispara June 25, 2024 Wonderful customer service!

Terry Turnbull June 24, 2024 The best customer service and knowledgeable people

Brian F June 24, 2024 All of my concerns were met with fast professional responses that solved the issue.

Katrina M June 24, 2024 This team is always on point ❤️ simple to follow instructions and if not and need assistance they're always here to help.

Rubie A June 24, 2024 Always phenomenal customer service!

Taylor R C June 23, 2024 Fear Not is always amazing!!

Victoria Leszewicz June 23, 2024 Great customer service and great spiders!

Melissa Willard June 23, 2024 The quality of support I received is five star as usual and I always look forward to purchasing from you.

Delena Howell June 23, 2024 Fear Not's staff is amazing!! They are the G.O.A.T.s of this hobby!!

Keisha J June 22, 2024 I am completely satisfied with Fear Not. I look at other sites all the time and some do have less expensive T's but they are much smaller therefore more likely to not hold up to my 1 or 2 years keeping experience. So I always come back to fear not to order and purchase my T's. You guys are fantastic.

Gerald Thomas June 22, 2024 Very nice and honest and been a loyal to this company for years never had one problem

Tanner Gardner June 22, 2024 I ordered the Mystery Pack unleashed and received the pack below that price wise. I emailed the team and the were quick to give me a call and email back apologizing for the mix up and assured me they are sending a whole new box with cool stuff to make up for the mix up! You would be hard pressed to find better customer service. Fear Not rocks! 

Karen Barker June 22, 2024 Excellent help as usually. I'm sure I gave them a run for their money this time with my questions and add-on's. Always very helpful and cordial!

Luke Ottenbacher June 21, 2024 Always great support from here! The only place I’ll shop at online! Thank you so much!

Michael Steed June 21, 2024  This was my first time using Fear Not Tarantulas and even before arrival, I could tell this is a group who is passionate and professional. They kept me updated every step of the way with any questions I had to ensure the delivery was smooth being that I’m in the Midwest with extreme temperatures. All of the little ones arrived happy and healthy! I will certainly continue to use them from now on as I am fully satisfied.

Andy Snider June 20 2024 Everything went very smoothly and professionally - I was impressed, and will use the company again. :-)

Hannah Bowman June 20, 2024 Everyone was helpful and very responsive! I look forward to working with Fear Not again in the future!

Brian Dugas June 19, 2024 It was easy to communicate with the support team and we got notifications every step of the way

David Burdge June 18, 2024 Y'all are one of only a few places that I do business that I feel I get exactly what I pay for. Quick to answer questions and I appreciate the stellar service you provide.

Rebecca Kennedy June 18, 2024 I have had the most amazing experience ordering my three new slings from Fear Not Tarantulas. The communication was on point and the information provided on care of my slings and even the feeders was exceptional! I highly recommend them and will be purchasing from them again. Thanks! ❤️🕷️😍

Karen Barker June 16, 2024 Always good service!!!

Brandon Brown June 16, 2024 Fast response time & very friendly and helpful.

Evelyn Garcia June 16, 2024 Your customer support is always outstanding! Thank you so much for everything you do for us. Fear Not Tarantulas has always gone above and beyond for it's customers. I will forever be grateful to you for making this Father's day super special! Thank you!

Stacy G June 16, 2024 They arrived right on time. I love them! They were nice and snug in the box and shipping stuff. Thank you and I will definitely be ordering more tarantulas in the future. 

Christopher Verderosa June 15, 2024  You guys are the absolute best! Thank You

Paul Gardner June 15, 2024 Always helpful and friendly.

Jen Frazier June 15, 2024  Quick to respond with helpful Information 😊👍

Brandy McGahen June 14, 2024  Support was perfect, as always!

Howard L June 14, 2024 Fear not is my go to place for tarantulas. I’ve bought over 50 T’s and never had a problem. And you prices and specials are Great!

Michael B June 13, 2024 Everything is good

Lisa L June 13, 2024 Always wonderful with everything.

Huriah F June 12, 2024 Always a pleasure to do business with Fearnot

Heather Marie Mariscal June 11, 2024 Absolutely wonderful. I had been out of the hobby for several years, and have gotten back in heavily as of late. All my spiderlings have arrived beautifully packed, healthy, and vibrant. The staff is responsive, and fair. The Live Arrival Guarantee is top notch, and Untouchable. If you are considering adding to your 8-Legged family, Please consider Fear Not Tarantulas. You will not be disappointed. 💕

Karen B June 10, 2024 I really appreciated that they checked in to make sure the delivery date worked and always communicated

Cassandra Marie May 30, 2024 I just ordered 2 and got them today. I'm so excited. They let me know when they were shipped and when they were delivered. I will definitely be getting more in the future.

Vanessa Lee May 12, 2024 Large selection of tarantulas and other spiders. I ordered 3 recently and had them shipped. They arrived safely and were very well packed.

Sarah R March 25, 2024 Wonderful  all around! I thoroughly enjoy everything about this company. I’ve ordered in the past, and will be purchasing again in the future.

Janet K March 24, 2024 Amazingly courteous and knowledgeable staff!

Jason S March 24, 2024 Best around!!!

Katherine H March 24, 2024 I always get quick responses from the FNT team, my needs for shipping dates have always worked out, and everything has arrived well-packed and happy! Thank you

Amanda S March 24. 2024 Excellent service as always

Christina L March 24, 2024 Always a great experience!

Gary March 23, 2024 Very healthy sling, eats like a beast. My first Sumatran Tiger it's adapting well to it's encloser me and the wife purchase here often and every sling we have gotten is in perfect shape, and they package the spiders well for shipping.. Great place to buy Tarantulas. Thank You

Brody F March 23, 2024 Fantastic customer service and business. Quick responses and communication. A+++

Jorge V March 23, 2024 Very professional and kind!

Katherine H March 23, 2024 As always, FNT was fast and knowledgeable in answering my questions!

Amanda K March 23, 2024 They are very fast with any communication and very helpful.

Michelle M March 22, 2024 Any email correspondence was great, friendly and prompt and even the FedEx guy was super friendly! Thanks!

Jessica M March 22, 2024 Very happy with the support; staff was quick, courteous, and accommodating. 10/10

Liza March 22, 2024 They shipped my sling (Grammostola anthracina) with great care, and provided me information on how to care for them, thank you!

James T March 21, 2024 I recently purchased my first spiderlings (Tapinauchenius plumipes) from an online store (Fear Not). I got one of these as a freebie with my order and it’s doing so great so far. Packaging was perfect and easy to get into the premade enclosure that I purchased with it. Eating amazingly and has made a nice little burrow of tunnels but will always come and say hi when I get close to the enclosure. Definitely will be buying more in the future, amazing quality and awesome customer service from them.

Arlin March 21, 2024 I’m so happy I was able to get this cutie! (C. elegans) She’s so dainty and beautiful. Shipping was a breeze and not to mention the cute St. Patrick wrapping paper that was used to ship out my spiderlings. 10/10 recommend this place!

Tonya W March 20, 2024 My spiderling is perfect. Shipping is fast and customer service is top-notch.

Amanda S March 20, 2024 Excellent support and quick response time. Love Fear Not Tarantulas.

Nate March 20, 2024 Love my Tenebris from Fear Not. He's a spicy fella but very gorgeous spider. The one I got was a good bit bigger than I had expected, which I am totally okay with. Would highly recommend.

Jasmine T March 20, 2024 Fast communication. Wonderful experience

Mickey M March 16, 2024 For purchasing my first ever tarantula, I couldn't be happier with the prompt email about shipping confirmation.

Paige T March 16, 2024 Wonderful customer service. As a first time buyer with spiderlings, I enjoyed the experience and loved the way the slings are shipped. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to add a new tarantula to their collection!

Lisa L March 15, 2024 Always very nice and helpful and quick to answer any questions I have. Great service all around.

Delena H March 15, 2024 The people on the Facebook page and customer service were extremely helpful!! They were all knowledgeable, kind, and professional!!

Cheri B March 13, 2024 Love my new T's, excellent packaging, and all T's are in great condition. I will continue to order my T's from Fear Not

Kathryn G March 9, 2024 This is the second time ordering from fear not and the people there couldn't be better. My daughters are so happy with everything they get from y'all

Carman K March 7, 2024 You always offer top notch support!!! I can be difficult and highly anxious but you have absolutely the best people there!! Thank you for putting up with me and always being so kind and helpful

Kenzie March 1, 2024 My new GBB, Skeletor is the coolest! So far we are loving to web, chill on leaf decor, and be adorable. Oh, and is a fantastic eater as well lol. Shipping was a breeze my guy arrived safe and sound. I cannot wait to continue to grow my collection with Fear Not.

Maria R February 29, 2024 So thrilled! The spiderling arrived happy and healthy! Thank you so much!

Madison February 26, 2024  Love FNT. Centipede is active and eating well

Jessica February 15, 2024 LOVE LOVE LOVE my Eresus walckenaeri 😊
everything about the purchase, shipment, delivery, and pick-up was an absolute breeze and I appreciated the communication! Spider came looking healthy and has already made herself a staple in my collection.
This was my first purchase with Fear Not Tarantulas, but it won't be my last 😊

Charlee February 8, 2024 The spiders arrived in amazing condition. I highly recommend!! (Purchased Walk In The Park Journey Pack)

Marie February 6, 2024 Arrived in great condition. She was shipped with the utmost care. ❤️🕷 (Purchased Homoeomma chilense)

Zane February 5, 2024 I ordered here a while back, and I've come to review it! My little spood, which I named Chicken because they looked like a raw chicken, has been doing wonderfully and I even had to size up their enclosure twice because all their molts have been successful
I recommend this company to anyone who wants to buy a tarantula. 😊

Ernie February 3, 2024 Got this little guy as a first spider for my 7 year old. Very hardy and easy to take care of. Very food driven. Can't wait to watch it grow.

Jordan Overturf February 2, 2024 I just ordered but everything has gone smoothly exactly how the site promised :)

Mardee Samper February 2, 2024 Everyone was very nice and helpful

Maureen Kelliher February 2, 2024 All communications and interactions have been awesome! Questions answered, issues fixed (although issues were not the fault of Fear Not), staff is friendly and helpful.

Anthony Dubanik February 1, 2024 Thank you for your support and assistance with setting up my new companions, Ahmon-ra and mo seider! They are healthy and doing well.

Briana Bloom February 1, 2024 Really great service !

Alexander L Morgan February 1, 2024 I’m looking to get my first T and needed some info about a specific tarantula species. I emailed them on a day they weren’t open and I received a reply with minutes on their day off. Can’t ask for anything better. Thank you

Brandon Rodriguez February 1, 2024 Great customer service with information about the critters we buy!

Ernest Genetin February 1, 2024 Answered my question very quickly and the answer was very helpful

Scott Pelham January 31, 2024 Support is always fantastic. No complaints ever. I've done a few orders now with FNT.

Dani Kordonowy January 30, 2024  All animals arrived adorable and active.

Scott Schmidt January 29, 2024 Excellent service!

Kevin Emmons January 29, 2024 I've always had great service from F.N.T...

Leigh Anna Newell January 29, 2024 No extra support was needed. I am so happy with our choice to continue with Fear Not Tarantulas. My first sling is a year old and growing strong. Such a delight that when we were looking to add to our collection, we chose them again. Every one was so well packaged and arrived safely. Thankful to the people behind this small business. They really care about the specimens and you.

Emiko Hime January 28, 2024 This is my first time using my own account to purchase little babies, but not my first purchase from FNT. Just as the last two purchases went, this one was just as smooth and easy. Id definitely recommend FNT to anyone interested in the hobby.

Samantha Lamb January 28, 2024 They have great communication, fast responses if something is wrong/they can't ship a T out for some reason. They offered me a replacement sling of a similar species since the one I requested was in premolt. Makes me really happy that I'm buying from a breeder that takes the time to really pay attention to the little details and cares about the Ts, and cares about their new owners! So happy I found this place.

Karen Zimardo January 26, 2024 They are very informative and helpful! Extremely professional

Gerald Otoole January 25, 2024 Thank you for the prompt and kind reply, much appreciated!

Doni Arterbury January 25, 2024 Super people to work with. Healthy and happy T’s!!!

Jessica M January 24, 2024 Love my velvet spider! Looks very healthy and I can wait to it grow!

Brittany Dimock January 24, 2024 This company has been amazing to work with. Best customer service I've ever received.

Trina Gable January 24, 2024  Customer service is always very good. My questions were answered. I also had support once the T’s arrived and one wasn’t moving. I appreciate the support. Thank you!

Gerald Otoole January 24, 2024 Very pleased with the prompt communication. Very helpful and friendly.

Joey Goosie January 24, 2024 Excellent communication!

Nick McClellan January 23, 2024 I received amazing help from multiple people.. Tanya, Emma, and Bj have answered many questions and been super nice and helpful. GREAT team of people you have there!! Nick McClellan

Matthew Griffin January 23, 2024 Both Tarantulas are alive and have accepted food.

Michael Westervelt January 23, 2024 Got my sling today! It is so awesome! It actually arrived early. The packaging is amazing. I think an egg would have survived in there. Surprisingly, it was early too. I love that FNT was in contact with me constantly and updated me through every change. The changes aren’t bad ones either. It was all for the safety of the animals. Couldn’t ask for any better! I highly recommend Fear Not Tarantulas! I know I will be using them in the future

Irish Colin January 22, 2024 I’m very happy with the service I received, the issue was resolved quickly and with an outcome that I’m very happy with! I greatly appreciate everyone at fear not tarantulas for everything. 10/10

Erica Godshall January 22, 2024 Always the very best!!

Justin Cox January 22, 2024 So supportive! Answered all my questions and even helped me with delivery options and information about getting the Ts home! Wonderful people who seem to really love their job

Terry Kelly January 21, 2024 Very responsive and kept me informed on the progress and delivery time of our new baby!

Christopher Durham January 21, 2024 Fear not was amazing! Thorough and helpful the whole way, shipping delays due to weather are APPRECIATED instead of getting dead specimens

Dustin Lemler January 20, 2024 Thank you so much! Fantastic as always!

Brandyn Tallon January 20, 2024 Fantastic customer service!!!

Elizabeth Freeman January 20, 2024 Always keep their customers in the loop

Kenndra Glick January 20, 2024  Got back to me sooner than expected with a clear and satisfactory response. Going above and beyond in my opinion.

Lynn Boghosian  January 19, 2024 I have never been anything but happy with everything about FNT!

Derek Heyl January 19, 2024 Everything has been straightforward and as indicated on the web site. This was my first online order and has been much easier than anticipated.

Christian Duran January 19, 2024 Doing business with y’all has been a privilege.

Krista Schaaf January 18, 2024 5/5
What a little cutie! (Phidippus regius Jumping Spider)  Super tiny, had me nervous the first few days as even flightless fruit flies are bigger than this little one. But this little one has been thriving! I hadn’t mail ordered spiders or Ts before and with frigid weather, I was concerned about them getting safely to the FedEx hub. Everyone arrived safe, lively, well, and eating and thriving. I’m so happy with this purchase. Fear Not Tarantulas was so helpful through my shopping and shipping experience!

Tomasz Zuk January 17, 2024 5/5 Healthy spunky spood!

Sarah Myracle January 16, 2024 Absolutely the best customer service I have experienced in quite some time! Thanks so much Fear Not Tarantula for making it so easy

Seth Glinski January 16, 2024 Quick and wonderful i love these guys so much

Meg Daugherty January 15. 2024 I appreciate that they were aware of potential shipping delays due to bad weather and didn’t hesitate to arrange a different shipping time for the safety of the animals. And then when the new proposed date didn’t work for me, they were flexible enough to work with me on a date that would work. Thank you!
January 16, 2024 Maureen Questions were answered fully and sender thoughtfull included a care info sheet!

Irish Colin January 15, 2024 Quick response as always! I’ve got nothing but good things to say about everyone at fear not tarantulas!

Freddy Velasquez January 15, 2024 Fear Not Tarantulas customer support staff are wonderful. They communicate well, are friendly and I appreciate that.

Mitch January 14, 2024 This spider is so much fun to feed. It hammers crickets and rolls around. Mine has had a successful molt and continues to eat well.

Deborah Haught February 14, 2024 I just want to say I purchased one of these T. Chiapas not knowing much about the species and am so excited to have it. It is a bright spark in my Spiderville, very vibrant, busy, curious, and fun (very deserving of all these descriptors). It’s docile, has shown no aggression or fear although is a bit fast.
If you’re even slightly contemplating this tarantula or we’re not thinking about getting one - I say bring one home. You will not be disappointed.

