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Pterinochilus murinus (Orange Baboon Tarantula, OBT) Info + Caresheet

Pterinochilus murinus (Orange Baboon Tarantula, OBT) info - caresheets












Name Pronunciation:
Pterinochilus (te-ruh-nuh-KY-luhs)
*Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

Old World, Terrestrial, burrower

Size: 4-5”
Growth Rate: Fast
Natural Habitat: Africa
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup with the opportunity to burrow. Dryer substrate, provide water dish and mist now and then. They will burrow, but seem to mainly enjoy some anchor points like low foliage and cork/branches to web and create tunnels in. 
Temperament: Highly defensive and sometimes aggressive. They have stronger than average venom. They have been known to suddenly sprint up tongs and bite when they feel threatened, so care should be taken with this tarantula.

About: This tarantula is affectionately called an “OBT” , which normally would stand for the common name of Orange Baboon Tarantula, but in this case it stands for Orange Bity Thing! Known for its tenacity and generally defensive, sometimes aggressive temperament, this species most always puts on a show and gives its viewers something to talk about. Along with the attitude comes beauty though. The bright orange color this tarantula displays is not seen in many other species, making it a showpiece for any collector. That being said, this species actually has several color forms from different locales! There are When they give you that famous threat posture, you will also see they have green and blue iridescent coloring on the underside of their feet. Though they sometimes burrow, they will also create intricate webbing and dwell on top, so this tarantula is usually visible. This is one of the fastest growing, and hardiest tarantulas we have raised.

Threat posture – given by OBTs quite frequently!