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    Hapalopus sp Columbia (Pumpkin Patch) “Large” 3/4″ FREE WITH ANY PURCHASE THROUGH 1 NOV.

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    Pamphobeteus machala (Purple Starburst) 3″ Female

    $110.00 $85.00

Life is good when you are rewarded for buying tarantulas!  

We are excited to be able to offer Fear Not Rewards (FNR).  Collect points with each purchase then redeem those points for any tarantula of your choice.  The Fear Not Rewards program replaces the “freebies” that were previously offered.  We know you will like the FNR better because you will be able to use your points for any tarantula of your choice.  You must create an account in order for rewards to accumulate.  This must be done before placing your order. Details can be found here.

We have a minimum order amount of 50.00