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Some things to consider when choosing a species

Some things to consider when choosing a species.

Your experience level.  Some tarantulas are quicker, more unpredictable, and have more potent venom than others, making it wise to include them only if you have some previous experience.

cropped-spider-icon.pngThe needs of the particular species.  Some tarantulas are more delicate than others and require a bit more care.  For example, some adult species you can leave for three weeks or more without a worry, but others need checked on every few days, mostly due to an increased need for humidity.  This is a concern for those who travel or vacation and do not have someone who can watch their spiders. Generally, species that require a warmer, more humid environment are higher maintenance whereas species that thrive in dry conditions are usually more hardy and require less upkeep. Though some adult species do great for a time without any maintenance, that does not hold true for most spiderlings.  If you have a spiderling, it will require misting and feeding on a more regular basis.

fuzzy spiderSize.  Some species require larger habitats than others . . .  consider how much space  you have to place your collection.