Neischnocolus sp. Panama (Gold Banded Sunburst Dwarf Tarantula) Caresheet + Info

Neischnocolus (was Ami) sp. Panama (Gold Banded Sunburst Dwarf Tarantula) Information and care

Temperament: Generally known to be docile, but is fast and prone to bolting.
Housing: Terrestrial with a hide/starter burrow, 4-5" for them to burrow in if they choose. 
Diet: Crickets, roaches, mealworms

About: Previously known as  Ami sp. Panama, the N. sp. Panama is a spunky little dwarf species from Panama. This species has phenomenal coloration, with red markings on the abdomen, grey carapace, and darker legs with gold banding. This species is a slower growing dwarf that reaches around 3", and requires a terrestrial setup. They appreciate a hide and or starter burrow. Damp but not saturated substrate is preferred.