Casey Howard January 14, 2024  Excellent customer service 10/10 

Kristina Kynett January 14, 2024 Always great customer service with these folks- they're the best!

Thomas Cashill January 14, 2024 The customer service is great. Very prompt and on target. Will definitely use you this spring.

Danielle Baxter January 14, 2024 So communicative and friendly!

Francisco Molina January 13, 2024  I want to thank the whole staff at FNT and specifically Tanya for her patience, kindness, and prompt response to my inquiries and concerns...Awesome job and a great first-time experience with your place of business that I will not forget. 

Chasity Stowe January 13, 2024 They respond in a timely manner and if I have questions they answer them and fix issues if I have any. Love ordering from fear not tarantulas.

Jazzmin Thorne January 13, 2024 Really good! Told me what I needed to do in order to properly order and whatnot. Shows they really care for their babies

Avielle Ferrari January 13, 2024 I’ve ordered here for years and customer service always responds quickly and diligently!

Wayne Timcoe January 12, 2024 Very helpful. Definitely going to order again

Andrea Chappell January 12, 2024 Very prompt, helpful, respectful responses 10/10

Aaron Litt January 11, 2024 This was my first time ordering from fear not, I must say that everything from ordering to receiving and the customer service is top notch! I’m so happy and excited and more then pleased with everything! Thank you! Also found out last night that your store is only 3 hrs away from my home and am planning a trip with my daughter just to come visit and hopefully bring home another new friend!

Tobi Doucette-Corey January 11, 2024 Very detail oriented to ensure safety and care of the live spiders I have purchased.

Chris Fausett January 10, 2024 Beyond satisfied with everything you guys do! Took care of switching out a different tarantula due to the one I ordered being in premolt, also added some great merchandise for the price difference. As always, so very well pleased! Thanks again!!

Deborah Haught January 10, 2024 Quick response, question answered. Very happy with my whole transaction,

Angela Wilhite January 10, 2024 Great company to work with, they walked me through every step of the purchase.

Amy Pandole January 10, 2024  Very quick response, very helpful all around. Thank you!

Pamela Mercer January 10, 2024 Great service and packaging was very well done for the spiderlings. I’m VERY happy, and will return for future purchases!

Benjamin LeMaine January 9, 2024 Awesome!!! I emailed them if its possible to ship the baby Ts next week instead of this one. They said it would not be a problem. I'm out of town and would not be able to get them so its very much appreciated. Thank you guys you're the best.

Lindsay Sayre January 9, 2024 Amazing experience.

Deborah Spencer January 8, 2024 The communication is exceptional. I haven't had to chase down to find out any information about my order.

Christopher Durham January 8, 2024 Communication is great!

Chris Graham January 8, 2024 Great customer service and awesome communication.

Laura Sword January 8, 2024 Love Fear Not!

Erica Godshall January 8, 2024 Always the best!!

Jade Edmondson January 7, 2024 Super fast response and very helpful!

Clarence Kerr January 7, 2024 I would say it was more than good. You guys are amazing!!

Danielle Baxter January 7, 2024 Just wonderful! Exceptionally fast response, very kind, answered my question and offered a wonderful solution!

Morgan Lanier January 6, 2024 Great communication and really helpful information for first timers! 💜

Jaiden Hagele January 6 2024 The support was very great and responded in a quick manner. They were very nice and cooperative.

David  Watson January 5 2024  Was great, helped me get my order the way I wanted it.

Erick Dominguez January 5, 2024 Amazing, kind & responsive af. I wish I had never bought from a local dealer and only ordered all my collection from these amazing people.

Mike K January 4, 2024 As always you guys are on it! Very attentive.

Caren Hurlburt December 5, 2023 I'm going to sound crazy but cute little guys. Super healthy. Thank you Fear Not. (Madagascar hissing roach)

Jaelon gooden November 1, 2023 5/5 Received great service with the company!! As for the spider it’s in amazing condition and has eaten 3 or 4 times for me now, ITS A BEAST!!

Brian Snyder October 31, 2023 Outstanding support and my office/boss are begging me to keep her in the office. Initially when they all new I was bringing her in from FedEx they all said, NOPE. Now I cant keep them out of my office 🤣😂 This has been a great experience working with FEAR NOT TARANTULAS and you guys have made so many more people happy and intrigued with this spiderling. Thank you so much!!!

Leslie C. October 31, 2023 It was easy to order and even add on my freebie after purchase - Pick up was spot on , provided all the necessary information and set up for success . Responsive in timely manor . Overall great experience and my new pets are thriving Ty again

Bradley R October 31, 2023 Yall were amazing and obviously care about your tarantulas

Mandy M October 30, 2023 Great customer services! Helped me find the best shipping option for me and adjusted my shipping cost without me asking. I appreciate all of the help!

Mark H October 30, 2023 This is my second tarantula with FearNotTarantulas. You all do great work.

Molly H. October 29, 2023 The customer service was prompt, informative, and they were able to fulfill a request I had.

Sean M October 29, 2023 The spiders came they were packed with moss which makes it easier to get them to their new homes and the enclosures for the package deal are amazing 

Dixie J October 29, 2023 Thank you all so much for being so caring and considerate

Ken W October 26, 2023 I am really happy with the resolution to the issue I had. Thanks so much to Emma for being so helpful and friendly. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the outcome was truly fantastic.

Kathy M October 26, 2023 Friendly and professional.

Christina D October 26, 2023 You guys are so nice!!!! I’m a first time spider owner and was freaking out! You answered my questions and calmed me down! Thank you

Heather R October 25, 2023 Amazing customer service. Will definitely make future purchases. Thank you!

Scott Champlin October 25, 2023 
Received my 3 slings today and Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc they are super happy and this 1 already started webbing after only being in there less then 2 hours now and it already has a nice little web going. I'm extremely excited to watch them grow up into adulthood. These are my 1st slings too and I've been keeping reptiles and amphibians for over 30+ years. Just got back into T last May after not having one for 12+ years. Had only 4 sub adults as of yesterday now I have 17 lol. Got 3 from y'all and 10 from someone else. And y'all pack them very, very well and thx for the extra stuff u included. I'm definitely gonna get some more off y'all for sure. Thx for the work y'all do and appreciate the care u take with everything 🕷🖤💯 y'all rule🤘

Jeri Whitney recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 25, 2023
Just got in 3 tarantula babies! They all arrived alive, healthy and well packed for their travels. The information provided on their site about the tarantulas was so helpful in helping me decided what species would be best for me. I loved the package option and so glad I selected it and got extras of the ones they offered because OH MY THEY ARE TINY LITTLE CREATURES! Thank you for making my decision to get Tarantulas so EASY! I’ve only kept Jumping Spider up until now.

Victoria L October 24, 2023 Immediate response and fixed my problem right away. Went above and beyond and preemptively solved the issue for everyone!

Christina P October 24, 2023 I bought a C.Versicolor sling that was packaged and delivered well. It immediately webbed up in his tiny tree hide, is eating well, and has given us his first moult! It's safe to say we are the newest members of the 'Obsessed with Tarantulas' club

Mitch October 24, 2023 This species has been a top 3 for me since I got into the hobby. My wife got it for me as a birthday surprise. This little spood was a rocket out of the tube. It's numerous power laps left little doubt it was in good health. I feel this species is extremely underrated and I'm so happy to finally have one. (Purchased Pseudhapalopus sp Blue)

Dannill Haan October 24, 2023 I made a mistake on my order and the staff was quick to help remedy. Also I was unsure about the freebie selection, and that was also cleared up quickly. Communication was fast and easy. Definitely recommend 👌

Jordan Oct 22, 2023 What a beautiful species! FNT support group went above and beyond with service. I love the label I used for the drams and how much information you provide with each shipment. Definitely will be growing my collection with them!

Caden October 18, 2023 Fear Not is the BEST. I ordered a brazilian jewel and they couldn't be found in the vial or in the box, they were just gone. I emailed them, the owner called me, and they had a replacement on the way that night. Picked them up this morning and they're so pretty! They also included a bunch of free stuff! Never ordering from a different company ever, Fear Not absolutely sets the standard!

Zach October 17, 2023 First tarantula I've ordered online and I couldn't be happier! Very healthy spiderling and great packaging for a beginner such as myself. Thank you again!:)

Jessica C October 16, 2023 You guess are always so helpful and prompt. Thank you!

Cody M October 16, 2023 FNT is the best! Great customer service every time!

Megan Durgin recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 8, 2023
We stopped by FNT for the first time yesterday. We are new to the hobby and were picking up an order. I want to start by saying what absolute GEMS the employees are. We had our 6 and 8 year old in tow and they patiently answered their 50 million questions, offered them candy, and stuffies. They let me take all the time in the world even though I accidentally kept them past closing and I never felt rushed. They even graciously swapped my order when I changed my mind about the species. 11 out of 10 recommend and we will definitely be back 🖤🕸️🖤🕸️🖤

Dorothea K Vaillancourt October 4, 2023 Amazing group of humans who operate this business . There was a bit of confusion on my part & they were so kind & supportive . So excited to add my next tarantula to my family & will stay with Fear Not Tarantulas

Michele September 30, 2023 Shipping and overall communication was excellent. It arrived on time and safely. I feel set up to successfully care for this species! The little one immediately got busy building a trapdoor upon being placed in its enclosure. :) will definitely purchase again in the future!

Cody September 28, 2023 Have nothing but amazing tarantulas from them everything ive ordered came in amazingly and are doing great. Love the Ts I have received and can’t wait to get more. Picture of Gooty sapphire.

Thomas Hubbard September 19, 2023 NEVER DISAPPOINT! 5 tarantulas total, definitely worth more than what this pack costs. I’m so happy with this. BEST tarantula dealer! (Fear Not Adventure Pack) Very healthy and beautiful female! Would recommend this company to any! My go to Tarantula people😎

Carol Wowchuck September 2, 2023 They’re great! Wish I’d ordered more! (Will definitely buy more from them)

Tupac Mauricio Saavedra recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 22, 2023
I do not recall being at a shop where the environment was as welcoming and kind. This is a very special place in and out and we are tremendously grateful for your generosity when we came to buy our first tarantula.

Brooke Butler recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 20, 2023
We travelled 5 hours to come to Fear Not for my husband’s birthday because we enjoyed their online service so much. The experience was amazing. The customer service is unmatched, the selection is the best you’ll find, and all the animals are well cared for. Fear Not Tarantulas will forever be our #1 recommendation for online and in person spider dealing.

Samantha LaFountain August 17, 2023 I got this package and I am beyond happy with it. It comes with a complete set up for the two slings it comes with. You get stickers and other goodies as well. But by far the best thing is the great beginner tarantulas you get. Totally in love with mine.

Lisa Cates August 11, 2023   Fear Not Tarantulas are the best! Great team, professional staff. They know their stuff and serious about having healthy (captive bred))critters for the hobbyist😉

Tricia August 9, 2023 The sweet, little spider came packaged wonderfully, as always. I also received the enclosure, cork bark, substrate, and some extra moss for makings of the trap. Which I feel gives a little extra peace of mind on how fragile this species is. So thankful for the extra stuff to go with the purchase. A great experience and a healthy spider

Barbara Fitzgerald July 31, 2023
I would like to say Thank You so much and you guys rock! I have used other places and I know for a fact yall beat all of them combined! I will continue to use you for whatever spiders or scorpions I purchase from here on out. BEST COMPANY BY FAR AND REALLY IMPRESSED WITH HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS! I WILL BE SPREADING YOUR COMPANY NAME FAR AND WIDE!!!! AGAIN THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!! BARBARA FITZGERALD

Kevin Scott July 26, 2023
Hi! I just wanted to compliment all of you on your fantastic customer service. I ordered four slings from you, and all arrived safely and in perfect condition today. All are sitting happily in their new homes. Believe it or not, the one that gave me the most trouble during the rehouse was the g. pulchra! No aggressive behavior at all, but the little baby took a flying leap out of the vial onto my arm and was bound and determined to stay there. Some gentle negotiations were required. I expected the c. fimbriatus to be the trouble maker of the group but that one went the smoothest. 😂. Anyway thank you all so much for guiding me through shipping etc. I will certainly be ordering from you again and spreading the good word on your excellent service. Thanks again!

Henry L July 26, 2023 Carefully packaged and shipped and an amazing customer support team. Tarantula is placed in moss instead of a damp paper, which makes it much easier to get out of the dram.

Phoebe Martin recommends Fear Not Tarantulas July 25, 2023
Absolutely stunning naturalistic decor with an inviting atmosphere. The staff here are so helpful and friendly. They happily answered any question I had and shared tons of helpful info. Fear Not is genuinely the most generous shop as well. I’ve gotten so many awesome spiders as freebies with my purchases.

Phoebe Martin recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 24, 2023
Absolutely stunning naturalistic decor with an inviting atmosphere. The staff here are so helpful and friendly. They happily answered any question I had and shared tons of helpful info. Fear Not is genuinely the most generous shop as well. I’ve gotten so many awesome spiders as freebies with my purchases

Caleb Repko recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 17, 2023
Best customer service I've ever had from a specialty shop. It is also a beautiful store that is good enough to justify the visit by itself, with a large selection of beautiful Tarantulas. I will absolutely be back and recommend it to anyone looking for a Tarantula, local or otherwise.

John Heminway ·
July 16, 2023
I haven't had a chance to post but I just wanted to say how amazing our visit to Fear Not Tarantulas was. George was so great to talk too as well as the staff. He showed us around answering any questions we had and was great with our son. We ended up with 4 slings that I'm sure my wife has already posted here. If you're reading this George you'll be happy to know the Lucas The Spider plushy you gave our son has become his new comfort object.
If you're ever in the VA beach area you NEED to stop at Fear Not

G. Britton July 14, 2023

After a few days with my T and beetles I can write a more detailed review! FNT responded really fast and I am really happy with my GBB sling. The smooth beetles I got as a freebie are very fun to watch, and are a great contrast to the tarantulas that we cannot always hold. I will be placing a second larger order in the near future! The sling was moving amazingly and started exploring the second I lifted the moss cap. The packaging was very secure and everything was easy to open. The sling and beetles were packed very comfortably in the moss. I was pleased to see them all in such perfect health. When I offered the GBB food it took it and ate it first try! I am very new to this hobby and this was my first experience with an online breeder, Let alone ordering living things. I was skeptical because I am not super knowledgeable about the hobby yet. For my first sling this has been a very easy process, a process I originally thought was going to be very difficult and risky. I am really happy that I went to FNT and not an alternative! I feel secure knowing they are always available to help! 🕷️11/10 buying again! ❤️

Jessica Calixto July 2023 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fantastic shop with amazing staff. Not only do they sell many many different species, and ages, but also enclosures, cork, and other gear. The place is set up like a tarantula show room. Even if you're not ready to buy, go in and check out all the animals they have on display.

TiburonKid90 July 14, 2023
I have yet to go into the actual store for it’s 18 hours away, but I will tell you I do hope we can make that trip. The customer service is always top notch while dealing with them online through emails. I am so excited to meet everyone and have that amazing customer service in person. My last order I had to have it shipped to the “local” FedEx pick up center for the day time temps exceeded the safe ranges. My local FedEx is 50 minutes both ways. I was worried if something were wrong I’d be over the Two hour window to indicate any issues. (All in driving) I was told I would get extended time and to be safe on my travels. I, of course, had absolutely no issues and my spiders were all perfect and are all still doing well! All my Tarantulas come from this place! I have 17 and only 2 are not from fear not. My future ones will definitely be from here, as well! Hands down the best place 💕☺️

Erin Lutz Heminway
July 11 2023
We went to Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc and had an amazing experience. George was so informative and kind.
Our Son loved every minute and is crazy about his new Lucas the spider (one of his favorite shows on YouTube)
Thank you all so much❤️
Oh and Bella is such a beautiful love bug ☺️

Leah July 17, 2023
Great selection, amazing customer service, fast and SAFE shipping of the animals. Absolutely perfect shop.

Ily Wag July 17, 2023
This store is amazing!! They have the coolest spiders we've ever seen. My son is obsessed with spiders so for his birthday we made the 4 hour trip to this place and he was amazed. The guy working here is so friendly and talked to him.

Aen Williams recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
July 5 2023
I bought some tarantulas from them a few years back, I realized I never gave them the good reviews they deserve. they were great with communicating, the slings I bought were healthy and grew up to be gorgeous spiders. I have vouched for them to many people and hope to buy from them again in the future.

Breeana Gardipee July 4, 2023 I am so excited to watch this little baby grow. This is my first tarantula and I’m super excited!

