Mystery Spider – Myles’ MVP Tarantula – Habitat included! ENDS MAY 23RD


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Myles’ MVP Tarantula

An old world from a genus with an ill deserved reputation,  this spider is far more shy than defensive.

While it doesnt come in bright flashy colors, it’s dark hues are tinted a beautiful purple color coupled with a simple yet striking pattern. In nature these spiders live in tree hollows, however in a captive setting a vertical enclosure with a big cork tube will allow for a great hiding spot and a beautiful terrarium.

This equatorial spider comes from a warm humid area and will grow very quickly if these conditions are met. Combine that with it’s hardiness and you’re picking one of the best tarantulas available today!

The Fear Not team have been trying to get me to offer “Mystery” species for months.  Since we have had several requests for this, here it is! Please keep in mind that only those who have some experience keeping tarantulas should purchase a Mystery Spider.

Please Read Before Purchasing.

Each team member has made a choice completely on their own and written a description.  From this I have learned they can write and rhyme pretty darn well!

We will offer the “Mystery” species for four weeks starting today, April 24th.

To make this more fun, I have agreed to give the team member whose species gets the most orders after the 4 weeks $200.00!  So you may see them lobbying for you to purchase their tarantula.

Please keep these things in mind:

  1. Each one is priced at $50 even though some have higher or lower prices normally. *There are a couple that are priced 30% – 40% higher than $50 on our website though!
  2. They all come with a habitat … which helps make up for the difference if they would normally be a lower price.
  3. We CANNOT tell you what species you have until the end of the contest. If you want to know after that, just email us and we will tell you.
  4. Sizes can be between ½” and 1 ½”.
  5. Please DO NOT purchase a Mystery Spider unless you are an experienced keeper.  If this is your first tarantula, a Mystery Spider is not for you.  We do include species that are appropriate for beginners, but there are also some that are not.  Anyone purchasing a tarantula for the first time should know about the species they are getting.  If you have any questions about this at all, please email us at [email protected]