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Hapalopus sp. Columbia (Pumpkin Patch Tarantula) Information + Caresheet

Hapalopus sp. Columbia (Pumpkin Patch Tarantula) Information + caresheet










Name Pronunciation:
Hapalopus (huh-PAA-luh-puhs)
* Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

New World, Terrestrial / burrower

Size: about 3 1/5”
Growth Rate: Fast
Natural Habitat: Columbia, tropical forest
Housing Needs: Needs moist substrate. Heavy webbers. Slings burrow, adults put a lot of webbing down and appreciate anchor points (Faux plants, sticks, hides, etc!) 
Temperament: Somewhat bold, but not aggressive

About: They might be small, but they sure have a lot of spunk!  This delightful dwarf species offers a tremendous amount of personality.  From spiderling to adulthood, you will enjoy watching these guys grow – and they grow fast!  Feeding time is always an event as they are fierce eaters and can take down prey almost as large as they are.  They are curious and will often dart to the opening when their area is disturbed. This species is vividly colored and makes the perfect display species, often hanging out in the open. Slings will often burrow and need moisture to thrive. They start out super tiny, but grow very quickly, especially if you keep them in a warmer environment. Adults like some depth of substrate to burrow in, and will make use of cork, sticks and faux plants. We have observed this species drinking off of their silk as well as from a water dish, so we recommend keeping water in the enclosure. 

For more in-depth information, we recommend checking out Tom's husbandry notes: HERE  


H. Sp. Colombia spiderlings