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Avicularia metallica (Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula)

Avicularia metallica (Metallic Pinktoe Tarantula)

Avicularia metallica is an absolutely gorgeous fuzzy arboreal tarantula. It has iridescent shades of blues and greens over its entire body. These tarantulas tend to be more active than most, and make excellent display pets! This is a must-have species for any avic or arboreal collector!

Name Pronunciation:
Avicularia (uh-vik-yuh-LAH-ree-uh)
metallica (meh-TAA-luh-kuh)

*Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

New World, Arboreal

Size:Β 5” +
Growth Rate:Β Medium
Natural Habitat:Β Columbia
Housing Needs:Β Arboreal setup. Higher humidity.
Temperament: Relatively docile but can be quick. They can also jump and bolt quite quickly. This genus has a unique defense mechanism by which they will launch excrement when they feel threatened. It can go as far as 2 or 3 feet. They also tend to jump, especially as babies and juveniles, and are particularly sensitive to breezes. If a spiderling escapes, hold your breath as you manipulate it back into the enclosure because the slightest breath will cause it to bolt.
Longevity:Β About 12 years for females.