What You Should Know Before Ordering From Fear Not Tarantulas

What You Should Know Before Ordering From Fear Not Tarantulas

We strive to set the standard for personalized service and professionalism. It is always very important to us that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are happy with the service we have provided and your new tarantulas. Communication is important, so please always feel free to email us at support@fearnottarantulas.com if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. We know that you have other choices when it comes to purchasing tarantulas and we appreciate our customers very much.


Terms of Service

There is a minimum order of $50.00 for purchasing tarantulas to be shipped.   The $50 minimum includes the cost of tarantulas only, not the cost of shipping.  It is often more expensive for us to ship overnight than the $45 shipping fee, so we have to have a minimum purchase.

Changes to or cancellation of your order can be made if we receive notification via email by 6:00 PM EST the night before shipping day.  We cannot cancel an order on or after the day of shipping.

By agreeing to these terms at checkout, you are indicating that you are 18 years of age or older.  If you wish to purchase tarantulas and you are under 18, please email, text, or call us (see contact page)  and we will help you with the purchase.

Our shipping schedule fills up quickly for Mondays.  It is a good idea to have orders in by Friday for shipping the next week.  Orders that come in after Saturday often ship the next week.

We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We will never ever ship a package without first receiving confirmation that the delivery day is a good one for you, so there is no need to worry about receiving your order before you are ready.   A tracking number will be provided via email from FedEx no later than the day of shipment.  There will be times when shipping must be delayed due to weather, our expo schedule, or if a tarantula you ordered has recently molted or appears to be about to molt.  You will be notified via email if that is the case.


We ship using Federal Express.  Shipping  is $45 and is overnight in all cases.  

When you place your order, you can indicate what day is best for you to receive your order (Tuesday or Wednesday).  We will accommodate your schedule to ensure you are able to sign for your new pet/s when they are delivered. ***”Overnight shipping” does not mean your order will be shipped the night you order.  Your order will be shipped overnight on our next shipping day.***

Shipping charges are not refundable.

A signature is always required at delivery.  For home deliveries, you must be available to sign for your order on the first delivery attempt or your guarantee of live arrival will be void.   When picking up your order at a FedEx center, it is very important to have a valid ID.  If you do not have a valid ID, someone will need to accommodate you to pick it up and we will have to add their name to the shipping label.  If we have to do that after the package has arrived, FedEx charges us $15 which would be passed onto you, so be sure to let us know before we ship your order. 

A word about CARRIER DELAYS:   If a carrier delay causes your tarantulas to arrive on a day other than scheduled, we will still guarantee the live arrival of your tarantulas.  This is a policy that is different from what many other dealers have, but we believe it is the right thing to do.  A carrier delay can occur due to weather, mechanical issues,  or confusion that happens on the part of FedEx.  We have found Federal Express to be the most reliable shipping service and delays do not happen often.

Federal Express DOES NOT reimburse Fear Not Tarantulas for lost packages or the loss of tarantulas.  We take as many precautions as we possibly can to ensure we ship at a time when delays are less likely to happen, and your new tarantulas will arrive safely. You must still be available to sign for your package the day of delivery, even if the carrier is a bit earlier or later than the estimated arrival time given to us by FedEx in order for the guarantee of live arrival to apply.

Unable To Be Delivered or Unclaimed.  If your order is not picked up at the FedEx location within 24 hours of delivery, and you have not let us know you cannot pick it up, we reserve the right to have it shipped back to us.  If you do not claim your package within 24 hours and it is shipped back to us, we will not refund your order.  If there is a reason you cannot pick your package up, let us know.  We will not allow an order to sit at a FedEx facility unclaimed for the safety of the animals.


Live Arrival Guarantee. We guarantee that your tarantula will arrive alive.  In the rare instance that you receive a tarantula that is not alive, we will replace it as long as a couple of conditions are met.  The details are below, and they are simple.

If you have purchased a ‘Complete Package’, we offer a 30 day guarantee on the tarantula.  The live guarantee is treated differently for spiderlings purchased in a package.  We offer a replacement of the spiderling but cannot offer a refund since other things were shipped as well.

Our Live Arrival Guarantee will be void if you are not home to receive the package on the FIRST delivery attempt.  This is the case even if the carrier is later or earlier than the time given to you. You should be available to receive your package the entire day of delivery and consider that the time given to us by FedEx is an estimate and may be a bit earlier or later due to possible traffic, weather, or incidences in your area.  If you are unable to be home the day of delivery, please consider having your order shipped to a FedEx center for pickup.  If we shipped to a FedEx center, you must pick your order up within 2 hours of it’s arrival to the center.

We must be notified within 1 hour of delivery  if a tarantula arrived DOA.  If we are not notified within 1 hour of delivery, the live animal guarantee is void.  We must also receive a clear picture of the deceased tarantula laid out on a ruler.

checkmark_green.pngTo summarize, the live arrival guarantee guidelines are:

  1. Be available to sign for your package the entire day of delivery for home or business arrival.  Delivery must be made on the first attempt.
  2. Pick up your order within 2 hours of the package being available at a FedEx center for deliveries to a FedEx center. *May be 1 hour if temperatures are fluctuating but you will be notified if that is the case.
  3. Notify us about any concerns within 1 hour of receiving your package. Provide pictures.