Crystal Graves recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
June 26 2023·
Always very healthy Ts who are well kept. Staff is super friendly and helpful!

Rebecca Herold June 24, 2023 There amazing they answer any questions you ask!! I have never once and a dead tranchula from them!! Love love fear not!!

DeLainey Heyer June 21, 2023
fantastic customer service!! the staff is extremely knowledgeable on all of the species they carry, and showed me lots of new tarantulas that i’ve never even seen before! highly recommend if you’re in the va beach area!

Jen Spatig June 21, 2023
I have always received great customer service from Fear Not with my shipping orders and I thought that my experience with them couldn't possibly get any better. I was wrong. After years of wanting to visit I was finally able to and it was everything I could have hoped for. The store is clean and well organized but it's their staff that puts the experience over the top. They are so friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to talk to. It's really no wonder why they're the best in the business.

Ash Reeves recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
June 14 2023 
I got my delivery date mixed up with another order I had in transit at the time and ended up picking up a day late as a result. Despite this, all of my spiders arrived safe and sound. They were perfectly packed and appear to be healthy and well fed. I added starter packs for two which are wonderful. I don’t know if they sell their enclosures separately or not but I’d absolutely buy more of them if they’re available. They’re crystal clear and included substrate, a plastic plant, cork, and appropriately sized feeders. They also included some set up and care information with clear instructions including information on their guarantee and how to be sure not to void it.
I highly recommend them to anyone looking for tarantulas- they have an excellent selection, the ordering process is simple, communication is great, prices are fantastic, and their freebie offers are generous. They are just a wonderful company all around and I couldn’t be happier with my order.

namsupak (Local Guide) June 2023 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stopped in this place to check it out and left with these two arachnid friends. It’s rare to find a store this good. The staff here was super nice and helpful to my kids. The animals also looked well cared for. The other notable thing is that this place is not just a pet store, they have educational information around the shop and even a microscope to look at the moltings. This place is definitely worth a stop for sure!

Mike Youngberg recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
June 13 2023 ·
I just received my first shipment from Fear not, and it will definitely not be my last. They were very professional from beginning until I had my tarantulas shipped. The communication, the deal, and the variety all went above and beyond at Fear Not. Thank you again and I look forward to doing plenty more business.

Jennifer Shelley June 12, 2023 Fear Not has the best prices on tarantulas anywhere! They come well packaged and healthy. I always recommend them to anyone wanting to get started in the hobby! Also they have a great selection of Ts!!

Jeff Berry recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
June 8 2023·
Setting up delivery was a little tricky but they were very patient and worked it out with me. I received my order today and was beyond pleased. All arrived healthy and alive. Was very impressed with the size of most of them. The only disappointment I had was that I wish I could've ordered more. Will definitely be back for more.

Rebecca Herold June 3, 2023 I have ordered through fear not for the 4th time since I start this hobby just a yr ago! They are amazing! Customer service is the best! U have any questions they will answer you in a very timely manner!!

James Namsupak recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
May 28 2023 ·
Stopped in this place to check it out and left with these two arachnid friends. It’s rare to find a store this good. The staff here was super nice and helpful to my kids. The animals also looked well cared for. The other notable thing is that this place is not just a pet store, they have educational information around the shop and even a microscope to look at the moltings. This place is definitely worth a stop for sure!

Angee Mcbowen recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
May 25 2023 ·
yes the best tarantula shop to ever exist it's been a while since I had one and I figured why not give it a chance the babies came packaged so beautiful and perfect and got everything I needed for them very much worth the money I love this place

Cole Laird Bellon recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
May 24 2023·
They ship reliably and provided me with healthy animals. Their prices are fair and they have fun sales events too. I had a great first experience and I would buy from them again.

Senpai May 21, 2023
My name is Magali and I recently purchased my first two Tarantulas from here and I cannot thank them enough for not only providing me with information but were very kind and friendly. Definitely recommend visiting if you're interested in adopting your first tarantula.

Michael Hammaker May 22, 2023
Such a pleasant and helpful shop! I was interested in getting a millipede after looking at their website, and I decided to go to this store in person. The staff was friendly and helpful. I was shown to some millipedes and was offered a few full terrarium set ups. When I explained I only needed a single millipede and some supplies, the staff made sure all my needs were met. In addition I was given some educational materials on tarantulas and some helpful tips on the millipede. I will be back when I need supplies or decide its time to get another new pet.

Mariah Clarann Ledahl recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
May 22 2023 ·
They are wonderful. They answered all my questions perfectly and in a very timely manner. The shipping is awesome and every order I have gotten has been perfect and with issues at all. I'm so happy with them, definitely recommending to anyone that asks and will always use them when I need or want anything. They are fantastic.

terrapintelyn May 21, 2023 this little curly hair was one of three baby slings i ordered as a first-time keeper and i’ll definitely be a lifelong customer! i can tell they were all very well-taken care of at FNT because they arrived in such good condition, alert and hydrated, and all started settling in almost immediately. despite being so leeeettle, this guy has a big personality! he loves his fake leaf and his water dish, and he isn’t as skittish or shy as i expected. i often find him sitting in the open which i didn’t expect until he got much older (his container has a black lid so maybe he feels secure enough to be out n about), or he is actively working on his burrow or just tootin around his new space. i’m extremely happy with the specimen i received and cant wait to watch him grow. (Purchased T. albopilosus)

terrapintelyn May 19, 2023  super happy with this little guy! he was packed in a plastic vial with sphagnum moss and electrical tape around the lid. i removed the moss, leaving only the tiny spider inside, and put the vial upside down in his container. he gently walked into his new enclosure and is so tiny he just disappeared against the substrate. he appeared healthy and well-hydrated from what i could see. he has since eaten, burrowed (in his water furrow unfortunately so be sure you make two!), and spent some time tootin’ around his little spice jar. hes pretty skittish so i don’t see him often but when i do, it’s extra special. hes the tiniest of my first slings and i was worried i was making a mistake getting such a tiny friend but he’s lively and happy. i can’t wait to watch him grow!! pray for us both lol.

Johnathan May 17, 2023 I got this little red knee (Ocho) a while ago for my other half, I chose a red rump (Terry) as a freebie for myself. They came in great shape! As this was my first time working with FNT, I waited to see how things go and I’m happy to report they are doing amazing. We got a molt out of both! I loved the service, shipping was amazing, and packaging was on point. Heck, I felt safe. Total package is so recommended! Couldn’t ask for more. I have some things in my cart ready to go (will be total package where applicable) and I’m excited to continue my journey with this company!

James Manning recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
May 17 2023 ·
Absolutely the best customer service experience I've ever had. The store is immaculate. Tarantulas are clearly displayed in well kept enclosures. I purchased
And it is alot bigger than I thought it would be. I can't begin to express how happy I am with Fear Not Tarantulas. I highly recommend them.
P. S. Thanks for opening your store on one of your days off.

Owen Lloyd recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
May 12 2023·
I've only been in the hobby for about 6 months. I've been wanting to visit Fear Not for a couple months. But living in WV makes it about a 4 and a half hour trip, one way. My wife and I were going to the Georgia Aquarium for our 25th Wedding Anniversary and decided to stop at Fear Not on our way home from Atlanta. The night before leaving Atlanta we found on their website that they were closed on Thursday and Fridays. So we left Atlanta at 3:45am to get to their shop before they closed on Wednesday. Finally after a 9 hour drive we arrived to find they had just recently changed their hours and are now closed on Wednesdays as well. Being tired and upset from driving 9 hours to get there to only find they were closed, my wife decided to call to see if we could make an online order and just pick them up instead of them shipping them. They answered and actually opened the store for us to come in and shop. We left with 5 new tarantulas and some beetles. Along with alot of free shirts and other stuff. They are great people and we will definitely shop here again and possibly even visit again.

Louren Renee recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
May 3 2023 ·
The 3 spiderlings and 10 panda king isopods I ordered came in the most careful, safe packaging ever. All of my babies were in perfect condition, despite Fed Ex delaying the package. I definitely recommend Fear Not for online ordering of arachnids and other exotic beauties!

Michael Fletcher April 23, 2023 Everybody should have a Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens in their collection. It is a gorgeous T. As sling, it doesn’t have as much of the blue and red you see in the picture, but that’s ok. As a sling, it has and orange and black tiger stripe that is really cool looking. They are also amazing webbers. Fear not tarantulas did great on getting them to me and answering all my questions. Amazing experience all around.

Ryan Curtis recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
April 7 ·
We ordered a little GBB for our first T and had an awesome experience with Fear Not. Excellent service and our new little pet seems to be doing very well. Highly recommend.

Tanya Head recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
February 15 2023 ·
my first set of slings got caught by the ice storm but, Fear Not had my back. They reshipped them to me and now they're here and being adorable and maybe a little spicy

Madison Alexis recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
January 30 2923·
I bought my dad two tarantulas in December for Christmas! And he loves
Them they are doing amazing! Great company

Tiffany Karn recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
January 24 2023 ·
10/10 recommend for and to everyone, every time.
Clear, to the point, step by step instructions, great customer service, with fast responses to customers needs.
Fast and responsible shipping and packaging. FearNot is the only place I buy from now and will every time in the future. Thank you guys for my beautiful and healthy spiders, EVERY SINGLE TIME! 🖤

izzie Hoffman recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
January 17 2023·
My slings are doing EXCEPTIONALLY well. Everybody came clearly packaged with love and care. I’m just blown away from beginning to end of the whole process and care that goes into making sure they got to me healthy and happy! All my new guys were just incredibly healthy. I could not be happier they’re all just so beautiful😭😭😭

Mandi Smith recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 29, 2022 ·
I've purchased from a reptile show in the past and online orders. today I've added to my online order which put me above the promo where they offer free shipping. I love this company, the shipping was already paid for so I just left it be. a short while later I saw a refund from them and I was bummed (thought, oh my order was denied or something happened) sp I opened the message and they refunded my original shipping charges. I did not ask for it, but their team was just on top of their orders. these guys are amazing and I love them! every experience I've had is positive and all my pets have done fabulous. seriously, such a great company!

Samantha Fogelsanger recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 27, 2022 ·
We got our first turantula through Fear Not. My brother has also bought many turantula from them....definitely a great company. They were packed perfectly, healthy and as described. It has been a few months now and our davus pentaloris has already molted twice. Would definitely order again and recommend to anyone.

Dustin Lemler recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 22, 2022 ·
I had my first experience with FNT this week and it was fantastic. I placed an order online and then drove to the store (3 hours away) to pick it up. The staff was super friendly and helpful as I browsed for a little bit and asked a lot of questions. All my slings are home and doing great! I'll be getting more.

Stephanie Paulette Wilkerson recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 17, 2022 ·
Great experience ordering and receiving my slings.

Chip Hass recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 15, 2022 ·
I definitely recommend Fear Not Tarantulas. Outstanding friendly customer service 🙂👍

Jill Basel recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 15, 2022 ·
We have three tarantulas from FNT, two purchased at the brick and mortar, and one through shipping. Both purchasing experiences were excellent. The staff is amazing—friendly and thorough, and everything went smoothly. It’s been 1 1/2 years for our in-house purchase (both babies doing great!), and just shy of a year for our other baby (also doing great!) Thanks for great experiences and for all that you do.

Trisha Palmer-Martin recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 15, 2022 ·
I highly recommend this company for all my Tarantula needs. Always remember kids... you measure your Tarantula using leg span.... not their body. You go from the very front leg.. to the very back opposite leg.
also.... don't threaten to "show up" at the shop because of an issue. their customer service is excellent.. if they're is an actual issue.. they'll resolve it.

Maddox Michaud recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
December 15, 2022 ·
We bought our Brazilian black about a year ago from FNT and are beyond happy with the experience. They were very straightforward with the whole process and the communication was fantastic. When we are ready to get another one we will be ordering here again.

Meghan Elizabeth recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 27, 2022 ·
very friendly, super knowledgeable and every single spiderling I have purchased is extremely healthy and great little animals

Charles Kilgore recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 23, 2022 ·
Great costumer service, answered all of my questions, and very patient in helping me fix mistakes I made with my order. Extremely happy with the decision to do business with this company!

Michelle Garrett recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
Great place to buy affordable tarantulas and husbandry equipment.

Cody Barton recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 12, 2022 ·
Have gotten multiple slings shipped and in person. Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. Great selection great store.

Tristan Garrett recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
I have ordered from them several time and my tarantulas come alive and well every time!great prices, amazing inventory, and fantastic shipping for those lovely little beauties. thank you fear not for making the hobby a more accessible and more affordable pleasure!

Alex Sharpe recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
I've ordered from FNT multiple times and never had issues with any of the Tarantulas I've ordered. Always packaged with every safety precaution in place so I appreciate the love and care they show to their animals!

Zac Caldwell recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
Probably the best store for your spider needs. Amazing selection, immaculate shipping, and great prices. You can't go wrong.

Courtney Johnson recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
I was able to grab a free spiderling during their Halloween event. Great place and great, knowledgeable, friendly people. Definitely recommend! Love my eight legged baby🥰

Lindsey Lamberson recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
fantastic customer service and healthy slings.

Dan Ryan recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
Amazing customer communication. Great packaging and even better tarantulas!

Abigail Duman recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
October 3, 2022 ·
I go there every week and i always go so excited to go the friendly staff are very knowledgeable and smart

Lea Sullins recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
I had bought a caribena versicolor. arrived in great condition, was packaged nicely. Beautiful colors to say the least. Would definitely recommend especially if you're looking for deals on this hobby or a first timer like I was.

Joey Manny Oyen recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
Top of the line place to get your tarantulas, great selection and care go into each one from the time they leave to the moment they arrive!

Spider Admiration And Education recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 13, 2022 ·
Wonderful people, wonderful animals❤️

TJ McNerney recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
November 11, 2022 ·
Always an amazing selection and service 

Dino Jay recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 20 2022
Absolutely above and beyond customer service! The package came on time, they helped me every step of the way via email, and answered any questions I had prior to ordering, personally. Thank you so much for the awesome slings, they arrived safe and sound and I couldn’t be happier with these tiny Spoods! Looking forward to watching them grow up.
Highly recommend, your trust would be well placed with FearNot Tarantulas!!!

Angelique Elaine Heiner recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 14 2022
Above and beyond experience with fear not tarantulas! We stumbled upon their shop while on vacation from PA and we were amazed at their selection. The store is absolutely gorgeous and they’re exactly what you’d expect from professionals! We couldn’t leave the shop without a purchase to take home! We purchased a feather leg baboon and got a baby curly as a freebie, PLUS some swag(stickers&lanyards). We will be visiting every year from here on out! Thank you guys and keep up the awesome work!

 Doug Welyczko recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 7 2022

i absolutely swear by Fear Not. Their customer service is second to none, the animals are always perfectly packaged, the selection of species is phenomenal, and their prices are great. I have something like 20 happy specimens from the Fear Not team, which is about half of my collection, and I cannot overstate how happy I am to do business with them.

Steven Ragan recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 7 2022
just arrived to Texas safe and sound.

Byron Sable recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 31 2022
Got my Brachypelma Hamorii, Aphonopelma Seemani and Acanthoscurria Geniculata from there

Jon Hobbs recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 31 2022
Didn’t know I hadn’t left a review!
FearNot is amazing! Simply can’t say enough about this place.
These are lovely people who genuinely care about what they’re doing. Their LAG is the best I’ve seen and their service can’t be beat.
I’ve head the pleasure to speak (via email) to the owner and it’s so refreshing to talk with someone so knowledgeable and the really cares about these wonderful little creatures.
Love FearNot!!!

Steven Rosman recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 29 2022
Fantastic specimens, great customer service, great shipping every specimen has arrived healthy. Can not recommend Fearnottarantulas enough!

Shelby Brown recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 17 2022
I just got my three in and they are wonderful. The gbb gave me my very first handling experience when she decided to climb out of the vial and directly onto my hand. She was pretty laid back. I adore her and the other two. Thank you guys!

Paul Faulk recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 9 2022
Easy fast and painless shipping! I bought one tarantula order and got a freebie and will definitely be ordering in the future! Thank You! You have a repeat customer!

MB Dives recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 8 2022
Excellent company. Extremely consumer focused and offer a lot of great info and resources for the hobby. They have unique and rare species along with more known species available with affordable shipping or in store pickup for local customers. Fear Not actually cares about what they're doing for the hobby and for the community!

