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Tliltocatl vagans (Mexican Redrump Tarantula)

Tliltocatl vagans (Mexican Redrump Tarantula)

Tliltocatl vagans tarantula

Affectionately known as β€œT. vagans”, this is a very attractive tarantula. When I see this species, I think of an elegant tarantula dressed for a formal event. The contrasting burgundy abdomen against its velvety black legs and carapace is just stunning. This rather bold tarantula is a superb choice for display tarantula. This tarantula tends to greatly appreciate its meals and tends to have a voracious appetite. It is active and out in the open most of the time and is not easily startled as an adult. As is common with this genus, this is a long-lived tarantula with males living around 6-8 years and females 20 years or longer. This very easy to care for and hardy tarantula is a good choice for beginners, but collectors at all levels enjoy owning this species!

Terrestrial. New World.

Size:Β About 6”
Growth Rate:Β Medium-fast
Natural Habitat: Mexico, Costa Rica. This species was introduced to Florida as well.
Housing Needs:Β Terrestrial setup with a hide.
Temperament:Β This is known to be one of the most handleable tarantulas, but we do not recommend handling tarantulas. They are also known to be particularly grumpy just before molting.