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Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

The Adventure Pack - UNLEASHED! *See description

The Adventure Pack - UNLEASHED! *See description

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⚠️We never want a customer to be disappointed, so it is very important to read everything below. ⚠️

***DOAs are treated very differently with Adventure Packs than with other purchases.  Please read so you are not disappointed!  We will offer replacements ONLY, no cash refund for DOAs in Adventure Packs. Replacements MAY NOT be the same species you originally received!  Replacements will be sent with your next order only.  *** 
  • 🐛The 'Adventure Pack - UNLEASHED' will have AT LEAST 4 species included and WILL include ANYTHING available on our website.  It is certain to have more than just tarantulas in it, SO BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING. 🙌

  • 🐛Your 'Adventure Pack - UNLEASHED' will include animals that only experienced keepers of inverts should include in their collection. 

  • 🐛Be prepared for ANYTHING!

  • 🐛This is only for the most intrepid keepers!

  • 🐛This is a fantastic value! Save at least $50 to $100 or more!

💫We will not take any requests for this pack ... it is going to be a real adventure! 

💫This is NOT the same as our Mystery Events. When you receive your spiderlings, they will be labeled so you will know what they are. 😊

💫We cannot sell these in 'Complete Packages'.

Embark on the ultimate journey from the comfort of your own home with our exclusive "Adventure Pack - UNLEASHED"! This isn't just any group of animals; it's a handpicked ensemble of the most daring, audacious, and downright unruly creatures we offer.  

 Our "Adventure Pack - UNLEASHED" is designed exclusively for the intrepid animal lover whose spirit animal is part Indiana Jones, part Dr. Dolittle. 🤣

Prepare to have your life turned into a non-stop rollercoaster of excitement. Are you ready to answer the call of the wild? The "Adventure Pack - UNLEASHED" awaits those daring enough to come aboard.  Buckle up, and please, for everyone's sake, keep the catch cups handy!

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