Kelsey Kempton recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 2 2022
Excellent customer service! Spiderlings were well packed and arrived in great shape! I will definitely order from Fear Not again!

Pete Sparks recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 29 2022
amazingly great service everything is packaged nice and neatly and the tarantulas showed up alive and thriving

Marla Bencomo recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 28 2022
Great place to get tarantulas from. Got a few from the 4th of July mystery event, a few extra T’s not in the event and they sent extra gifts in package. Bonus perks. All are health and active. Shipping was great. They worked with me on the arrival date at the FedEx hub. Definitely recommend Fear Not Tarantulas.

Jordan Melody recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 20 2022
Excellent customer service. I got my two baby’s today and they are nice and healthy!

Jessica Greer Colburn recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 13 2022
Just received my very 1st sling via FedEx today ! Lil healthy jumpy thang. The packaging was perfect as was the communication. All the information I found on Fear Not along with links to YouTube videos have been so helpful. They made the whole process enjoyable and less stressful. Definitely put this new T mom at ease. Can't wait to watch it grow up. I have a feeling we're about to become spider people Lol and order more.

Richard Comer recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 11 2022
I did my first online order for a spiderling. I was a little worried about the condition that it would arrive in. it arrived in great condition. even though FedEx messed up . which I found out is very rare . the spiderlings are doing great and I will be doing more orders from them in the future

Rayna Fisher recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 8 2022
I got my very 1st T from fear not. They did not hesitate to answer all my questions. They offered their knowledge and guidance to me with kindness and understanding of my nervousness about venturing into T ownership. They're pricing is great. They're policies are clearly posted and easy to understand. They offer you all the information and tools you need to be successful with your T. I purchased a sling and they loved her enough to ensure she shipped safely and I had the guidance to optimize her chances in her new home. They gained a forever customer with me.

Felicia Fonte recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 5 2022
I have gotten quite a few tarantulas from here and they are all beautiful and healthy and the last mystery event they did I got a giant white knee juvenile and it just molted turns out it’s a female and I’m super stoked!!!! Thank you guys for everything you do

Tiffany Johnson recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 3 2022
I have bought all my tarantulas from Fear Not and the process has ALWAYS been amazing! They provide clear and helpful instructions for anyone new to Tarantulas and any questions I have they are quick to answer and always professional. I will never buy from anywhere else!

Sarah Sheaffer recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 21 2022
I have ordered from them several times and always receive my little babies safe and sound. The one time I had an issue they went above and beyond to help me resolve it. The shop owner even called me for clarification! Outstanding. I will be ordering from them again!

Kaitlyn Thorpe recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 12 2022
They made buying my G. Pulchra super easy! Not to mention that their customer service is outstanding. They are very informative and super quick.

 Lauren Brown recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 11 2022

Ordered my first ever tarantulas,a giant white knee and a curly hair. Both arrived well packaged, alive and healthy! Thank you so much for a great first time buyer experience!

Marisa Reeves recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 10 2022
I have ordered from Fear Not several times at this point and have received nothing but healthy beautiful specimens. You can really tell that Tanya cares and loves what she does. This love has spread to her team, I can always tell by the way everything is delicately packaged. Thank you for spreading joy one Tarantula at a time!

 Mary R Escamilla recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 24 2022

They are willing to teach.

River Heath recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 20 2022

I received my first order from Fear Not today and was not disappointed. They have such a vast variety of tarantulas so there is something for any arachnid lover. The way they packaged and shipped was the best I have experienced. I definitely recommend Fear Not Tarantulas to anyone looking for variety, quality and professionalism.
Jason Van Buren recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 16 2022

The go to place to pick up a cute little horror hamster.

Casey Schimming  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 14 2022

Our new arachnid babies (Gooty Sapphire and Brazillian Dwarf Pink Leg) arrived healthy, happy, and already getting acclimated to their enclosures. Chhinnamasta (the sapphire) is very docile and easy at handling. I'm remis to handle Jaguar (dwarf pink leg) for the time being, given her small fragile stature, but she too is spritely. Fear Not pampers their arthropods, and it is evident; we will be purchasing again. ^-^

Martin Shelby  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 7 2022

Fear Not is my first choice for Ts. I’ve ordered from them several times and appreciate their care and attention to detail. They know their business. Highly recommend. 🕷

Ball Brilliance  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 6 2022

Excellent all around! Quality animals and great customer service! Thank you Fear Not!!

Andy Hooper  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 31 2022

They have great service and my tarantula and millipedes were perfect just what I ordered.

Melinda Wiley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 15 2022

Ordered several spiderlings and was very satisfied with the entire experience. Fear Not had excellent communication and the tarantulas arrived on time in great condition. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again!

Katie Graham  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 15 2022

Tarantulas arrive live and well. It’ll be a year this June and they’re still thriving. I got two slings: a GBB and a T. Vagans. Attached are pics when I first got them and pics today.

Matt Chandler  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 9 2022

I have ordered from a lot of places, to grow my collection to be quite large. My experience has been that they have provided the best overall communication, best experience, and healthiest spiders. I have heard a few people gripe about their shipping, but I find they communicate and they truly care about the health of their Tarantulas and creatures. Fear Not has been great! Easily the best people to go through, overall, IMO.

Lisa Evans  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 8 2022

Great customer service, superb packaging, all of my tarantulas arrived safe! Thanks again.

Jamison Madson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 1 2022

I've had great experiences from fear not, the spiders were great quality and healthy on arrival

James Perkins  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 26 2022

I would definitely recommend Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc! I have wanted to visit them myself but a friend was in the area and picked up a couple of tarantulas for me. He talked highly of the staff and how well he was treated there. I hope to get an opportunity to visit and meet everyone. I have since ordered for my first time from them and everything went extremely well. I had my purchase delivered to my local FedEx hub and was happy with the transaction. There is another order being prepared for me at the time of this review and I’m eagerly awaiting my new tarantulas.

Katherine Riddell  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 25 2022

very good prices, amazing variety, and their customer service is phenomenal. We lost a whole package bc FedEx delayed and they corrected the problem without hesitation, sending replacements. you can tell they have a genuine love for the hobby and helping other within it. 10/10

Shadwick Lutz  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 22 2022

Very detailed oriented company with a ton of knowledge and caring aspects for the animals they deal in. Fear Not is an awesome place. They care about what they do and it shows. I've bought over 10 T's from this company and will continue to do so. If you're looking to get into the hobby or you already are and have not gave these guys a chance then do yourself a favor and try them out. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Fear Not staff for everything you do and care you take while doing it.

Drake Lee  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 16 2022

Placed my first ever online order through them and it was great. I bought one from the mystery event and I’m glad I did, everything went smooth and my three little slings arrived unharmed and healthy. I got them from the latest mystery event and I have to say it was well worth it, I can’t wait to watch them grow. Would definitely recommend and I will use in the future

Zachary Hoffmann  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  Feb 25 2022

First time ever ordering Tarantulas online, and I am more than impressed! I ordered four slings, and they all arrived perfectly fine! The packaging was immaculate for shipping especially into cold weather areas like Wisconsin where I'm from. Will Definitely Order Again!

Crystal Cobb  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 14 2022

I order a Spiderling from them and I received it and they did a great job with packaging and the best day it it a death curl and I contacted them and they are replacing it. I am so happy with their customer service and I can’t wait to get my tarantula they are so great

Jennifer Fisher  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 13 2022

They refunded the extra I paid to have it shipped home, because the temp, dipped with out me asking. They sent me an email with the address of the closest hub and a date and time, and asked if it would work for me. T arrived snug in container with a heat pack separated from the T so it wouldn’t cook. I plan on purchasing from here again

Terri Lynn Hess  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 6 2022

we have gotten 4 tarantulas from here and a scorpion they are all wonderful people and awesome spiders ...

Evan Bourgeault recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 1 2022

I’ve ordered multiple times from fear not, and have had an amazing experience every time! Excellent communication, and the T’s I’ve ordered always arrive in great shape! I’ll definitely be ordering again in the future!

Desirée Bryant recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Jan 27 2022

Ordered from their website without realizing I lived an hour or less from their shop! I was able to pick up my babies instead and I’m glad I did. Their location is absolutely beautiful. The shop is absolutely amazing and I ended up coming home with my two babies plus one more, I just couldn’t help myself. They’re amazing!

Erik Auclair recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Jan 27 2022

The shipping process was absolutely incredible. I've never dealt with a company that waited to ship until YOU were good with the details. It made me worry that much less with having cold temperatures. I will definitely be ordering from FNT again.

Dave Hanville recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Jan 27 2022 ·
I respect that they put the Tarantula live first and that i never been disappointed
with service or delivery.

Rylie Stanley recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022
Absolutely love FNT! I have ordered all four of my tarantulas from them with no issues whatsoever. They are very quick to respond with any questions and accommodating to last minute changes to your order. 10/10 recommend!

 Kasey Mae Mitchell recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022·
Just purchased 4 slings from them! I love how they are about the individual creatures and not the money. All arrived alive and well. Will definitely purchase again!

Alexandra Aulner-Hoogshagen recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Jan 26 2022 ·
amazing company to order from! great communication and customer service. they always put the health of there tarantulas first! highly recommend! picture of my female versicolor from FNT

Amanda Perez recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Jan 26 2022
Wonderful people who genuinely care about the animals they sell. I've purchased from FNT twice online and both times found myself impressed by their professionalism, the care they took in making sure my babies got to me safely, and their willingness to answer any questions or concerns I may have had. Highly recommend, especially for those who may be nervous about purchasing a tarantula online and having it shipped.
Pic of my itty, bitty A. geniculata that is growing like a weed! Thanks, FNT!

Jessica Doms Leazenby recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022
Very professional, and they put a lot of thought and care into packing and shipping our spiderling. We will definitely order from Fear Not again!

Colene Sue Orsini recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022 ·
I purchased my first tarantula’s from FNT in December of last year and it went off without a hitch. I ordered another batch a couple of months later, again, without a hitch. I live in Florida and went to Maryland to visit my friend for Thanksgiving. On my trip back to Florida I added a trip to the FNT store in Virginia Beach to purchase 5 more T slings and a juvenile GBB. The people there were FREAKING AWESOME! The store is so clean and their displays were phenomenal. It was well worth the additional 5 hours added to my trip. FNT is an A+ business and establishment that I would recommend to anyone. Thank you FNT for helping me with my new hobby, you guys rock!!

Heather Merideth recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Jan 26 2022·
Love that fact that they are so careful about shipping temps and look out for the well being of the tarantulas first.

Jordan Jackson recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022
I purchased our first Greenbottle blue sling about a year and a half ago. He’s turned into a beautiful and vibrant pet. The entire purchase process was very clean and thorough. I couldn’t recommend this company more. A++

Samantha Renee recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022·
Wonderful, sweet, informative people. Packages arrive quickly, safely and on time. They offer different shipping options to fit your needs, and take extra precautions in all weather to make sure your babies arrive safely. Make sure to read any disclaimers or pop ups they have on the page, it will always be a detailed explanation of shipping and the schedule. Will continue to come back time and time again to keep growing my collection. So far I have 6, 3 being from these lovely people! Highly would recommend for beginners to the most experienced! I love my babies so much and Fear Not!
(Large Tarantula is a rescue but the slings are from FN, I have so many pictures but wanted to pick just a few)

Victoria Mendick recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022
awesome customer service that’s super willing to work with customers on shipping. 😉 very up front about where they will be shipping to. they rescheduled my shipping date when i asked so that i could pick up asap. sling is gorgeous and thriving (already molted since i got it in mid december) and the enclosure they sent with my complete package is awesome

Jared Gołdyn recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022 ·
I live in the laurel highlands of the Appalachian mountains in PA. We are currently getting only single digits. We've ordered multiple times with fear not. And once the truck got stuck on the highway in Tennessee. But they gave updates and it was only a day late and all the Ts were healthy and alive. Fear Not is, in my opinion, the most reputable seller there is on the east coast!

 Lester Khan recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022·
Received our package yesterday and was well done. The slings are awesome thank you.

Ana Gollihar recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022
My slings have grown quite nicely and are thriving. I have ordered a few times, and if I had an issue they were able to fix it as long as I communicated with them right away. I feel very comfortable ordering from them, and would certainly do so again. Most of my collection comes from Fear Not.

Erika Benoit recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022·
Awesome service with a great selection and good prices. Plus lots of freebies to choose from. We've purchased from them multiple times and have never had an issue. Highly recommend them.

Nicole Spaulding recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022
Always helpful and answered any questions. They care about the well-being of their animals, and want to ensure they go to good homes.

 Sam Connolly recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022 ·
Customer service was amazing when I ordered my sling. I accidentally entered the wrong name and it was immediately changed to the correct one. My sling arrived in perfect condition and he's thriving today after 8 months. HIGHLY recommend Fear Not.

Marcus Stevens recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 26 2022
Fantastic customer service, knowledgeable employees, and a great selection of fairly priced Tarantulas. Over 30 of my tarantulas in my collection have came from Fear Not

Shannon Piermont recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 18 2022 ·
Received our first slings today, in New England in the freezing cold! Every single one was active and well. Thank you so much for a great first experience! You have gained a repeat customer.

Lys Kramer recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 14 2022
Tanya was super helpful and very informative, and her customer service was incredibly fast and efficient. The care that this team puts into their work is amazing, and I would 100% recommend.

Lauren Pearson recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 13 2022
Fast, clear communication and shipping.
T arrived in perfect condition.
Friendly service.

Alex Burdick recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 29 2021
Such an awesome store with amazing staff. Totally worth the trip.

 Linny Elizabeth recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 29 2021·
Our second grader had been doing research and really wanted a tarantula for Christmas. She was so pleased with her tliltocatl schroederi spiderling! As first-timers, we were thankful for the “complete package” option. Used Fear Not based on a recommendation from a friend. Great experience with shipping to the Midwest (well-packed with heat pack) and instructions. Thank you!

Patrick Johnson recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 14 2021·

Second order from them, again zero issues and very happy. Perfect shipping experience the week before Christmas.

Sierrah Byrne recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 13 2021
Fantastic place to buy! We live in TN and have ordered 4-5 new ones from them. They’ve all come happy and healthy and have thrived very well 😁 thank you for all you guys do!

Renee DaSilva recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 9 2021
Wonderful group of people who truly care about their tarantulas. My go to place and who I recommend to everyone looking to add to their collection or join the hobby.

 Jordan Cole Tinker recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 7 2021

helpful, fast, and great prices. got two of my dream tarantula's. couldn't be happier 😊

Dustin Kirkham recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 7 2021
the folks there are really good people...the tarantulas and spiders are always in great shape when they arrive and are taken care of prior to purchasing...customer service is top notch...Tonya, thanks so much for everything you do for the hobby...and an extra huge thank you for making my Christmas extra special this year!!!

Shiloh & Crew recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 1 2021
my spiders came healthy and safe and the shipping was awesome. great customer service ♡

Austin Robshaw Jr recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 1 2021
Got my first 2 gooty sapphires as slings months ago maybe close to a year now and even came with a smaller sling Mexican flame knee and he’s so much bigger now! Thanks again Fear Not!!

Callie Goodwin recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Dec 1 2021
An amazing company and they truly care about each spider they send out. I highly recommend Fear Not Tarantulas to anyone looking for additions or a new tarantula to call their own. 🙂

 Steven Ashburn recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Nov 28 2021
Really cool place the people are very helpful there and they talk with you

Trisha Benedict recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 19 2021·
I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience with them and I love how much they care about the animals they are working with. Definitely going to be my go to place for Ts for life!

Matt McCollum recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Nov 18 2021
My very first time ordering from them and it was a smooth experience for me. I first ordered 5 slings then decided to sss another one on and had no issues at all. All my babies arrived safe nit one single issue with any of them.
On a side not having been in the hobby for a long time I know sizes are approximate and not actual so take that into consideration. I only had one that seemed a little small but as I said it was an approximate size so no big deal. I also got one that was longer than listed should I complain about that? na I like Fear Not!!

