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Avicularia purpurea (Purple Pinktoe Tarantula)

Avicularia purpurea (Purple Pinktoe Tarantula)

As adults this gorgeous species has a purple-blue metallic iridescence to it. Starting off as fuzzy purple spiderlings, you will watch it change a little with each molt as it develops into a regal adult. This well-tempered beauty is an excellent choice for any collector.

Name Pronunciation:
Avicularia (uh-vik-yuh-LAH-ree-uh)
purpurea (purh-PURH-ee-uh)

*Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

Name and Description History:
Avicularia purpurea Kirk, 1990

New World, Arboreal

Size:Β 4-5”
Growth Rate:Β Medium – Fast
Natural Habitat:Β Equador – Amazon Rainforest. This species seeks hollows in trees and leaves to construct it’s web.
Housing Needs:Β Arboreal setup. Higher humidity is needed and can be obtained by misting every few days and adding cups of water to the habitat. A tall piece of cork bark against a side of the enclosure is good to offer as something to anchor its web on.
Temperament:Β Most report this to be an easy going species that rarely gets defensive. This genus has a unique defense mechanism by which they will launch excrement when they feel threatened. It can go as far as 2 or 3 feet. They also tend to jump, especially as babies and juveniles, and are particularly sensitive to breezes.
Longevity:Β Males 2-3 years, Females 8-12 years