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Cyriocosmus bertae (Peruvian Dwarf Beauty Tarantula)

Cyriocosmus bertae (Peruvian Dwarf Beauty Tarantula)

cyriocosmus bertae peruvian dwarf tarantula

This charming dwarf tarantula is rather rarely offered. It is distinguished by a beautiful golden to bronze heart shape on its abdomen.

Pronounced – ser-ee-oh-KO-mus


New World, Terrestrial

Size: About 6”
Growth Rate: Medium / Fast
Natural Habitat: Venezuela, northern. dry scrub Terrestrial. Opportunistic burrower.
Size: About 2.5-3”
Growth Rate: Fast
Natural Habitat: Tropical forest of Brazil
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup with a starter burrow.
Temperament: Fairly docile, not particularly skittish.