Trinidad Madeline recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Nov 12 2021
Wonderful experience my baby is thriving

LaDesma Chavez recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Nov 7 2021

Bought three babies from them and all three are perfect, happy and healthy. I will definitely be buying more! 🖤🕷

Ashlee Postlethwaite recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Nov 2021
I love ordering from Fear Not. Out of all the vendors I have ordered from, they are the most consistent and transparent. They offer a freebie with each order, and my most recent had an additional spiderling in it on top of the freebie. All the Ts arrived safe and comfortable as always and the whole process is very smooth. Thank you Fear Not! 😁

Tricia Kay Greenwood recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Oct 26 2021
I recently got into the hobby of keeping Tarantulas. I got my first T in June and decided to try my hands at keeping slings. I heard amazing reviews from Fear Not. So, I figured let’s try it! I have to say I was blown away at how they keep in contact with you on your order. Even after it was shipped out I knew when it left the facility. I appreciate this so much! My slings came all healthy and ready! I waited a few days and both ate well and are doing spooder things! All in all a great experience and hands down We will definitely be ordering again. 10/10 customer service
10/10 prices
10/10 communicating
Thanks so much for the great work!

Janel Blackman recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Oct 21 2021 ·
Some of the best prices you can find. And hands down thee best customer service ever. I've ordered from them a few times and they never disappoint... If you want a tarantula whether beginner or long time keeper this is your place...

Simon Hiebert recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
October 20, 2022 ·
First time ordering any tarantulas online. The customer service was great and they were great at communicating when there was a shipping conflict. All of the spiders were well packed and alive when I received them. I will order from FNT again.

Heather Tate recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.
October 16, 2022 ·
The people that work here have a passion for what they do and they are very knowledgeable and informative.

Rebeccarss Abigail recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Oct 5 2021
Nothing but good words, nice sweet caring people that took good care of and shipped my Mexican red knee cheech to me safely! I would Definetly recommend and give 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏻🙌🏻👌👌

 Barb Vagg recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Sep 28 2021
ordered for my first time, shipping was fast and on time , packaging was great , all three slings arrived healthy . extremely happy .

Jim Beals recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Sep 22 2021
I ordered a spiderling and the people at fear not were outstanding they answered my emails right away I am extremely satisfied with what I got and already planning on ordering more

Katie Stuart Jakins recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Sep 12 2021·
first time ordering anything alive! bought two spiderlings for my sister who looooves tarantulas and already has a few. my sister was so so impressed with the housing and the packaging and everything. She loved the presentation and care that went into the little Ts. She said she's forever a fan of Fear Not Tarantulas. she's looking at her next spiderling and will be ordering from yall! thanks for all you do!

Bobby Orgill recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Sep 10 2021
Knowledgeable staff, wide variety of spiders and great prices. I definitely recommend this place.

 Abbey Lynne Tribble recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Sep 8 2021
super fun and friendly staff !

Sav Audrey recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 7 2021
Clean, welcoming environment 🥰 Online & in store are both great

Andrew Flatt recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 7 2021
I've ordered several times from FNT and would again in a heartbeat. Great selection, amazing communication and great staff on every level. Animals always extremely healthy and as described, cant recommend them enough #topnotch

Ellie Wright recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 7 2021
High quality tarantulas & fast, guaranteed live shipping. I won't spend my money anywhere else!

Jamie May recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Sep 1 2021
I just unpacked and rehoused 8 tarantulas. They were shipped and packed better than any I have seen. Fear Not obviously cares about their animals. If you're looking for a place to order from, choose them. Amazing stuff!!!

Sam Ryan recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 31 2021
Communications were speedy and they always answered any questions I had. Fear not cares about their animals and will not ship to door if it's too hot or cold. I never mind the 30 minute drive to my FedEx distribution center to pick up my tarantulas. They know their stuff and they are quick to rectify any mistakes. amazing.

Bradley Hall doesn't recommend Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 20 2021
Canceled order, little to no communication via email... Read all shipping policies thoroughly and was told even after paying for FEDEX address delivery to a commercial address that they couldn't ship in temps over 75?!?!? Lots of tarantula species experience temps far beyond this for longer periods of time than 24 hours in an 'insulated' box. Seller offered the tarantulas I purchased at a 50% discount then canceled my order and used the same tarantulas for another promotion online!!! Website says "Tarantulas Shipped to your door" when it should say "Tarantulas shipped to a FedEx near you..." I even requested that he hold the packages BC my nearest FedEx pick-up center is a 45 min drive ONE WAY! No response just a canceled order. Held my money for over 2 weeks and couldn't even respond quickly or reasonably.... Buyer beware 

Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc
Greetings Mr. Hall
I’m very glad to go through each of your concerns below, but there are quite a lot of misconceptions in your review that are important to rectify.
1. We DO ship when temperatures are over 75, but only to a FedEx facility that accepts live animals. Everyone who ships animals has certain guidelines based on the animal they ship. We have these guidelines posted on our website in many places that cannot be missed. If someone does not agree with the guidelines we use, they are welcome to find another retailer who has different ones. We know tarantulas experience higher temperatures in the wild, however, they do not experience temperatures of over 100 while packed in a small vial in a box. We also know that a FedEx truck can get too hot for the safe transportation of spiderlings very quickly. (see the chart below) This is especially true for those who have an approximate delivery time later in the day. Our DOA rate is well below what is average, and we know to keep it that way it can cause some inconvenience for our customers. We have many customers who drive an hour or more, one way, to pick up their live animal delivery.
2. We have over 500 of the species you ordered, so no, we did not have to cancel your order to use them for another promotion. It actually is a lot of fun for us to have sales such as the one you took advantage of so people can get these animals at great prices. Your order was canceled because you refused to pick up your order at a FedEx center after going back and forth with our shipping coordinator, which brings us to the third point …
3. We use a ticketing system for email so we are able to see all communication. I see we responded to every one of your emails the same day or the next if it was late at night. We sent shipping details to you the day after you ordered, on the first of August, but as it clearly states in that email, we do not ship orders out until we receive a reply back letting us know those arrangements work for them. This is another thing we do for the safety of the animals as well as for the convenience of our customers so they are not caught off guard by the deliver of live animals. In your case, we had to change from home delivery to delivery to a FedEx station because you chose home delivery at checkout even though it indicates we cannot ship to a home when temperatures are over 75.
We have a pop-up that is activated when a customer puts something in their cart. In order for the pop up to close, it has to be clicked on. We make it clear what our shipping schedule is so there is the opportunity to not purchase if the shipping schedule is not good for the customer. I have included a screenshot of that pop up below.
I have also included a screenshot of what customers see at checkout when choosing a shipping method. We clearly state what our guidelines are when they are choosing home delivery or delivery to a FedEx center. Though it indicates 70 is the cut off, we go to 75 as long as other conditions are good.
I gotta say Mr. Hall, it is kind of strange to receive a bad review from a customer complaining about the policies we have that are very clearly stated and seen by all customers before they even purchase. If a customer has made it clear they are not willing to abide by the guidelines we have in place to ship living creatures safely, yes, we will cancel their order, but there was certainly much communication before that happened. We are glad to work with customers who appreciate the precautions we take to keep the animals we ship safe.

 Kasey Gent recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 18 2021

I've learned so much from the amazing staff! I'm always excited to stop by the shop!

Johnny Riley recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 7 2021
At the beach on vacation and stopped by to check ther shop out..great service and awesome selections walked out with 2 new spiders. absolutely great people.

Samantha Abbott recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Aug 7 2021
I have 2 slings and they seem to be just fine

Julie A. Adams recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.July 31 2021
Recently I received my Brazilian black and it arrived in perfect condition. I purchase the package deal and the enclosure is perfect for it. I highly recommend making Fear Not Tarantulas your next go to place. Their communication is top notch as well.

Nick Holguin recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 29 2021
We visited from out of state. Couldn’t be more happy with the experience. At first you’re a little disappointed with the selection. I believe everyone probably walks in , hopping everything they have on display is for sale.
But that’s simply just not the case. I think the real collectors, really appreciate what this place is. It’s ultimately what you wish your own Tarantula room looks like. It’s one of the finest collections on display. You can come in and experience this collection with a highly attentive, knowledgeable staff. Then have the ability to take home a piece of it. It is brilliant! I wish only they had a lounge or just anything that forces me to stay in there longer. I’d like to thank the staff and the owner for taking the time to really make our visit special. We can’t wait to return

Mack Adams recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 25 2021
So this is probably going to be a long post....reader beware.
So my wife and I drove up to VB to visit FNT from NC for my birthday.
Let me just start with I absolutely cannot rave enough about them. Oh. My. God. From when I walked in the door until I walked out of the door was by far the best experience in any store I've ever had. Their customer service is top notch. Their selection is top notch. Their knowledge is top notch. I asked for advice on several species and all of my questions were answered fully. I could tell they genuinely care about the hobby and the newbies, like myself, coming into it. 20/10 would recommend and will absolutely make the trip back.
They even had a birthday bag for me when I got there full of awesome goodies, including a Hapalopus sp. Colombia, which was on my wishlist!
It ended up being an amazing experience all around and even though I went up with the thought of coming home with my first two tarantulas, I came home with my first four. I purchased two, got a freebie for the purchase and then the birthday freebie 😁 they sure know how get you hooked in the hobby and wanting more 🤣
My wife was not overly thrilled about what she thought was going to be 1 turning into 4. But holy crap I think I'm starting to convert her. I heard her get up this morning to go to the bathroom and heard her stop off at my office for a minute. She was checking in on the new babies 😭
Needless to say, go there. Right now. It's an amazing place, full of absolutely amazing people and I cannot wait to go back. 

Samuel Ossa recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 11 2021
This is the best tarantula dealer in the U.S.A
They have a huge variety of beautiful healthy tarantulas and they regularly make group projects and special deals such as mystery tarantulas. Currently, they created the Brachy bunch. Where you can get 5 brachypelma and 3 tlitocatl! Only for $219! At Fear not, the tarantulas are the priority, and they will never ship when the spider is close to a molt or if it is too hot or cold. At their location here In Virginia Beach, they have excellent customer service. Thry have all thr correct prices. Not overpriced, and not insanely underpriced either. When I bought my first old world, I was greeted and asked what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for an H. gigas as my first old world. We had a nice coberstaion about what our favorite tarantulas and she said her personal favorite old worlds, which are thr H. pulchripes and the
M. balfouri. Amazing. I left with a
B. albiceps, thr H. gigas,, and an adorable K. Brunnipes. Which just ate a fruit fly last night. All of the people working there love their job and are all friends with each other. I'm going to buy that Brachy bunch now because I just can't resist.
Best, place, ever.

Jenny M Cuomo recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 11 2021
Love this place! Very knowledgeable and has great selection and pricing!

 Creeps McDamned recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  July 9 2021·
Just plain AWESOME! They are the go-to folks!

De Wooding recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 7 2021
received my 3 slings today! they were teeny tiny but packing was decent and they're all alive and well! 

Sara Donnelly recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 6 2021

I can't recommend Fear Not enough for their excellent selection, reasonable prices, thorough care sheets, prompt and personable communication, and high quality spiders. I have ordered close to 20 tarantulas from them in the past 2 years and every single one of them is thriving and gorgeous 10/10 

Richard Allan Powell Jr. recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 3 2021
Absolutely Awesome! Staff was super helpful.

Tabby Kat recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.June 29 2021
I just received my first ever order of slings and I couldn’t be happier with the animals and service I received from Fear Not. As a newbie in this hobby I was nervous about unpacking but the directions and information I got was exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to watch my slings grow! Thank you, thank you!

Scott Lynch recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 29 2021
I got my 2 slings today amazing im very happy yall are amazing the care sheet the free sling cage and free addons are the best great store I only wish I was closer to see them in person 

Pete Tieman recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 23 2021
Received my 1st order from FNTI yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased. This was by far the best experience ordering Invertebrates online I’ve ever had and the entire process was pretty effortless.
C. cyaneopubescens x1
M. robustum x2
M. balfouri x5
T. Apophysis x1 (freebie!)
Everyone arrived “happy” and healthy packed amazingly safe and secure. Also accurately described if anything size may have slightly underestimated.

 Christie Kleinert Maszkiewicz recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 16 2021
Best place to order tarantulas online or in person!

May be an image of text that says 'Fear Not Tarantulas Where Beauty Has Eight Legs'

 Allyssa Adams recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  June 16 2021·
Awesome staff!! Always being taken care of when you enter the place and Healthy tarantulas all the time!

Jeremy Roaten recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 9 2021
I had a fantastic experience ordering with yall. This is my first purchase ever of a Tarantula and the customer service was so helpful with getting me hooked up with 2 gorgeous Ts. One is alot smaller then I thought it would be but they put a warning label telling me this so I was able to prepare appropriately. Thank you and will return in future 😁

Ruiqi Li recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.June 1 2021
Customer service is amazing. They respond the emails super fast and professional. I picked up our Ts at the store, the staff is friendly and very helpful. They have good amount of variation and have cool freebies. I’m so glad we have this store that is within our reach and I’m looking forward to coming back again in the future!

 May be an image of indoor

Kyle Raulston recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.May 30 2021
I buy all of my arachnids and inverts from Fear Not! They have the best selection available and always have cool freebies

Desiree Nicole recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 29 2021
Amazing store VERY nice people I loved the experience

William Hopper recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.May 27 2021
just got my 3 beautiful ts today 2 random from the event (emma cyanic live wire which is super super fast but very active) (Michelle's Bonny which is very small n cute legs 🙂 very shy) and a curly hair is small n shy but all looks super healthy and happy will definitely shop here again!

Ashton Pietzman recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 18 2021
Best shipping for slings/tarantulas I've seen. Came on time, healthy spider, and the "complete package" that came with the enclosure was a great price for what came with it.
Will be ordering again. Awesome stuff. 

Cesar Flores recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.May 18 2021
Yes highly recommend just got my package!!

Manuel D Munoz recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 18 2021·
Great customer service and really healthy slings! Will continue ordering from y'all! 

Tiffany Nicar recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.May 11 2021
the are great and very helpful to any questions or concerns you may have regarding the t's and a guaranteed live arrival i will be ordering from them again

Sarah Foltyn recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 11 2021
I bought 5 Tarantulas from Fear Not several months back. I was extremely impressed with their customer service and quick response times. The slings that I ordered were packaged exceptionally well and they all arrived happy and healthy. They have molted many times since then and are doing great!
Will definitely be ordered from them again soon!

Amanda McAllister recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 9 2021
Very knowledgeable. Healthy slings. Safe shipping with a super live guarantee. 

Bryon Hower recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 9 2021
Everyone there was so super friendly and knowledgeable and answered all.of our questions. You can tell that they take great care of all of their tarantulas and other insects. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a tarantula 

Amanda McAllister recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.May 9 2021
Very knowledgeable. Healthy slings. Safe shipping with a super live guarantee. 

Bryon Hower recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  May 3 2021·
Everyone there was so super friendly and knowledgeable and answered all.of our questions. You can tell that they take great care of all of their tarantulas and other insects. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to buy a tarantula

Julia Karaya Ais Williams recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 1 2021
Better than Disney World (for me at least lol)! The staff was incredible, so nice and very knowledgeable. This experience made my day and was worth the 6 hour drive. Can’t wait to come back!

May be an image of one or more people, people standing and text that says 'Fear Not Tarantu Where Beauty Has Eight Legs PHILADELP ョ' 

Jaden Montgomery recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.April 26 2021
I adore Fear Not Tarantulas! They always do such a wonderful job, and my spiders always arrive in top condition! 

Jessie Santos recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.April 19 2021
Awesome place and friendly staff!! I love coming here and looking at the tarantulas on display including their large communal one. I’ve bought numerous tarantulas from them. All of them are healthy and thriving. Definitely recommend this place for anyone who’s interested in buying or wanting to know more about them. The staff is extremely knowledgeable.

Jessica Raul Montoya recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.April 15 2021
They were so kind awnsered all my questions my order was great no problems packed great both T's alive couldnt be happier would buy more from them

Christopher Flores recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.April 7 2021
Finally got my two T’s I ordered a while back. Great communication through the whole process. Love that the care enough to check the weather soT’s arrive safely. Will definitely buy from them again in future

Mike Miller Sr. recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  April 6 2021·
Just received my GBB sling from “Fear not”. What a hearty little thing. Been home 12 hours and already webbing up the place. Packaged well. Communication top notch. And everything went smooth. Well except when I unpackaged him he was chilling right by the lid so I just barely opened it, held it in the new enclosure with tongs while I pulled the lid off. And she ran right up the tongs as I, extremely calmly, lol, turned the tongs around and got her to walk onto some corkbark. She’s home now and cozying in. An all around GREAT experience. Thank you Fear not!

Laci Storm Brockwell recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 2 2021
I ordered online. Amazing customer service. the cutest little spoods! will be ordering more very soon!!!

