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Harpactira namaquensis FEMALE (Bronze Baboon Tarantula) about 4"+ ID- #643 ***IN STORE ONLY***


If you purchased a sexed tarantula: We guarantee the sex of your tarantula for three months or until the next molt.  I know that might sound silly at first, but we want to prevent you from raising up a tarantula for years only then to be hit with the surprise of a mature male.  This also prevents someone from coming back to us years later and telling us they purchased a female but there may be no record of the purchase or there may be a question of if that particular tarantula was from Fear Not.  So to avoid all those unpleasant possibilities, we ask that either you verify the sex with the next molt yourself,  or send it in a vial and we will sex it under the microscope again.

We do not sell a tarantula as sexed unless we are as certain of the sex as we can be using a molt to confirm, but mistakes are possible.

Harpactira namaquensis (Bronze Baboon Tarantula) female for sale!

Scientific Name: Harpactira namaquensis

Common Name: Bronze Baboon Tarantula

Type: Old world, terrestrial

Endemic Location: South Africa

Adult Size: 4-5"

Diet: Crickets, roaches and mealworms

General info: The Harpactira namaquensis, or the Bronze Baboon Tarantula, is a fast favorite among pet owners. Known for being more laid back than other baboon species, the Bronze Baboon is also distinguished by its attractive metallic coloration and starburst pattern, and its tendency to lay down a considerable amount of web when given anchor points!


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