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About Us

About Us 

A strong appreciation for animal life is something that our family and the Fear Not team share.  While growing up, it was common for us to take in or help out animals that were in need.  Though many would do that for the cute and cuddly critters, affection for tarantulas is often times acquired - developed by being around someone who takes great joy in interacting with them.   That is how I came to  have an admiration for them.  When my nephew was just 16,he came to live with us . . . he and 30-some-odd tarantulas.  He took pride in knowing (and being able to pronounce) all the scientific names, and in being able to identify many species.  My husband and I enjoyed seeing his enthusiasm for tarantulas and wanted to help him pursue the hobby on a larger scale.  Soon he had several breeding pairs and many spiderlings.

We saw an opportunity to  bring other friends and family members together in an endeavor to help further the hobby in a positive way.  So Fear Not Tarantulas came to be not only for the love of the eight-legged creatures, but also for the two-legged ones who enjoy coming together to share their passion and help take care of them.

Learning proper husbandry and breeding techniques is very important and one of the things I have enjoyed most is learning from and developing life-long relationships with some incredible people in the arachnid field.

Fear Not Tarantulas acquires species both domestically and abroad.  Our importing and exporting practices ensure our spiderlings are brought in safely and legally.

Many of  the spiderlings we offer come from breedings done right here at Fear Not Tarantulas.  We maintain a very large number of adult and juvenile species for breeding and take great joy in being part of  every stage of their life cycle.

We are committed to furthering the hobby of tarantula keeping (what we call spidering) by attracting people to these remarkable creatures. Enthusiasm is contagious, and we believe that increasing awareness about the many appealing qualities tarantulas possess can not only encourage more people to join the hobby, but also help ensure the survival of some species that are losing their natural habitats.

Legal, Safe, and Transparent Importing and Exporting

Many species are first bred in other countries before being bred in the United States.  Fear Not brings species in from Europe legally and safely.  Fish and Wildlife has issued a permit to us and watch all our imports.  We pick up our spiderlings that come from overseas at the port directly.  They are transported from Europe on an airplane and arrive to us the same day they left.  During the journey they are treated as pets - just as if a dog were in the box.

Unfortunately there are many dealers as well as hobbyists who order from overseas in a way that is illegal and unsafe for the spiderlings, but it is much cheaper.  Orders that come through the mail from other countries are NOT legally imported.  Many spiderlings lose their lives to this practice and people who do it often get in trouble with legal authorities.

What to look for:  If a dealer does not offer a live arrival guarantee on a "pre-import" sale, or your order takes months to receive, you are likely not dealing with someone who is bringing in spiderlings legally.

Purchase responsibly.  It is ok to ask for proof that species were imported legally.  If we don't self-regulate, then stricter rules will come into play and will hurt not only the hobby but the breeding of species that are struggling in their natural habitats.