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Heterothele gabonensis Tarantula

Heterothele gabonensis Tarantula

This is a delightful dwarf species from Africa. As with Heterothele villosella, they are said to be a communal species. A gentleman by the name of Cédrik Grenier spent much time observing them in their natural habitat and has a short video clip that shows what the tree area that they inhabit in Africa looks like.  The video can be found here: Video  

The very interesting article he wrote about the species can be found here: Research Report   

Taxonomy and name history:
Mygale gabonensis Lucas, 1858
Diplura longipalpis Karsch, 1879
Heterothele gabonensis Pocock, 1899
Heterothele gabonensis Gerschman & Schiapelli, 1973
Heterothele gabonensis Smith, 1990
Heterothele gabonensis Schmidt, 1993
Heterothele gabonensis Schmidt, 2003

Natural habitat.

New Terrestrial – Semi Arboreal. Old World
Size: 2”
Growth Rate: Fast
Natural Habitat: Gabon, Africa
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup, but they tend to web and be semi-arboreal. Add broad leafed silk plants.
Temperament: Skittish and fast, but not typically aggressive.