Mystery Spider – Holly’s Personable Peach – Habitat included! ENDS MAY 23RD


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Holly’s Personable Peach

A fascinating tarantula for your collection that will soon win over everyone’s affection.
Classification can be tricky with these creatures, but this species sure has some unique features.
Posted on the hollows of trees at night stalking but yet staying out of sight.
Relatively humid but not so high , they enjoy spending time where the tree divides .
Shy at first they will keep their cover but over time an exciting personality is discovered.
Picky eaters they are not, so take caution when feeding because they are hot! (Old World)
New to the hobby, so perhaps not much is known. Won’t you make some discoveries of your own?

Please Read Before Purchasing.

Each team member has made a choice completely on their own and written a description.  From this I have learned they can write and rhyme pretty darn well!

We will offer the “Mystery” species for four weeks starting today, April 24th.

To make this more fun, I have agreed to give the team member whose species gets the most orders after the 4 weeks $200.00!  So you may see them lobbying for you to purchase their tarantula.

Please keep these things in mind:

  1. Each one is priced at $50 even though some have higher or lower prices normally. *There are a couple that are priced 30% – 40% higher than $50 on our website though!
  2. They all come with a habitat … which helps make up for the difference if they would normally be a lower price.
  3. We CANNOT tell you what species you have until the end of the contest. If you want to know after that, just email us and we will tell you.
  4. Sizes can be between ½” and 1 ½”.
  5. Please DO NOT purchase a Mystery Spider unless you are an experienced keeper.  If this is your first tarantula, a Mystery Spider is not for you.  We do include species that are appropriate for beginners, but there are also some that are not.  Anyone purchasing a tarantula for the first time should know about the species they are getting.  If you have any questions about this at all, please email us at [email protected]