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Taksinus bambus (Thai Bamboo Spider) 🌟Newly Discovered!! Check out on YouTube!🌟 about 2" - 3" unsexed


Taksinus bambus (Thai Bamboo Spider) for sale!

Scientific Name: Taksinus bambus

Common Name: Thai Bamboo Spider, Bambootula

Type: Old world, arboreal

Endemic Location: Thailand

Adult Size: 6-7"

Diet: Crickets, roaches and mealworms

General info: This recently discovered species of spider, Taksinus bambus, is a rare and unique species found in and around Thailand's bamboo forests. Named after the Thai King Taksin the Great, these spiders have a body length ranging from 6-7". They tend to web and hide inside of bamboo stalks, making them difficult to spot. Check out the links and photos below for more on this awesome species!




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