Ornithoctoninae sp “Central Mindano” (Mindanao Giant Tarantula) 1″ RARE! FIRST DOMESTIC BREEDING! Be among the first to own this beautiful species! Very fast grower to 9″! Thank you Steve Johnson.


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FIRST TIME domestic breeding! Ornithoctoninae sp “Central Mindano” (Mindanao Giant Tarantula).  This beautiful arboreal species reaches an astonishing 9”.  We spoke to the breeder, Steve Johnson, and he told us he was impressed with their very fast growth rate.  Reaching over 7” in just about a year, it is one of the faster growing tarantulas.  You will see some purple hues as these spiderlings grow.  They are a heavy bodied tarantula that rivals the largest of the Poecilotheria.  Be one of the first to include this amazing species in your collection.