Ronald Southworth recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 30 2021 ·
Great customer service. Combined my 3 orders and they were packed very well. I’m very happy with my new slings and can’t wait to order from Tanya and her crew again.

No photo description available. 

Jon Rothweiler recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 9 2021·
All around a perfect experience. I was big into the hobby in Highschool, left for the marine corps and left all my Ts to my zoology teacher. Went years without owning a spider. Eventually got a g rosea that I had for 8 years. He passed recently and it was weird not having a spider. I did some online shopping and stumbled across Fear Not. I was immediately impressed. You can tell they care about what they do and have a true passion for it and what to share that passion with others. I ordered 3 slings through them. Everything went exactly as it was supposed to. They showed up healthy and beautiful. I’ll order more when I can convince the wife. She was iffy on 3. She’ll come around 😉 

Ja Huff recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.March 7 2021
We have ordered 75+ Ts from Fear Not. Not one DOA. Customer service is amazing and they put the animals first. I continue to use them for my main source of Ts. Awesome selections of unique species as well.

Brittany Kurtzman recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 2 2021
I ordered a P. Metallica from this store and received an OBT for free. Both spiders arrived beautiful, energetic, and healthy. Their Live Arrival Guarantee is the best I've ever seen offered. The customer service was wonderful and I'm in love with the new additions to our family. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much!

Byron Harding Rinaldi recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 28 2021
We had a great experience today in the store! Excellent customer service.

No photo description available. 

Jess Eppley recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 10 2021
My mexican redknee sling arrived today and is active and healthy looking. They packed it securely with a heat pad for the journey. I would recommend getting your slings from them any time. 

Ted Hill recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Feb 4 2021·
Sooo, let’s just say.. My mother ordered something from Fear Not Tarantula ... I didn’t even know she knew how to run a pc.. but it was my bday this past week and she knew I was excited about going to a expo to find a couple of species.. apparently my mom took notes and went to the website and bought a female a GBB.. i told her yesterday morning about the female GBBs on the site. I was confused because there has to be someone helping her because I got a email.. about the order on but on my work email xD... i through it was a thanks everyone... or whoever is helping her. I’m blessed and shocked. But the freebie is something I had no idea about.. long story short 2 people have bought me a species and both times it wasn’t the correct species. So I ended up with a T no one knows what it is and a Hentzi...but neither where brachypelma... super upset soooo apparently she said she got one in like sure you did mom lol.. neither T was bought from Fear Not.. just gifts from Petco...picture added of mystery T xD

Crys M Santi recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  Jan 25 2021 ·
the best part about that place is their knowledge about the species that they carry. ingot there right when they were about to feed the Ts and even while she was feeding them she was very willing to show us and tell us about the ts...
all of them looked very healthy and in very good enclosures and saw a few eat very well.
I walked out with 3 and will never get a T anywhere else
thank you fear not tarantulas

Will Choez recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 21 2021
All tarantula arrived alive, beautiful, and lively .

Calen Linn Dyer recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Jan 21 2021
Just received our first sling from Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc! It is a GORGEOUS GBB ❤️❤️ Thank you for packing it so well and with a great heat pack! We'll be ordering more in the future!

Morgan Parmele recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  Jan 19 2021·
Absolutely in love with my new spider babies 🥰 Fear Not Tarantulas is phenomenal on all levels and so great to work with!!

Serenity Bliss recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 14 2021
I appreciate the helpful, personal service very much. The team is dedicated to the safe arrival of our purchases and our satisfaction. 

Renee Zeveroux Roach recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.Jan 13 2021
I am new to Tarantulas and was very worried about getting slings. So much so in fact that I canceled my first order in fear that I wasn’t ready. Easiest process ever. And they sent super helpful links to prepare me for future slings! I decided we were ready to add babies to our family and I am beside myself with the care and quality of my new slings. The habitats came with detailed instructions and everything I needed to keep my babies happy and healthy while they transition and grow. All three showed up alive and well and all very active. I am very pleased with my entire experience and will be ordering again after these slings grow! I highly recommend this company and will encourage family and friends to order through them! Thank you for making everything easy and for all the helpful information you provide! My daughters and I could not be happier!

Seth Schermerhorn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc Dec 17 2020

Great transaction and super fast shipping. My son loves his spider. 👌 

Jillian Smith  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc  Dec 15, 2020

they're absolutely incredible! just got my first 5 slings from them and couldn't have asked for a better experience ❤

Jay Son  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Dec 8, 2020

This company is simply amazing. I had to do a last min address change to a different state as we were doing the shipping confirmation. Just a few hours later, my tarantula was at FedEx, waiting to be picked up. I don't know how they did it, but wow. You guys are awesome, and so is my O. philippinus. THANK YOU!

Bethany Langve  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Dec 3, 2020

The communication from Fear Not Tarantulas is incredible! I was very thankful they communicated with my regarding shipping from before my tarantulas shipped until after I received them. My 4 tarantulas arrived expertly packed and safe. The included unpacking instructions were very helpful for a first time online orderer. After a week all my tarantulas are all doing exceptionally well and I couldn’t be happier. I will be ordering from Fear Not again!

Erika Rippy  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Dec 1,  2020

I went into the store today to purchase a T but wasn’t sure what I wanted to add to my collection. The sales associate was so incredibly helpful (I wish I got his name name.) He even interacted with my younger children and answered all 582 questions from them. 😂 I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase and with my overall experience. Each enclosure looked very clean and you could tell they really care here. I’m so excited I found you guys and we will definitely be back soon!

Patrick Wahleithner  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 25, 2020

This was my first T, and it went so smooth from purchase to delivery. My Gooty Sapphire arrived healthy, and energetic. I would recommend anyone looking to go through Fear Not Tarantula. Thank you for the great experience, and the beautiful T.

Alex Jae Emerson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 20, 2020

Healthy, active tarantulas! I have bought 8 of them and they are all still doing well. When I had questions about a tarantula I purchase that I couldn't find any information on and they helped me out. They're so nice and have amazing customer service. Hopefully one day I can visit the physical location.

Note: I wish there was a 'favorite' button on the site so I could have like a wish list on the site since I will probably only be buying from FNT from now on

Jared Ferguson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 19, 2020

I love Fear Not. I've bought 8 slings from them, all healthy and beautiful. The process has been painless and they maintain excellent communication throughout. Couldn't ask for a better place to pick up your next 8 legged family member. ❤️

Dylan Mueller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 18, 2020

Amazing company. All of my slings arrived happy and healthy. Well packaged and on time. Would definitely purchase these guys again!

Kelsey Hampton  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 18, 2020

Easy to purchase online, their website is easy to use. Their detailed instructions are very good. The flights for my slings was prompt and they arrived without any issue. Unboxing was very easy as well; everything was clearly marked. Customer service was amazing with getting back to me with transport questions.

I definitely recommend Fear Not Tarantulas. I would definitely order my next slings from them.

Katherine Sedlitz-Hardesty  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 18, 2020

I have bought 3 Ts and they have all been amazing!!! Great prices too. You can tell that the staff at Fear Not take great pride and care in what they do. Keep being fabulous guys! You Rock!!

Dotty Dart  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Nov 17, 2020

I absolutely would recommend FNT. Their communication is amazing, they package amazingly. I will definitely be using them again.

Stephanie Neitzke  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 16, 2020

This place is amazing. The staff is incredibly helpful and informative. I could spend hours in the shop looking at all of the beauties that they have.

Emily Arguello  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 12, 2020

Absolutely love these guys and trust them for all my T orders. If only you can figure out the dragon 😩 

Matti Beck-Klasen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 12, 2020

experience was amazing, we purchased two complete setups and got a freebie as well. I’ve never felt so confident going into a new animal, and FNT is fully to thank. They were there every step of the way and made sure we knew exactly what would happen in the shipping process. Spiders arrived alive , healthy, and active and are all settling well into their new homes! Having such small slings is terrifying but knowing i have access to an amazing set of people if I ever had questions helps ease all my anxiety’s! Thank you Fear not!

Gage Smith  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 12, 2020

Purchased a Grammostola iheringi (Entre Rios) complete package from them. After confirming I agreed and understood shipping policy my tarantula shipped out a few days later on 11/10, and arrived 11/11. everything was well packed, insulated and live and accounted for. The tarantula was the size in the description, and I'm extremely happy.

Kristen Lawrance  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 11, 2020

After a bad experience ordering tarantulas from another online service I swore I wouldn't do it again, but I'm SO glad I did! The entire process was super simple and I don't think I've received better communication from anyone I've ordered anything from ever. The tarantulas arrived very well packaged and all healthy. I was updated by both Fear Not and FedEx every time my package moved. Wonderful experience and I highly recommend them!

Francis Macadat  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 7, 2020

Yes I Do. Friendly staff. Great displays of the adult form of the animals that you can purchase of slings. They have enclosures that are pre-packed for your new animal to go home with. Affordable pricing for the animals on sale. I would suggest to come in and check them out!

Alex Robertson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 2, 2020

Virginia Beach location is great! Displays are awesome. Customer service is great and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anybody.

Hayley Lorenzo  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Oct 21, 2020

First time ordering from here. Very impressed. Great communication, terrific packing. Healthy spiderlings.You can tell they care about their animals! Will be ordering more!

Sierra Lewellen recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc  Oct 7, 2020·

It’s my first time ordering tarantulas onlinr and especially without knowing the company too well. I have to say though, the experience with FNT was amazing! Kept me updated with shipping and what was to happen next, a cute little prompt of how to set them up, and they were neatly and safely secured so no damage would happen on their journey to me. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again in the future!

Nichole Irene Mader  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 4, 2019 

Mom to a tarantula loving son. Tanya was amazing at talking me through the unboxing as my son was still in school and I didn’t want to keep them in their transport containers longer than need be. Great company and wonderful people to work with.

Marleah Koi Cabano  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 3, 2019 at 9:59 PM

Best customer service, hands down! That alone will have me coming back, and I haven’t even gotten my first Ts from them yet. Long story short – ordered 1 spider. Hubby surprisingly talked me into getting a 2nd one 10 mins later, so ordered my 2nd. Next day I realized there was a minor error on the dates, I knew what they meant, but wanted to confirm. BJ was extremely helpful and made sure I was refunded the 2nd shipping charge since they will be shipped together. To be honest, I didn’t even think about the shipping! Haha, I am happy he caught it! Thank you again, BJ, and FNT staff! Can’t wait for my Ts to get here!?

David Pryor  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. November 12, 2019 ·

I ordered my first 3 tarantulas online. When they came they coordinated with me to ensure the day and approximate time. The package was delivered and in great shape. Unboxing was easy and they were very well packaged. All were alive and well. I will purchase from them again.

Branson Lane Fuller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. November 7, 2019 ·

I got two slings, chromatopelma cyaneopubescens and tliltocatl vagans formerly brachypelma vagans, and they arrived in perfect shape and both are doing great! Temps were too high in my region and they reached out and helped me get them here safely. 10/10

Cody Chronister  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.November 5, 2019 ·

As a first time keeper I have been very impressed with Tanya and the rest of the staff at FNT. The sling arrived well packed and was immediately showing signs of life. The provided enclosure was perfect and the sling went right in. The included feeders are the perfect size and I should have some nice take downs soon. The thing that stood out to me the most was how concerned they are about their slings. From the start everything was about making sure the sling arrived healthy and alive. They quickly remediated a shipping issue even if it meant an inconvenience because to them the tarantula comes first. I will definitely be coming back to them as I expand my collection.

Alexis Roldan-Santiago  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 30, 2019 ·

I would like to just say all my babies came in spectacular. As a month and a half newbie The packaging was great and the notes inside very helpful. Will be buying again from this wonderful place and from me and my wife thank so much for having our first time purchase a wonderful one. 5/5 ✨

Bri Diederichsen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 15, 2019 ·

I placed my order with FNT for my first T and felt very taken care of, and my questions answered! The shipping process is very clear and smooth. I love my new T (c. cyaneopubescens, greenbottle blue)! Will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Susan J Matyas  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 14, 2019 ·

always received tarantulas well packed and alive and healthy, they always communicate and answer e-mails

Aubrey Trejo  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 12, 2019 ·

went to look at spiders today at the reptile expo in tinley park and came across these guys! everyone was so personable and knowledgeable.. i bought a brazilian black after handling one myself.. the owner is the sweetest lady and you can tell they all have quite a passion for what they do. i can not wait to expand my collection! 10/10 would recommend.

Debbie McClure  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 4, 2019 ·

Always received healthy T’s. Packing is obsolete. The staff are amazing. Always helpful

Tim Yohn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 25, 2019 ·

Great service, every single time, through the entire purchase process.

Jacqueline Rickett  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 25, 2019 ·

Ordered twice for a combined 8 tarantulas. The communication was amazing, transactions smooth and arrived quickly. All slings were great!

Out of all the places I’ve received tarantulas their packaging has been the best!

Kenneth Blackburn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 24, 2019 ·

I just ordered from Fear Not for the first time, great service!

Hu N G Va  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 22, 2019 ·

Amazing people, products, pricing and shipping

Krystie Sedlmayer  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 15, 2019 ·

Great variety, and very VERY responsive to questions! My favorite place to get tarantulas! 

Melissa Karnes  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 13, 2019 ·

Great communication, great experience over all. If you’ve never had a tarantula, they walk you through every step of the way.\

Hannah Gunn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 11, 2019 ·

Excellent communication, packaging, and selection of Ts. Everyone came in perfect condition and I’ll definitely be ordering with Fearnot again, I’ve already got my eye on a couple things

Samantha Cottrell  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 5, 2019 ·

What’s not to love about Fear Not?! Amazing selection, super friendly and knowledgeable staff, hassle free shopping and support. Extremely satisfied and cannot wait to place our next order.

Michael Depangher  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 4, 2019 ·

We ordered a Brazilian Pink Bloom sling and it arrived on time and healthy as can be!! We will be ordering from them again!

Nathan Holcomb  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 28, 2019 ·

perfect order great communication and a live arrival. I only buy from here.

Chris Goodson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 28, 2019 ·

Fantastic communication with emails and texts. Everything was packaged well and everyone looked nice and healthy. Can’t go wrong with the complete packages. 30 day guarantee and 2 weeks of food.

Brad Habermehl  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 21, 2019 ·

Tanya and the crew at FNT are great!

Awesome service. On time and alive.

Laila Quick  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 3, 2019 ·

Numerous superlative buying experiences with FNT. Absolutely love their selection, and their prices are great/competitive. Tanya is a boss!! 10/10 recommend to other tarantula lovers!

Ashleigh Pugh  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 3, 2019 ·

We ordered a couple of spiderlings from Fear not a couple weeks ago. Hands down the best experience! The packaging was great, and unpacking the spiders was very easy due to how they pack them inside the vials! I’d highly recommend them ☺️

Karl Reiser  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 2, 2019 ·

I have been raising and breeding Tarantulas for over 10 yrs. I have been skimming Fear Not’s available list since they came online. I have specifically watching for Brachylpelma Schroederi to show up somewhere in the states. I have been really hesitant to purchase Ts from anybody in the summertime because I live in Vegas. The temperatures are so hot. When the B Schroederi showed up , I had to purchase, summer or not. Fear Not was very accommodating, the communication was beyond excellent, packaging was very good, and the delivery to Fed ex hub was timely. My Ts showed up in great health. I truly could not have been happier. This experience has earned them a lot of future business.Thanks to Fear Not and their staff!

Angela Schiel Ferguson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 27, 2019 ·

I have placed several orders with them and could not be happier!!! The T’s always come very well packed safely & easy to get out of the vials & unpacked without injuring the slings!

Alexander Sharpe  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 25, 2019 ·

I’ve purchased Ts from Fear Not multiple times and its always so smooth. The packing job is amazing and the Ts are always in good shape at arrival through experience. Would recommend them to anyone in the US. Will purchase more in the future.. thanks!

Kristen Neal Barnett  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 23, 2019 ·

Absolutely phenomenal service and communication. Any time I had a question I got a prompt response. After adding to and changing my order a couple times I was concerned about the entire order being correctly sent. After receiving today my order was correct, with great instructions for unpacking and excellent care taken with packaging. Super thrilled with my order and will definitely be ordering from them again.

Sarah Stinson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 23, 2019 ·

amazing! great response time, beautiful packing, and the tarantulas are always well priced and beautiful quality

Vicky Dulin Keller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 22, 2019 ·

The beauty of these 8 legged creatures!

Nicole Allamon  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 22, 2019 ·

I ordered two tarantulas and also got a free one. All of the slings are healthy and wonderful eaters. Will definitely order from them again. Also had great communication with shipping.

