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Typopeltis sp (Thai Red Leg Vinegaroon) about 2" - 3"


Meet the Thai Red Leg Vinegaroon, the perfect pet for those looking to add a dash of excitement to their lives without the bite! These fascinating creatures are like nature's little chemists, armed with the ability to spray a vinegar-scented mist when they feel threatened, earning them the affectionate nickname "vinegaroons." But fear not, for this quirky defense mechanism is entirely harmless to humans, making them a fantastic and safe choice for families and enthusiasts alike.

With their vibrant red legs standing out against a sleek, dark body, Thai Red Leg Vinegaroons are not only interesting to observe but also beautiful to behold. They're like living pieces of art that crawl! These gentle arachnids are low-maintenance, requiring minimal care, which makes them perfect for both beginner pet owners and experienced invertebrate enthusiasts.

Imagine the fun of showing off your vinegar-spraying companion to friends and family, sharing the wonder of this unique creature's natural behavior. The Thai Red Leg Vinegaroon is more than just a pet; it's a conversation starter, an educational tool, and a fascinating addition to any home looking for a pet that's a little out of the ordinary. Bring one into your life and enjoy the blend of beauty, intrigue, and harmless fun that comes with owning one of nature's most curious creations!

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