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Omothymus violaceopes (Singapore Blue Tarantula)

Omothymus violaceopes (Singapore Blue Tarantula)

This is one of the largest arboreal tarantulas in the hobby. Their brilliant blue colors and long red hairs make them a very attractive addition to a collection. Their front legs are very long compared with the β€˜back’ ones. This is one species where sexual dimorphism applies. As soon as a male matures, he looks like a different tarantula! After the β€˜ultimate’ molt, he will be an olive green and his legs look pipe cleaners – full of fluffy bristles. They are said to be aggressive, though ours are shy and hide rather than go into a threat posture. This species is nocturnal, so you will likely see it roaming it’s enclosure at night or very early in the morning.

Name Pronunciation:
Lampropelma (laam-pruh-PEL-muh)
violaceopedes (vee-o-luh-see-AH-puh-deez)

* Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

Name and Description History:
Lampropelma violaceopedes Abraham, 1924
Lampropelma violaceopes Schmidt, 2003

EWL (Egg With Legs)

Old World, Semi-Arboreal
Size:Β up to 10”
Growth rate:Β Fast – mature in about a year.
Natural Habitat:Β Singapore, Riau Islands in Indonesia and the southern states of Peninsular Malaysia. Moist, tropical rain forest where it lives in hollow trees.
Housing Needs:Β Arboreal setup, though they also burrow. A hollow cork-bark tube is perfect for this species. It is very important to keep this species at higher levels of humidity. They do best kept around 75 – 85 degrees. Adding some foliage also helps mimic their natural environment.
Temperament: Semi-aggressive and very fast.

Female with an egg sac