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Cyriopagopus lividus ex Haplopelma lividum (Cobalt Blue Tarantula) about 3/4" - 1"


Cyriopagopus lividus (Cobalt Blue Tarantula) for sale

Scientific Name: Cyripagopus lividus

Common Name: Cobalt Blue

Old World, Fossorial

Endemic Location: Thailand, Myanmar

Size: 5 Inches

Life expectancy: Females 15 plus years / Males 5 plus years

Growth rate: Medium

General info: The Cyriopagopus lividus (ex Haplopelma lividum), commonly known as the cobalt blue tarantula, makes a great addition to any exotic pet collection. This species is known for its lively personality and remarkable blue legs, as well as its heavy webbing and burrowing habits. It is a stunning and unique addition to any enclosure. 

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