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Davus pentaloris (Guatemalan Tiger Rump Tarantula) Info + caresheet

Davus pentaloris (Guatemalan Tiger Rump Tarantula) Information + care sheet

davus pentaloris tarantula
New World. Terrestrial

Size: 4”
Growth Rate: Fast
Natural Habitat: Guatemala, Southern Mexico
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup with deeper substrate with the opportunity to burrow. If a hide is provided, it might not burrow.
Temperament: This tarantula is know to be quick and a bit skittish. It will kick hairs if provoked.

Diet: crickets, mealworms, roaches

About: This delightful tarantula has a lot of personality – as the smaller species often do! Its orange abdomen has a gorgeous black tiger striped pattern and a coppery mirror spot. This is a dwarf species, so they don't get much larger than about 4 inches. They seem to appreciate a starter burrow or a hide, and will web up foliage if given some. They do not like overly damp substrate, make sure they have adequate ventilation. These little guys are quick to startle and may kick hairs if disturbed. Overall, the pentaloris makes a great addition to any keeper's collection!