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Caring for your roaches

Caring for your roaches

While most people read about how to get rid of roaches, here you are reading about how to care for them … 🙂

Turkish Reds, also know as Red Runner roaches (Blatta lateralis) are easily cared for during the time you will have them. 

The following care instructions is only intended for the limited time you will have the roaches before feeding them to your spiderlings and is not intended to be a complete guide to raising Blatta lateralis.

Housing: Red Runner roaches cannot climb smooth surfaces.  They can, however, climb surfaces that have any texture to them.  A small food storage container that is glass or plastic works well.  They need a lot of ventilation, so if you see they cannot climb in what you have put them in, you might consider leaving the lid off.  You can also put many small holes in the top using sharp tweezers.

They will need something to hide in or under.  For very small roaches we recommend using a slightly damp piece of paper towel.  You can also use a piece of egg crate.

Food: You want your roaches to be plump before feeding them to your tarantula. Consider feeding them something juicy the night before you feed your tarantulas.  Roaches will eat fruit such as oranges quite well.  Cheerios is a good dry food source for them.

Catching them for feeding: They call them Red Runners for a reason!  They are very quick little things.  A good pair of sharp tweezers will be indispensable when it is time to catch them for feeding your tarantulas!

They can be kept at room temperature.