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Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

Aphonopelma sp bosque primavera Tarantula about 1"

Aphonopelma sp bosque primavera Tarantula about 1"

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We feed our spiderlings red runner (Turkish roach) roaches.  They are perfect for all sized spiderlings because they are soft bodied and are available in sizes from very tiny hatchlings on up to about 1". 

We offer feeders in SMALL quantities to ship with your order.

For larger quantities, check out Fear Not Feeders.

Aphonopelma sp bosque primavera Tarantula For sale!

Scientific Name: Aphonopelma sp Bosque Primavera

Common Name: none

New World, Terrestrial

Endemic Location: Mexico

Size: 4 -5 Inches

Life expectancy: Females 20 plus years / Males 8 plus years

Growth rate: Slow

Diet: Crickets, roaches and mealworms.

Recommended experience level: Beginner

Info: The Aphonopelma sp. Bosque Primavera Tarantula is a beautiful, larger species. Its striking appearance will turn this species into a favorite for tarantula enthusiasts young and old! 

Make it a package!  Our packages include a habitat, substrate, foliage, feeders, a guide about raising up spiderlings, and a 30 day live guarantee! You must choose to make it a package in this item's drop down menu :) For more information about our "Complete" packages, follow this link

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