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Cyriopagopus lividus (Cobalt Blue Tarantula) Adult Female 4" - 5" ID#1511



 This is an adult from our breeding collection.  ID#1511

Cyriopagopus lividus (Cobalt Blue) tarantula for sale 

  This is a gorgeous species with an amazing blue coloration which is why it is so popular among hobbyists. The down side of this species is that even though it is gorgeous, it spends the majority of its time deep in its burrow, usually only allowing you to see the front half of it that will hang out the front of its burrow. This species grows to about a 5in leg span and lives for about 15-18 years with males living only about 5 or 6 years. This species does exhibit sexual dimorphism as males are light tan or bronze in color and much leggier. Additionally, males gain palpal bulbs on their pedipalps and tibial apophyses (mating hooks). The female eventually becomes larger than the males. 

Old World, Terrestrial burrower
Size: About 5”
Growth Rate: Fast
Natural Habitat: Thailand and Burma. Tropical rain forests.
Housing Needs: Terrestrial burrowing habitat. This species thrives best with high humidity and warmer temps at around 77-85 degrees. The substrate should be kept damp. If you provide a hide, it is possible that this species will use it instead of burrowing, but they will most likely burrow.
Temperament: Some say this is one of the most aggressive species in the hobby. They are very nervous species and are prone to bolting during habitat maintenance and rehousing.

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