Hapalopus sp. Colombia (Pumpkin Patch Tarantula) "Large" 1/3" - 1/2"

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Hapalopus sp Colombia (Pumpkin Patch) "Large"


They might be small, but they sure have a lot of spunk!  This delightful dwarf species offers a tremendous amount of personality.  From ‘slinghood’ to adulthood, you will enjoy watching these guys grow – and they grow fast.  Feeding time is always an event as they are fierce eaters and can take down prey almost as large as they are.  They are curious and will often dart to the opening when their area is disturbed.


Scientific Name: Hapalopus sp Colombia

Common Name: Colombian Pumpkin Patch 

Type: Terrestrial

Category: New World

Endemic Location: Colombia

Diagonal Leg Span (DLS): Groot/Large 4” (10cm) Klein/Small 2.5” (6cm)

Urticating Hairs: Yes

Growth Rate: Fast

Life Expectancy: Females 10 years / Males 3 years

Recommended Experience Level: Beginner


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