Avicularia diversipes (Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe Tarantula) Info + caresheet

Ybyrapora diversipes (Amazon Sapphire Pinktoe Tarantula) Ex. Avicularia - Info + caresheet

Name and Description History:
Mygale diversipes C. L. Koch, 1842
Eurypelma diversipes C. L. Koch, 1850
Avicularia diversipes Bertani & Fukushima, 2009
Ybyrapora diversipes Fukushima & Bertani, 2017
New World, Arboreal

Size: 4.5 – 5.5”
Growth Rate: medium – fast
Natural Habitat: Southern State of Bahia, Brazil. They are found living in vegetation and seem to be attracted to large leaves. They often construct silk tubes using leaves as a web anchor.
Housing Needs: Arboreal setup. Higher humidity is needed and can be obtained by misting every few days and adding a water cup to the enclosure. Do not saturate the substrate. Provide ample ventilation.
Temperament: This species has a unique defense mechanism by which they will launch excrement when they feel threatened. It can go as far as 2 or 3 feet. They also tend to jump, especially as babies and juveniles, and are particularly sensitive to breezes. 

About: This species was previously described as Avicularia, but was reclassified in 2017 as Ybyrapora. Though it is no longer Avicularia, its care is still very similar; high humidity arboreal with good ventilation. Do not oversaturate the substrate. Provide a tall enclosure with foliage and cork for them to anchor web tunnels and hammocks to. This species is stunning, especially as a sling. They sport metallic silver, blue, and green. They also have a red stripe with a dark pattern on the abdomen. Their colors change as they grow, adults are a deep violet and blue, with pinkish hairs across their bodies. They are rare to find in the hobby!