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Grammostola iheringi (Entre Rios) about 2" - 2 1/2" MALE

Grammostola iheringi (Entre Rios) about 2" - 2 1/2" MALE

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This spectacular species is somewhat rare in the hobby. It is said to be the largest of the Grammostola and has a bit of a different temperament than most others in this genus. The velvet black body and deep burgundy abdomen make this one of the most elegant looking tarantulas in the hobby. It is much leggier than most in this genus. Grammostola are known to be slow-moving, docile, and generally less active than many tarantulas. This species, however, diverts from that description by being much more active and a little defensive at times. The iheringi is not usually a shy tarantula, and seems more aware of its environment than most others we have experience with. It makes an excellent display species as it stays out in the open more as a juvenile and adult.  This tarantula is an aggressive eater  making feeding time quick a display.

Name and Description History:
Eurypelma iheringii Keyserling, 1891
Agathostola iheringi Pocock, 1895
Citharoscelus iheringi Pocock, 1903
Grammostola jheringi Simon, 1903
Grammostola gigantea Mello-Leitão, 1921
Grammostola iheringii Bücherl, 1957
Grammostola iheringi Schmidt, 1993

New world. Opportunistic burrower
Size: 8-9”. Some say this is the largest of the Grammostola genus.
Growth Rate: Medium. This species actually grow quickly compared to other in its genus.
Natural Habitat: Brazil Southern Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul; Santa Catarina; Parana in the valley of the Rio Grande river. Uruguay, Argentina
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup.
Temperament: This species is feisty, but not aggressive. They are quick to run out from their hide to investigate and disturbance and are not shy creatures.


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