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Megaphobema robustum (Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula) Info + Caresheet

Megaphobema robustum (Colombian Giant Redleg Tarantula) info + caresheet

Name Pronunciation:
Megaphobema (meg-uh-FO-buh-muh)
robustum (ruh-BUH-stuhm)

* Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

New World. Terrestrial
Size: Around 7+”
Growth Rate: Medium-fast
Natural Habitat: Columbia, Bogota
Housing Needs: Terrestrial burrowing setup. Higher humidity is needed for this species. Substrate should be kept slightly moist.
Temperament: This species displays a lot of confidence as a juvenile and adult, but is rather shy until it reaches around 4”. 

1 thought on “Megaphobema robustum (Colombian Giant Redleg)

  1. […] when feeling threatened, the Eye-Candy Tarantula has coined a unique move of its own: it will twirl in circles in order to confuse its enemies, a trait that has been nicknamed “the cartwheel of […]

About: The Eye-Candy Tarantula with a very unique defense mechanism! There is something about the neat, clean appearance of this tarantula that brings the word ‘handsome’ to mind. Add that to its unique defense strategy and, well, one might say it is the James Bond of the tarantula world.
The robustom does not have the typical threat posture you normally see in a tarantula. The powerful rear legs of this species are laden with sharp barbs which are used to impale those who might disturb it. Rather than lifting up its front legs and baring fangs, it will bob up and down and kick those legs back in a bucking fashion. If it continues to feel threatened, it will start twirling in a circle in an attempt to confuse the attacker and add thrust to those sharp barbs. This twirling action has been given the name “cartwheel of death”. That’s a little dramatic, but it does suit this species! Not just looks, it has personality too! This impressive, highly sought after tarantula has a charming boldness that will surely make it a favorite in any collection.