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Brachypelma hamorii (Mexican Redknee Tarantula) Information + Caresheet

Brachypelma hamorii (Mexican Redknee Tarantula) Information + caresheet








Name and Description History:
Eurypelma smithi F. O. P.-Cambridge, 1897
Brachypelma smithi Pocock, 1903
Brachypelma smithi Hancock & Hancock, 1989 (Transferred from Eurypelma=Avicularia)
Brachypelma smithi Schmidt, 1992 (Transferred from Euathlus)
Euathlus smithi Baxter, 1993
Brachypelma smithi Smith, 1995

New World, Terrestrial

Size: Around 6”
Growth Rate: Medium-slow
Natural Habitat: Southern Mexico in the dry scrubland.
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup. Will sometimes burrow. Provide a hide / starter burrow. Humidity needs are low.
Temperament: Generally docile. This species has urticating hairs.

Diet: Cricket, roaches and mealworms

About: This species may be the icon of the hobby. It is one of the most recognized tarantulas and has been seen on several movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark and Home Alone. It is a large, heavy bodied, colorful species that is particularly well suited as a display tarantula. In previous years, these were  identified as B. smithi. They are now known not to be the same species, and are separately classified. There are some differences between the two, such as location found and color. That being said, their care is pretty much the same; terrestrial set-up with a hide and some depth to burrow, water dish, and slightly dampened corner of the enclosure. They're good eaters and are a beautiful species that everyone should have!