Arevalo Steven  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 20, 2019 ·

Perfect, got a G. Pulchripes and not any regret

Josh Taylor  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 19, 2019 ·

great service, healthy Ts and great selection. they are very knowledgeable about spiders and happy to help. great communication as well.

Alicia Nadine Webster  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 14, 2019 

Fear Not Tarantulas is amazing !!! we own two baby T’s that came in amazing shape and have just grown and been awesome since we got them! Ordering process is so simple, great descriptions everything is awesome ! 

Marcus Murray  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 11, 2019 ·

Recieved my 2nd order from Fearnot! 4 slings and a juvie female p. reduncus. She is gorgeous! As usual, all packed great and arrived full of life! Can’t wait to see the p. regalis grow up. 3rd order has already been placed!

Tanya Higgins  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 8, 2019

Excellent customer service, great selection, solid packaging, and friendly staff to boot.

Stacy Duhon  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 6, 2019 ·

my family’s first tarantula, a GBB sling, was delivered 6recently. The enclosed instructions explained exactly how to set up the habitat & house the sling, made startup to spiderling very easy! FNT’s helpfulness is very appreciated, & I’m very much looking forward to buying more tarantulas!

Roxanne Ferguson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 4, 2019 ·

Wonderful service all around! My little B. hamorii sling was packaged very well. They sent a very healthy and feisty little dude(tte). I also greatly appreciated their outstanding customer service. The lady I spoke with was very kind, understanding, and patient when answering all of my questions and very knowledgeable as well. They really put forth great care and love into their tarantulas. Thank you so much!

Roger Wilco  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 28, 2019 ·

the care they use to inform you each and every way but also how they ship their T’s

Raul De los Raphaeles  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 16, 2019 ·

yes, its a safe way to buy Tarantulas from and the Ts come in gr8. Prices are fairly low so its very recommended

William Livingartexotics Shreve  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 6 at 9:56 AM · 2019

Our tarantulas came in this morning all happy and healthy

Easy to purchase from and would recommend them to anyone

Will be making future purchases 

Dustin Komes  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 29 at 8:44 PM ·2019

I got a C. Leetzi from Fear not a couple weeks ago and I forgot too write a review in that time but I will say this, just amazing. Put my order in and got a response almost right away. Got my T 2-3 days after I order and the packaging was amazing. Great people here at FearNot and I highly recommend all my fellow friends to purchase from here. Thanks again guys!

Jeanee’ Dupree  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 4 · 2019

I ordered two slings after having issues with another breeder.

I had to have a friend place the order as they were a gift to keep them secret. fear not was great about making sure I was the person picking up even though someone else paid. 

they were packed so SO well! clearly labeled box. large lime colored sticker point to which way they needed to face. came with habitat recommendations of set up even though I did not buy a kit for my slings. also had some other great info. personally wrote a thank you to my friend and I for ordering. also one sling had it’s most recent molt labeled on its enclosure which I personally was so happy to get. 

thanks again! can not wait to order in the future! 

Brandi Reddington  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 30 · 2019

All my cute little babys!!!!!

Thanks so much they came safe and sound. 

Vanessa Crowe  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 28 · 2019

I would highly recommend Fear Not Tarantulas. Their customer Service is awesome. Unlike some places, the safety of the tarantulas come before anything else. they won’t send a tarantula that is about to molt in the mail. The Fear Not team is quick to answer questions and concerns. They are one of my favorite businesses to shop from. Packing is on point. Tarantulas are healthy and look great. One of the great things is they still have LAG even during carrier delays. I’d give them 1 million stars out of 10.🙂 

Andrew Perez  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 23 · 2019

Professional, awesome people here. They care that you receive healthy spiders.

Rocco Russo  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 18 · 2019

I just got 3 different amazing Baboon Slings and can’t wait to buy a Socotra Island Blue Baboon Colony!! Tanya’s deal on Freebies is to die for!! I was like get out of here, I really get to pick a free tarantula when ordering 100 bucks or more!?!?!?!? I know where I’m going to order tarantulas from now on!! 8 thumbs up!!

Rachael Emery  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 18 · 2019

Great experience! I ordered on Monday and Wednesday morning had my little GBB here. Packaged well and such a beautiful spider. I’m sure I will be ordering more from them in the future!

Gary Cheatwood  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. April 1 · 2019

Awesome store. Personally thanked me for buying the sling I bought and it showed up in stellar condition with roaches and an enclosure with substrate and a small plant (Sling took to liking the plant immediately). Amazing value, will come back again.

Melanie Kirsch  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 31 ·2019

Best shipping and packaging on anything live I have ever ordered from anyone! The only hiccup was a FedEx delay which is NOT on them. I will be ordering again in the future!

Gavin Doss  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 28 · 2019

Couldn’t be happier with the T’s I’ve received!

Malick Darian White  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 23 · 2019

Great experience overall. Wonderfully packaged and beautiful, healthy babies. Thank You. I highly recommend Fear Not Tarantulas. ♥️♥️♥️

Jeff Ruppel  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 17 · 2019

Just wanted to say thanks to these guys they were wonderful in Tinley IL at the expo Im really excited about my new gbb, and p Metallica!

Rick Brown  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 13 · 2019

The slings I ordered are beautiful and all arrived in good condition. Fear Not’s shipping department was very helpful every step of the ordering process, and often answered my questions by email within the hour. They definitely care more about the well being of their animals than anything else. And that’s how it should be. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again. 10/10

Joe Owen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. March 1 · 2019

The best online shop anywhere on the web! I wish all online stores gave me the service FNT does!!! I highly recommend FNT!!

Chris KIng  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 28 · 2019

Just buy and experience it

Chris Shade  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 21 · 2019

Great facility and staff, they really care about their animals. And it shows in the packaging and overall health of the animals. Thanks for the invite to like your page! If you can, could you give my new Facebook page a shoutout, Montana tarantula keeper. Looking to get more people from my home state involved, so we can connect and help each other by answering questions! Thanks I appreciate it!

Angela Buer  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 13 · 2019

We just got our slings today! So impressed with FNT packaging and quality!! ? our balfouri and vilocoepes, especially!!

Teela Marie Golden reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star 2019

Katherine Hemen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 12 · 2019

Great customer service, good tracking info, apiderlings were very active as soon as I unpacked them. My 1/2 inch hysterocrates gigas ate 2 fruit flies as soon as I put him in his enclosure. The 1 1/2 inch lasiodora parahybana is lining part of the enclosure already with silk. Both active and looking really good.

The staff at Fear Not is awesome. There is definitely a lot of care that goes into the packaging and shipping of your future pet

Jennifer Greer Delz  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 11 · 2019

Perfect experience with these guys from start to finish. My slings are all healthy and growing like crazy. Can’t go wrong with FNT

JT Smith-Martin  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 9 · 2019

We purchased 4 Ts and were extremely happy with how they came packaged. Our calls and emails were answered quickly. We just didn’t receive our freebie T with our order of $400 or more. Other than that we look forward to placing future orders with them! ❤️❤️

Michael Mauzey  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 6 · 2019

Thanks for the awesome additions to our spider family.

Nick Coons  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 5 · 2019

great customer service everything was very well packaged thank you will buy again

Ken Aplin  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. February 1 · 2019

just bought my first tarantula and received a secound one as a freebie…very fast and efficient..and you can tell they care about there animals..very nice and helpful..they came highly recommended to me and now I know why and highly recommend them myself

Susan Moore  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 31 · 2019

Great communication, healthy happy T, great shipping policies. Smooth transaction from start to finish. Will be back for more soon.

Dan Pompili  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 30 · 2019

Very easy to work with, they’re very good at communicating thought throughout the entire ordering and shipping process. My tarantulas showed up exactly on time and in great condition, with clear instructions for easy unpacking and housing. Tanya was available by phone that morning to answer questions, and she’s very helpful.

Stacey Ranae Ripley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 29 · 2019

Just had the best experience ordering from them! Received my order safe and sound. They packaged everything perfectly. Nicely labeled. The tarantula slugs looked great. I’ll definitely order again in the future!

Stephanie Errickson Lockwood  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 23 · 2019

Excellent customer service! Prompt response and smooth transaction. Ts received exactly as advertised, and healthy and alive. I will definitely order from them again!!

Tara Tootles  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 23 · 2019

we were notified of any changes through the the whole process. great customer service.

babies arrived this morning alive and well  thanks so much, thanks FNT for everything 

Jody Harkey  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 22 · 2019

Excellent customer service and always willing to answer questions

Updated 2/6/19: My Caribena versicolor sling arrived safe and sound. The little guy was perfectly packaged and doing well. “He” is shown here in his new enclosure (not the shipping vial) 

Claudia Rossen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 22 · 2019

I ordered three slings, and at first I was a little hesitant, But as soon as I placed my order I was immediately impressed! They kept excellent contact through the entire process, and the slings I received were healthy, active and wonderful. I will definitely be buying more from then.

Brittney Irvine  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 22 · 2019 

OMG the best! Cares alot of the safety and wellbeing, come in safely packaged, paper came out with not problem, all three T.s were healthy and ready to go into their new enclosures. Beautiful slings, couldn’t be happier!!

Dallin Lochridge  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 15 · 2019

One of the best business experiences I’ve ever had not just in dealing with tarantulas but anywhere with anything. Tanya is a friendly person who genuinely cares and gets how business should be run. My GBB spiderlings arrived safe and energetic across the country and through below freezing weather. Their packaging is the best in the business.

Kara Ashlea Bell  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 13 · 2019

Fantastic customer service and a great selection! When my Theraphosa blondi was recieved dead because of a shipping error, Tanya did not hesitate to replace it as soon as possible. Both times my spiders were packaged very well. I love my new babies and will recommend Fear Not to anyone!

Lori J. Renaldi  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 9 · 2019

I ordered 3 slings:

  1. Blondi, L. Difficilis, & B. Verdezi

Shipping was a breeze, packaging was very durable and the communication is outstanding, unlike other tarantula businesses I’ve dealt with, making their customer experience top notch! The slings are just beautiful and healthy. I will definitely order from these guys again! Highly recommended.

Thanks Fear Not Tarantulas! 

 Patrick Lewis  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. January 5 · 2019

Picked up my new B. Hamorii (Mexican Redknee) sling from Holly today! It’s so cute… great experience with FNT! I’m sure I will become a frequent customer while building my new collection. Fantastic experience!!

Kellie Thompson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 31, 2018 ·

Fear Not is definitely one of my go to spots for tarantula’s. They have a great selection and excellent customer service. I have always received my T’s in excellent condition.

Sue Ann Okerwall Knoblauch  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 29, 2018 ·

Having one has been the best experiences ever!

Red Cichorz  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 25, 2018 ·

they have a wide selection and valuable information on each and every species they carry plus theyre reasonably priced

Shae Charles-Maar Barthel  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 21, 2018 ·

Great company to buy Spiders from online . my experience has been very good and so has everyone i know that bought from them .

Maxy L. Olcott  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 21, 2018 ·

A great place for finding out as much as you can about your T as well

as getting another….. and another… ? 

Thank you for being here!✨

Julie Tallon  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 17, 2018 ·

Love this site. Great tarantulas, great prices, great packaging and great communication.

Cliff Pruitt  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 11, 2018 ·

My son wanted certain tarantulas after getting his first. We looked and found a lot of recommendations for FNT. The customer service is exceptional and personal. Will order from them every time if they have what my son is looking for in stock. Highly recommend.

Amy Huber  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 7, 2018 ·

Fear Not Tarantulas is amazing! if you have questions, they are quick to answer them, they offer deals, great packaging, & of course – they have beautiful tarantulas!! Thank you!!!

Quentin Douget  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. November 16, 2018 

Exceptionable packing excellent communication I would definitely make another order.

Jo Miller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. November 10, 2018 ·

I recommend anyone doing business with this company. I have always been satisfied with every aspect of the business. They are great to work with, communication is top notch, very knowledgeable and better than perfect product!

Vincent James Dorazio Jr.  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 30, 2018 ·

Awesome place. Very impressed With purchase.

Katie Crow  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 25, 2018 ·

Bought slings from them before.. awesome job

Jennifer Holt  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 24, 2018 ·

All my animals came in healthy and alive. Fast to get shipping to you. Do you love the fact that they contact you to find out what day works best for you.

Chloe Cee  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 16, 2018 ·

Fear Not has an amazing team that not only delivers amazing products of the highest quality but also aims to educate others about the creatures that many are misinformed about. They want to show the beauty in all living things and they work diligently to cater to customers needs in a quick, efficient way. What a great company!

Amanda Black  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 11, 2018 ·

I love fear not they have very excellent Ts and they will answer all your ?s if you have any the keep in touch with you during the whole shipping process I absolutely LOVE THEM would never order from anyone else thanks for my last order my babies are very healthy and growing as they should a big thanks to the whole family at fear not tarantulas

Lindsay Olivera  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 6, 2018 ·

Always a good experience!

Johnny Morales  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 29, 2018 ·

great selection and great prices

Sheri Dennison Mary-Ann Pascucci  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 28, 2018 ·

Awesome group! Great people, great photos, great information! Join and check them out!

Dominic Savana  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.September 27, 2018 ·

More often than not, a majority of my appreciation for a business is based in the customer experience. If you’re looking for selection, Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. is one of the top invert distributors in the country, but what Tanya and her team do exceptionally well is provide an individualized, remarkable experience for their customer.

I appreciate the way that the Fear Not team has reach out to me during purchases to ensure my buying experience was a great one. That’s what every customer wants when they buy something – a feeling of mutual appreciate – that removes the transactional nature of buying. 

Consider saving and buying a big order. Freebies are included starting $75, currently, (H. Gigas) and the higher purchase amount feebies are incredible! 

Thank you for everything Fear Not. I will be waiting for the next mystery boxes! 

Brooke Hinkley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.September 26, 2018 

Got a beautiful G pulchra and B sabulosum both with enclosures and everything is super well done from shipping to any questions you may have they have you covered!

Jonathon Aaron Straus  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 25, 2018 ·

They’re an amazing company. Anyone who’s in the tarrantula community or new too owning an animal. I highly recommend Fear not.

Wynona W. Wiltfong  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 16, 2018 

Seem very knowledgeable, Have a great variety of T.s it seems, Decent Prices… Can’t wait to do future deals!!

Alvarado Stephanie  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.September 6, 2018 ·

Fear Not Tarantulas was my second attempt at getting my first tarantula online. This experience was not only a great success, but I’ve never been happier to deal with somebody online when I dealt with Tanya and co. Very kind, helpful, and understanding. Overall great customer service, and they care about not only the customer, but the tarantula too(as it should be). I would definitely buy again if I had the chance!

Amber Mack Ivie  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 30, 2018 ·

I’ve bought so many from here. they offer lot’s of different species that other places don’t.

Whitney Schreiber reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star August 8 at 5:41 PM · 2018

Just received my slings today and they are in perfect condition! Super active and beautiful! Fear not has the BEST customer service and is so professional. Definitely the perfect place to order my first slings. I will be ordering again! 

Kevin Kriesak  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 21, 2018 ·

Excellent all around, communication, packing, and shipping, an absolute pleasure that I would recommend to anyone

Kate Rooker  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 16, 2018 ·

I purchased my first tarantula (and only so far) through Fear Not and the experience was so much better than I could have ever imagined! My questions were all answered in a timely manner and I felt very at-ease during the entire process. Looking forward to purchasing through this seller many times in the future:)

Ashley Tubbs Wahlberg  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 14, 2018 ·

A great company to buy from! I won a contest so got a free spider, and I added on another 2 for my box as well. They were very helpful with helping me choose which species and were in contact the whole time through shipping. The spiders arrived today and were packaged really well, will definitely be buying from them again in the future!

Jason King  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 14, 2018 ·

Excellent customer service, meticulous packing & shipping, my Chaco arrived in perfect condition! Thanks again

Brenda Stewart  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 14, 2018 ·

Real pros! They came to Chicago and will be back in October at the Reptile show.

Sky Wesley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 14, 2018 ·

Probably the best place to go if you’re looking to purchase some tarantulas online! Great people and great service! Got two new babies today and they’re looking great. 

Danny Johnson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 13, 2018 ·

Exceptional professionals!! I will be purchasing soon!!

Michael Birch  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 13, 2018 ·

Always great service, and a big selection!

Myria Hoisington  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 10, 2018 ·

They are awesome! They have an great message and are working to help people realise how beautiful and amazing Tarantulas can be.

