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Liphistius ornatus Trapdoor Spider from Thailand *Super Cool! about 1" - 1 1/2"

Liphistius ornatus Trapdoor Spider from Thailand *Super Cool! about 1" - 1 1/2"

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The Liphistius ornatus is a distinctive species of trapdoor spider native to Thailand, celebrated for its remarkable burrowing behavior and unique physical characteristics.  It is important to keep in mind that there are many color forms of this species and that they change a bit with each molt. 

Please keep in mind that this species may appear to be lifeless when it arrives, but BEWARE!  They will suddenly spring to life with much feistiness! 

This species constructs ingenious silk-lined burrows in the ground, equipped with a camouflaged trapdoor, from which it ambushes prey. The trapdoor is a marvel of natural engineering, seamlessly blending into the surrounding soil and vegetation, making it nearly invisible to unsuspecting prey and predators alike.

Physically, the Liphistius ornatus exhibits a robust body structure typical of trapdoor spiders, with a size that can impress any arachnid enthusiast. Its coloration is a study in earth tones, featuring a blend of browns, tans, and sometimes subtle greens, mirroring the forest floor's palette. This cryptic coloration serves as excellent camouflage, aiding in its predatory stealth and defense against predators.

The spider's cephalothorax (the combined head and thorax) is adorned with a pattern of markings that are not just ornamental but also serve to break up its silhouette, a tactic known as disruptive coloration. The abdomen, while less ornate, complements the overall color scheme, contributing to its ability to remain undetected.

Its legs are strong and well-adapted for digging, with the front pairs equipped with specialized spines for manipulating soil and silk when constructing its burrow and trapdoor.

This species is  a creature of subtle beauty, with its intricate patterns and earthy hues. For collectors and enthusiasts, the Liphistius ornatus offers a glimpse into the complex interplay of form, function, and survival in the natural world. Its care requires an understanding of its natural habitat, mimicking the humid and shaded environments of the Thai forests, along with providing adequate substrate for burrowing and the construction of its signature trapdoor.

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