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Cyriopagopus lividus (Cobalt Blue Tarantula) Information + Caresheet

Cyriopagopus lividus (Cobalt Blue Tarantula) Info + Care

Previously known as: Haplopelma lividum
Old World, Terrestrial burrower

Size: About 5”
Growth Rate: Fast
Natural Habitat: Thailand and Burma. Myanmar. Tropical rain forests.
Housing Needs: Terrestrial burrowing habitat. This species thrives best with high humidity and warmer temps at around 77-85 degrees. The substrate should be kept damp. If you provide a hide, it is possible that this species will use it instead of burrowing, but they will most likely burrow.
Temperament: Some say this is one of the most defensive species in the hobby. They are very nervous species and are prone to bolting during habitat maintenance and rehousing. 

About: This highly sought after favorite in the hobby is absolutely stunning. As its common name implies, it is known for having beautiful blue iridescent legs. Sexual dimorphism is pronounced in this species with males turning brown at maturity. The movements of this species are much more unpredictable compared to most others, so great care should be taken as it is known for its aggressiveness, speed, and potent venom. These species are fossorial and are often hiding in their webbed burrow. You may see them out at night, waiting for food to cross their path. 

Check out Tom's video on this species here!

cyriopagopus lividus cobalt blue tarantula