👀Every once in a while we have a customer place multiple orders and pay shipping on each order to ship on the same day. 👀 The reason this is done is to be able to get multiple ‘freebies’. While we certainly understand shopping smart, 🤓 we want to explain our reason for shipping all orders in one box, and for shipping one freebie per shipment.🕷

We have some pretty awesome freebies to choose from. 😎 Our freebies are tiered, so the more spent, the more freebie choices there are to choose from. If someone adds to their shipment before the shipping date, they can add their orders together and change their freebie choice if they like.👍
Packing up orders properly takes a lot of time, especially during this time of year when we are packing for various temperatures and adding heat packs. 🌬We also know that the more boxes that are out there, the more likely one might be delayed, so we will always combine all orders together and ship in one box and refund any additional shipping charges made. Doing this allows us to get more orders out each week, have lower shipping charges, and have less packages to track and have to make calls to FedEx about if there are problems. 👑That way we can spend more time making sure we are able to get to any customer questions or concerns the day of delivery. 👑
We are very glad to send out one freebie per shipment (all orders put together in one box). If multiple freebies are chosen, we will send the last one ordered unless we are told otherwise. It is super easy to add to shipments and change freebies by just placing another order and choosing the first shipping option which is free, but is only for those who have already paid shipping on another order.
The whole Fear Not team thrives on knowing we have happy customers! When we have good reviews or emails thanking us, I read them to the entire team because it is important to all of us that what we spend each day doing makes a difference in the lives of others.🥰 We hope that by explaining the reasoning for some of the things we do, our customers will understand and know we are always looking for more and better ways to provide excellent customer service! If you have any questions at all about what we do, just email us at support@fearnottarantulas.com. Thank you all again!

If you purchased a sexed tarantula: We guarantee the sex of your tarantula for three months or until the next molt.  I know that might sound silly at first, but we want to prevent you from raising up a tarantula for years only then to be hit with the surprise of a mature male.  This also prevents someone from coming back to us years later and telling us they purchased a female but there may be no record of the purchase or there may be a question of if that particular tarantula was from Fear Not.  So to avoid all those unpleasant possibilities, we ask that either you verify the sex with the next molt yourself,  or send it in a vial and we will sex it under the microscope again and send a picture of the molt to show you the sex.

We do not sell a tarantula as sexed unless we are as certain of the sex as we can be using a molt to confirm, but mistakes are possible.

Regarding the receipt of DOA tarantulas:   These are precious creatures that we give a lot of care and time to, and we have a genuine affection for them, so we do our absolute best to ensure that your tarantulas arrive safely.   If your tarantula is not moving, first see the instructions below.  Do not assume it is dead if it is not moving.  We will always request photos of DOA tarantulas, and may request that they be shipped back to us at our expense.  Credit will be issued after we receive a clear photo of the animal, and / or the carcass if requested. Place the tarantula on a ruler and take a clear picture.   The photo must be received the day of delivery in order for the live animal guarantee to be honored.  If the tarantula that arrived DOA was one given as a bonus, Fear Not is under no obligation to replace it, but we will offer to replace it with your next order as long as it is still being offered as a ‘freebie’.

 If your new tarantula is not moving when you unwrap it, follow these directions:

  • Try placing the mouth parts directly on a drop of water.  Fill a bottle cap with water and push it into the substrate so it is level with the substrate. Place the spiderling’s mouth directly on the water.  Keep it in a covered deli-cup in a warm area.  Give it a couple of hours and see if it starts moving.
  • NEVER assume a tarantula that is not moving is dead! They tend to go into a hibernation type state when stressed or with certain temperature changes and we have seen many seemingly dead tarantulas come back around.  In addition, it could be molting.


Post-shipment Care

Shipping can be stressful for tarantulas and the right care given to them after unpacking is crucial to how well they do. Please read the following tips to help ensure the best possible conditions are present for the health of your new tarantula.

  • For help knowing how to unpack spiderlings, please follow the link below to a video.  Skip to the 28th minute mark to see only the unpacking demonstration.  https://youtu.be/-CepME20ZDg
  • Be sure to have habitats ready for your new pet/s on delivery day.
  • Be sure to mist the habitat before introducing the tarantula to its new home.  Mist both the walls and substrate.  Tarantulas sometimes get dehydrated during the shipping process, and having water droplets accessible is very important.
  • Unpack them as soon after your package arrives as possible. If you cannot unpack them right away, be sure to remove the heat or cold pack from the box if one was provided.
  • Unpacking small spiderlings can be fatal to them if not done properly.  It is easy to damage a spiderling, so great care must be taken.  Do not pull on the paper tubing if the tubing starts to twist.  The tube should come out of the vial easily, but there are times it may not.  If the paper tubing twists, the spiderling could become entangled and get injured.  If your tarantula is not moving, it may be molting and should be left alone for a few minutes to see if there are any changes.  The stress of shipping can cause an early molt.
  • You can try feeding the same day, but we feed spiderlings the weekend before being shipped.  If the food is not taken, be sure to remove it so a cricket or roach running around does not further stress your new pet.