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Scolopendra dehaani Thailand (Thai Black Flame Centipede) about 5" - 7"

The Thai Black Flame Centipede is a striking and exotic invertebrate, coveted by enthusiasts for its unique appearance and behavior. This rare species, native to the lush landscapes of Thailand, boasts a captivating coloration that blends deep, velvety blacks with vibrant, fiery reds, giving it a mesmerizing, flame-like pattern that sets it apart from other centipedes. Growing to an impressive length, this centipede is not only a visual spectacle but also an active and fascinating creature to observe. Ideal for experienced keepers, the Thai Black Flame Centipede is a remarkable addition to any collection, offering a glimpse into the exotic beauty of Southeast Asia's fauna. Please note, due to its potent venom, this species requires careful handling and is recommended for knowledgeable hobbyists committed to providing a safe and suitable environment.
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