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Brachypelma emilia (Mexican Redleg Tarantula) about 1/2" - 3/4"


Brachypelma emilia (Mexican Redleg Tarantula) for sale!

Scientific Name: Brachypelma emilia

Common Name: Mexican Redleg

New World, Terrestrial

Endemic Location: Mexico

Size: About 5 Inches

Life expectancy: Females 25 plus years / Males 10 plus years

Growth rate: Slow

Recommended experience level: Beginner

General info: The Brachypelma genus is renowned for being easy to care for and having long lifespans. B. emilia can be distinguished from others in its family by the black triangle on its carapace. As a generally docile tarantula, B. emilia rarely kicks its hairs. This tarantula, along with most of its genus, has a robust size, and makes a great display animal.

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