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Psalmopoeus irminia (Venezuelan Suntiger Tarantula) 3/4"-1"


Psalmopoeus irminia (Venezuelan Suntiger Tarantula)


Fast and furious – that is the name we gave one of our large females. This is an absolutely stunning spider. It has orange lightning bolts at the end of each velvet black leg and a tiger striped abdomen. The underside of each foot is iridescent green and blue.  Not only are they excellent sprinters, but they are jumpers as well. This species is pretty unpredictable and can bolt out when you are not expecting it. They also can have quite the attitude. After re-housing one of mine, she stayed in a threat position for at least 30 minutes in protest. This species exhibits pronounced sexual dimorphism as the male turns brown at maturity. The spiderlings of this species are especially charming.


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