Psalmopoeus pulcher (Panama Blonde)

This is a beautiful arboreal species with a shimmery golden carapace and legs contrasted by a black abdomen.  While raising this species, we have noticed them to be much calmer than others within this genus.  They tend not to be the sprinters that irminia are, and are not as likely to bolt out of their enclosure.  They make an excellent display tarantula. 

Name Pronunciation:
Psalmopoeus (sal-muh-PEE-uhs)
* Adapted from The American Tarantula Society

Name and Description History:
Psalmopoeus pulcher Petrunkevitch, 1925
Psalmopoeus pulcher Peters, 2003
Psalmopoeus rufus Gabriel, 2014

New World.  Arboreal

Size: 5-6”
Growth Rate: medium-fast
Natural Habitat: Panama. Near the Panama Canal
Housing Needs: Arboreal setup with cork bark.
Temperament: Calmer than others in this genus. We have never seen any of ours give a threat posture