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Eupalastrus campestratus (Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula) Information + Caresheet

Eupalastrus campestratus (Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula) Information + Care sheet

Growth Rate: 
Natural Habitat: 
Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina 
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup with a hide and starter burrow. Moderate humidity, and at leasy 5" of substrate
Generally docile and calm.

Diet: crickets, roaches and mealworms

About: This large bodied terrestrial species is a perfect addition to any collection. They are found from Brazil down to areas of Argentina, found in tropical grassland areas. They enjoy having a starter burrow. This tarantula is known for being incredibly docile, rarely flicking hairs, and known for its calm demeanor. These seem to often go overlooked in favor of other starter species. They are good eaters and rarely miss a meal. 

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