Teela Marie Golden reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star August 10, 2018 ·

The staff at Fear Not is awesome. There is definitely a lot of care that goes into the packaging and shipping of your future pet

 I’ve always had very quick responses to any questions and the staff has accommodating of requests, such a changing the ship to or checking stock for extras. There is always a great selection and prices that are very fair. 100% will buy from again in the future. 

 Marcus Murray reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 26 at 12:55 AM · 2018

Received female N. chromatus (very grumpy girl lol) L. klugi and 2 slings, L. difficilis + G. pulchra. Great packaging and communication. All arrived very much alive and healthy. I can’t wait to make another order  Thanks!

Vince Padilla reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 19 at 5:33 PM · 2018

I picked up my phamphobeteus plattyomma sling back in February and she (unsexed) has grown and impressed me after every molt! I wanted to get 2 but I only got one and now I see they are available again! I’m picking up another and a couple more! I’m going to keep coming back for more! Miss Tanya was very helpful when I contacted her on what species I wanted and informed me on care and need of a couple different species to help me choose what my minimal experience could handle.

Shawn Hardesty reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 18 at 9:02 AM · 2018

Ordered my tarantula Tanya is a fast shipper and very helpful on any questions would recommend for any beginner in the hobbie

Joe A Menendez reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 11 at 12:59 PM · 2018

Got my MM Xenesthis Sp Blue in this morning well packed and healthy as can be. ps thank you Tanya for your excellent communication and help

Michael Wells reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 11 at 12:56 PM · 2018

Just received three leetzi slings today. All were healthy and packaging was perfect. Would definitely purchase from them again.

Courtney Guinane reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 11 at 11:23 AM · 2018

Communication was on point all the time and the packaging of the box was superb. My new spider arrived healthy and in one piece. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new tarantula.

Daphne Bauer reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 10 at 8:57 PM · 2018

Today I received my first shipment from Fear Not and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Not only was the transaction and shipping a seamless experience, but my new baby is so alert, healthy, and already webbing it up  No other place I recommend!

Erica Swift reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star July 4 · 2018

The whole fear not team is great. More than willing to answer questions. I will continue to purchase from them if the need should arise and it will lol

Kathy Davey reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star June 30 · 2018

I cannot tell you how amazing and easy it was to buy my most wanted tarantula!! Boxed amazing, with a cute little cage and some food for a week or two! Cannot wait to buy my next one! THANK YOU!

Kevin J Pace reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star June 21 · 2018

I just received my 2 P. Metallicas and Boehmei in the mail today. They were in perfect shape. Packing was amazing. Website very easy to use. Highly recommended.

Jean Fowler reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star June 8 2018·

I ordered three Ts from Tanya at Fear Not and I love them! Beautifully and carefully packaged! So glad that Tom’s Big Spiders directed me to her. All three Ts arrive alive and perfectly fine. 

 Scott Bauer reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star June 5 · 2018

Can’t say enough great things about Fear Not. After reading a lot of reviews, I had incredibly high expectations, and they still managed to exceed those expectations. The web site is laid out incredibly well with great information so you can research if you need to before you buy. Communication throughout my order was great – not too much and not too little. I was very comfortable and confident. The packaging was great. All the tarantulas arrived healthy and are active and doing great! I also ordered a nice enclosure and there were no problems with that. If my wife allows me to live after this most recent purchase, I will definitely be ordering from Fear Not Tarantulas again. 100 million percent thrilled.

Stewert Tripp reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star June 4 · 2018

Absolutely great service, made several purchases so far. They won’t ship without confirmation from buyer and also follow up which is great to see a vendor do. The communication is great I highly recommend FNT, buy with confidence.

Lauren Weiss reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star May 17 · 2018

I have gotten four Ts from them total, two from one order and an OBT from another. This time I got Holly’s Personable Peach mystery Tarantula! Definitely an Old World species and it’s absolutely stunning. All of my Ts from them have arrived quickly, well packaged and healthy. Definitely recommend Tanya from Fear Not!!!

Katelyn Ricker reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star May 16 · 2018

Honestly some of the best customer service ive ever had. The woman i talked to was super helpful and understanding. Will definitely be making this my only shop i go to. If i could give more than 5 stars i would!

Jesse Maryam Oukheira reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star May 16 · 2018

I ordered multiple items during their first Mystery T sale and they have absolutely outstanding customer service. I got all of the Mystery T’s, an OBT, a P Sazimai, and an A Purpurea. I really love that they have bundle deals where you can purchase your new friend and get a good proper-sized enclosure as well. They make the purchasing process so easy and I love how enthusiastic the team is about their brand. I highly recommend them.

Izzy Presley reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star May 15 2018·

Highly recommend!! My first two slings came in excellent condition, full of energy, and the guarantees and DOA terms shows they really care about their spiders. I called Tanya with a bunch of silly questions including some about spiders I’ve bought at conventions, and she was very patient with me in helping me understand the care that goes into these little fellas!

Mike Downey reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star May 13 · 2018

Recently purchased a Brachypelma hamorii spiderling kit from Fear Not Tarantulas. Their packing was great. They took care packing the spiderling in its vial. And their communication on when they shipped and what to expect was awesome. I plan on purchasing another T from you all in the near future.

Vicki Ignaszak reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star May 1 · 2018

Picked up a Caribena versicolor sling (ok, actually 2 of them however one was for my friend) as well as a vinegroon from them at the Tinley park expo. Both inverts have been very healthy in the month and a half I’ve had them (my versicolor just molted this morning! Also my friend’s versicolor molted this past week or so! Both very healthy). I’ve never ordered online from fearnot but they’ll be one of the first places I check when I’m ready to add to my collection again.

I had a question about my vinegaroon (I wanted to be sure I knew the exact species) so i contacted the info email provided on this facebook page. I received a reply within an hour that my vinegaroon was Mastigoproctus giganteus. Very quick to reply to emails, I’m confident they’d reply promptly regarding online orders as well. 

Greg Longstreet reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 starApril 11 at 11:15pm · 2018

Recently made my first purchase with Fear Not. I was in contact with Tanya for quite a while before I finally pulled the trigger and she was very helpful about several species. Her pricing was good and communication was even better. She waited for a safe window to ship so my T arrived in great shape and was well packed. I very much recommend Fear Not Tarantulas and look forward to purchasing from them again in the future.

Justin Reed reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star April 10 at 5:18am · 2018

 I love this place and I find myself filling my cart with new friends everyday… 10 stars and 100% amazing

Greg Retzlaff reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star April 9 at 7:28pm · 2018

 Top notch customer service. Excellent ratings all over the web. Watched tons of unboxing videos by several different people. Always exciting. 

Leslie Valar Morghulis reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star April 6 at 7:59pm · 2018

 Fear not Tarantulas is one of the best if not the BEST when it comes to tarantulas. Any beginner who is thinking of getting a T I would definitely recommend FNT. I got the beginners package and is just the perfect starter kit for someone buying a T for their first time. Tanya was amazing answering all my questions and very helpful. Thanks a bunch Tanya!

Shannon Gormley reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star April 6 at 7:07pm · 2018

 Just got my first tarantula yesterday, a G.pulchra sling. I am so very impressed with how healthy it is and how carefully it was packaged for shipping. Wonderful experience.

Randy Miller reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star April 3 at 5:51pm · 2018

Just got my gooty sapphire ornamentals today and am beyond happy. Packaging was excellent. My babies are healthy and active . They called my wife personally and answered all questions and made sure we got our babies . Thank you so much

Jennifer Baldwin reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 28 at 11:54pm · 2018

Shannon Egendoerfer reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 21 at 11:16pm · 2018

My husband and I bought a G. pulchra sling from Fear Not Tarantulas at the Tinley Park NARBC a few days ago and we are in love!! We have two other tarantulas but both are adults, so we were a little apprehensive about getting a sling because they’re just so tiny and seem so delicate. All of our questions were answered and we left feeling confident about how to care for our new little one! He/she has eaten two meals with us already and is doing great! We’re so excited to be able to watch it grow! The next time we’re looking for a new tarantula, we’d buy/order from Fear Not in a heartbeat!

Brandy Myzooplus Langworthy reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 18 at 2:50pm · 2018

Jane Hogarth reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 14 at 2:59pm · 2018

Christine Carlson Whittington reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 14 · 2018

I have ordered tarantulas from Fear Not Tarantulas twice and both experiences have been superb! Communication is top-notch and the spiders arrived in excellet health! 

Linda Clark reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 3 · 2018

I was more than pleased with all 5 orders ! there is nothing better than getting what you ordered and it came in and t’s were alive a little bigger then excepted , and cheapest prices around .. love my new t’s thank you

Kristen Ingersoll reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 3 · 2018

 Excellent customer service! They checked and double checked to make sure I would be there when my order arrived.

 Carl Evans reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 1 · 2018

 Absolutely top notch this company. I don’t know any other company that sets the bar as high as this one does. Best treatment and un paralleled guarantees. I would give 10 out of 5 stars. Buying from this company is a MUST. Tanya treats you like you are a vip customer. I absolutely can not say enough about this company. If you haven’t used them you ARE missing out. 

 Nicole L. Berrima reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star March 1 · 2018

My daughter just received her tarantulas today. They came in packed great, slings were in perfect condition. Customer service has been absolutely amazing! We ordered 1 Brazilian Black 1” sling, they didn’t ship when expected so not only did they double the order, they TRIPLED IT! Thank you Tanya! We will definitely be ordering again!!! 5 stars isn’t enough!

Damien Kinchen reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 25 · 2018

 I haven’t placed a order yet, but the customer service is amazing. Tanya has helped me with everything I have asked for and more. She even replied back to me today when I received her automated message saying she would return my message tomorrow because she was busy. I will give a update when my order comes in to let everyone know how I feel about the T’s, but I already know how this order is going to turn out. People like this that have a passion for there business AND animals are very hard to come by. So glad I found out about this place (Thx Tom �). I’m sold as a “Fear Not Super Fan” from here on out. Can’t wait to do more business with then in the future! (which is never far away in this hobby…) 

Bethany Alvarado reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 25 · 2018

 Perfect packaging, easy to work with, communication is awesome, healthy T’s, nice selection. I will definitely be ordering again in the net future.

 Robert Morris reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 22 · 2018

I got three slings from Tanya and they came in excellent packing in a timely manner. Communication was amazing and all my new spiders are happy and settling in. This was my first time making a tarantula purchase online and I must say I am impressed. 

Shannon Garber reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 22 ·2018

 I received my G. Pulchra and P. Sazimai today and they are AMAZING! Definitely recommend this company! It was my first online order and I definitely won’t be ordering from anyone else. Great communication!

 Shawn Smith reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 22 ·2018

Ordered a communal set up , received next day.. packed well and heated well.. opened each vile and 5 for 5 all alive and happy now in their new home.. great service and follow up by

Tanya… thanks again 

 Mary Lalor Kitchen reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 17 · 2018

 These folks are the best! Helpful, communicative, Friendly. Hope to visit the store sometime and meet them!

 Byron Gast reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 9 · 2018

 Just placed my third order and will continue to order from Fear Not Tarantulas. Packing is professional and very well secured. Had a minor issue that was resolved very quickly and even got a call from Tanya which I was shocked to recieve. She is very professional and I can tell loves her job. You cant go wrong ordering from her. Thank you very much. Byron

 Jenni Hubbard reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star February 2 ·2018

Shelby Falker reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star January 29 · 2018

Jessica Mason reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star January 15 · 2018

Bruce Hermann reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star January 12 · 2018

 There are tons of online tarantula dealers, but Fear Not is without question one of the best. They are extremely knowledgeable about tarantulas (you be surprised how many online vendors are not), and they will answer any questions you have prior to or after a purchase.

Their selection of tarantulas offered is always great, and their packing method for animals is superb. As their excellent rating would suggest, you couldn’t do better than using Fear Not Tarantulas. Will definitely use again in the future! 

Ryan Hawk reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star December 23, 2017 ·

 I placed my 1st order with Fear Not a little over a month ago… I placed my order just before they announced a black Friday sale, so Tanya was very kind in accrediting the points to my acct to compensate for that which I would have saved had I waited for the sale…thus allowing me to get more T’s than I had anticipated on getting! It was an awesome thing to do, and she certainly didn’t have to. Aside from that, the prices & selections are great, customer service and communication is superb, and all of my T’s are beautiful, healthy, and great eaters! I will definitely be doing business with them in the future, and would recommend them to anyone in the market for a tarantula, new & seasoned keepers alike!  

Ryan Hawk You’re very welcome! You should see some of the slings I got from my first order.. they are getting big  When I ordered from you guys the 1st time, I had maybe 6 T’s… now, I have 36, and have ventured into my 1st old world (C. darlingi). I am going …See More

Samantha Lavrischeff Richardson reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc— 5 star December 20, 2017 ·

Brice Zeman reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star December 10, 2017 ·

 I recited my Pamphobetus Platyomma from them in may and she is absolutely gorgeous!! Couldn’t be more pleased with her she’s an amazing feeder and is constantly growing

Jesse Goodwin reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star December 9, 2017 ·

 I love seeing all the different types of tarantulas! They’ve always fascinated me.

Lindsay Makowski reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star December 7, 2017 ·

Brittney B Cullen reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star November 18, 2017 ·

 We ordered two slings from Fear not and it was a fantastic experience. The communication was great they let me know when they were shipping them and the day they would arrive. Shipping was perfect and arrived on time. I will for sure buy from them again. Thank you for everything and the beautiful Harpactira pulchripes and the Cyriocosmus Elegans! 

Joshua J. Banker reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star November 14, 2017 ·

 Fear Not Tarantulas is great to do business with. Great communication, packaged to perfection, and shipped out right on time. It was a pleasure doing business. I highly suggest Fear Not Tarantulas.

 Nick Cunningham reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star October 28, 2017 ·

 We should have written this review long before, but it has the experience of a few orders to back it up. My wife Joanna and I have ordered a total of 8 slings from Fear Not Tarantulas, all wonderfully healthy slings I may add.

Our first order was in June, being our first transaction purchasing tarantulas online we were apprehensive, but Tanya was great about communication and the confirmation and detailed emails with delivery information all made us feel very reassured. 

Our second order was in August, and actually the weather was a bit too hot to send them out when we originally planned. Tanya was kind enough to personally call us on the phone and make detailed plans with us so we were able to receive them at the next most convenient time. Valuing the lives of their tarantulas over making a sale, and we appreciate that they care so much about each tarantula they have. 

Our most recent order we received October 24th, we were lucky enough to obtain the slings we wanted. Every order with Fear Not Tarantulas has been completely professional and the communication is perfect. We never had any issues with FedEx delivery estimations, or any communication errors with anyone. We will always be returning to Fear Not Tarantulas for every new addition to our growing family 

Steve Johnson reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star October 27, 2017 ·

 My first experience with tanya has definitely been great. Amazing communication, packaging and selection (similar to a lot of other vendors) but she definitely went above and beyond to help me land some species ive been after forever.

Shes very patient and willing to help. I can tell she genuinely cares for her inverts and not just a profit…which is hard to come by these days.

We definitely need more sellers like her in the hobby, and for that id recommend her to anybody 

I appreciate everything tanya and have a feeling you and i will be doing a lot more business in the future 

Christina Henning reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star October 25, 2017 

 I was lucky enough to get a G. Pulchra from Fear Not Tarantulas. Tanya was very helpful in getting my order just right. I also received a free H. colombia with my order! Both T’s arrived in excellent condition. They were packed with great care and both were healthy and exactly what I expected. I will most certainly recommend Fear Not Tarantulas and will be purchasing more T’s from them!

 Amanda Cozzi reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star October 7, 2017 

 I got my B Klaasi sling in April. Not only did it arrive in absolutely excellent condition but the care given to ship was incredible! I am proud to report that the sling is doing fantastic and just went thru it’s 2nd molt! I love Fear Not and I will without a doubt be a forever customer!!

 Brian Lemmons reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 26, 2017 ·

 Received 4 new T’s today. Packing was perfect. Tarantulas are healthy and as advertised. I highly recommend Tonya at Fearnottarantuals.

Benjamin Neuls reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 23, 2017·

Received my L.P in good shape and it seems to be adjusting nicely. Thank you so much for the speedy service and communication 

Lewis Homden reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 19, 2017·

Highly recommend, they know what they’re doing, they communicate with customers really well, and of course the safety of the Ts is their #1 priority, and it shows. Good people, great service.

Shout out to Tanya for helping me with a problem I had with my account due to ordering some Ts before and after creating an account. She was awesome and represents the business well.


 Ian Glisson reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 11, 2017 ·

 Got a P. Metallica at Daytona and it’s doing great. Growing very fast and molting perfectly. Extremely happy with the little one.