Scolopendra heros (Giant Desert Centipede, Sonoran Normal) West Santa Rita Mountain CAPTIVE BRED 1″ – 2″


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While visiting Arizona this year we met with a young man who excels in the study and breeding of Scolopendra heros (Giant Desert Centipedes).  We are offering some captive bred pedelings from his breedings.  The parents of these centipedes were collected at various “Sky Islands” in Arizona.  Though they are the same species, being from a different location means there may be slight differences.

This species is a bit more sensitive than some others but we were given some good tips for keeping them healthy by the breeder. Too much humidity is not tolerated well with this species so we keep them on a sand/clay mixture that is dry. It is important that they have a fresh water supply though so we glued bottle caps just above the sand and keep it filled with fresh water. They also need a good amount of ventilation so we have several holes in the small deli cups. If you live in a dry area you may not need ventilation holes if you are using a small deli cup.

The breeder fed his canned cat food. If you choose to use it, you can freeze it in a baggie and just thaw out and warm up small amounts as needed.

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