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Grammostola actaeon (Brazilian Redrump Tarantula) 1"+

Grammostola actaeon (Brazilian Redrump Tarantula) 1"+

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👇Choose Spiderling alone OR Make It A Package! 🛖🛖 The Complete Package includes everything. Spiderling, habitat with substrate and foliage, 30 day guarantee, Spiderling Care Guide, and a 2 week supply of feeders!

👀👀 This little red-rumped, long-legged tarantula is a beautiful species and has quite an impressive eating response. Toss in a red-runner at feeding time and watch the acrobatics as this terrestrial Brazilian beauty somersaults and takes down prey as if auditioning for a spot with the Cirque du Soleil. 😎😎 Be prepared for a large tarantula. This species is great for those who want a “present” tarantula, as they tend to sit out and move around their enclosures slowly (unless it’s feeding time.) They like deep substrate with a hide. Since they are fairly easy to maintain and seem to be always lazing about, this tarantula is perfect for all collectors to add to their menagerie. 🕷️🕷️

Make it a package!  Our packages include a habitat, substrate, foliage, feeders, a guide about raising up spiderlings, and a 30 day live guarantee! You must choose to make it a package in this item's drop down menu :) For more information about our "Complete" packages, follow this link

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