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Ornithoctoninae sp. Laos ("Prison des Arbeilles") 2"- 3" *RARE*


Ornithoctoninae sp. Laos ("Prison des Arbeilles") for sale

Scientific Name: Ornithoctoninae sp. Laos

Common Name: Prison des Arbeilles

Type: old world, Arboreal

Endemic Location: Southeast asia

Diet: Crickets, roaches and mealworms

General info: This Ornithoctoninae sp. Laos ("Prison des Arbeilles") is an exquisite arboreal tarantula, rarely seen in the hobby. This species exhibits heavy webbing, swift movement, and a stunning striped coloration with dark legs. It also has a very unique habitat, calling crevices in rocks and tree roots home. They also like to burrow when given deeper substrate. A great addition to any collection, this arachnid is sure to impress!

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