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A Walk In The Park Journey Pack! Perfect for any keeper, even first time tarantula keepers! SEE DESCRIPTION!


⚠️We never want a customer to be disappointed, so it is very important to read everything below. ⚠️

This is a small collection for any keeper, even those just starting out.  It is just as easy to care for two spiderlings as it is for one, so we are including at least two in this Journey Pack!  Since this is for those just starting out, we are including so much more!  We want to make the beginning of your spidering journey a walk in the park, so we take all the guess work out of everything for you.

Included in the "A Walk In The Park Journey Pack" is:

 🌺At least 2 spiderlings that are appropriate for those just starting out.  

🌺Habitats for everything we include in your pack! This includes substrate and foliage.  You won't need anything else for at least 2 months. *other than food.

🌺Food for all the creatures we include in your pack.  We will include enough food for at least 2 weeks.  

🌺MAY include items helpful for tarantula keeping.

🌺A spiderling care guide that has all you need to know about raising up your spiderlings!

***DOAs are treated very differently with our Journey Packs than with other purchases. Please read so you are not disappointed! We will offer replacements ONLY, no cash refund for DOAs in Journey Packs. Replacements MAY NOT be the same species you originally received! Replacements will be sent with your next order only. ***

💚Each Journey Pack has its own description so please read each one carefully to know what to expect. 
💚This is truly for the brave of heart and fearless souls!

💫We will not take any requests for Journey Packs.  These selections are for those ready for some thrills.

💫This is NOT the same as our Mystery Events. When you receive your spiderlings, they will be labeled so you will know what they are. 😊

💫We cannot sell these in 'Complete Packages' UNLESS  the description for that pack indicates so.


That's all we have to offer right now!

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