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Tliltocatl vagans (Mexican Redrump Tarantula) care sheet + information

Tliltocatl vagans (Mexican Redrump Tarantula) Information + Care Sheet 

Tliltocatl vagans tarantula















Type: Terrestrial. New World.

Size: About 6”
Growth Rate: Medium-fast
Natural Habitat: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize. This species was introduced to Florida as well.

Feeding: Crickets, dubia roaches, mealworms. Be sure to feed according to the size of your spiderling/ spider. Remember to remove uneaten prey or leftover bolus. This species has a fantastic feeding response!


Temperament: This is known to be one of the most handleable tarantulas, but we generally do not recommend handling them. They are also known to be particularly grumpy just before molting, and can kick hairs if disturbed.


Housing Needs: Terrestrial, with some depth for burrowing. Opportunistic burrowers, they will utilize a starter burrow or a hide! Around 5" of substrate should be sufficient. Provide some moisture in teh substrate but do not saturate.


About: Previously classified as Brachypelma, now Tliltocatl vagans. Commonly referred to as the Mexican Redrump. When I see this species, I think of an elegant tarantula dressed for a formal event. The contrasting burgundy abdomen against its velvety black legs and carapace is just stunning! This rather bold tarantula is a superb choice for display.  It is active and out in the open most of the time, and is not easily startled as an adult. This tarantula tends to greatly appreciate its meals and tends to have a voracious appetite. As is common with this genus, this is a long-lived tarantula with males living around 6-8 years and females 20 years or longer. This very easy to care for and hardy tarantula is a good choice for beginners, but collectors at all levels enjoy owning this species!