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Neischnocolus sp Panama (Gold Banded Sunburst Dwarf Tarantula) about 1/4" - 1/2" Super eaters and quite active!


Neischnocolus (was Ami) sp Panama (Gold Banded Sunburst Dwarf Tarantula)

Neischnocolus sp Panama (formerly known as Ami sp. Panama), which in the hobby is often referred to by the common name Gold Banded Sunburst Dwarf Tarantula, is a new world terrestrial tarantula that is endemic to Central American country of Panama. This is a slow growing, dwarf tarantula that is relatively new to the hobby. Until recently they were somewhat rare in the us though they are beginning to grow in popularity. N. sp Panama is a gorgeous and unique looking tarantula and information on this species is not easy to come by. This species recently went through a taxonomic change as Ami was discovered to essentially belong to a genus already described as Neischncoclus. Being a dwarf tarantula, this species will not grow very large. Females only grow to about 2.5-3” in size with males being a little smaller. 

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