Liphistius ornatus Trapdoor Spider from Thailand *Super Cool! 1/2″


@frupus65 has some experience with this species and is letting us use his picture.  He has a great write-up on them below.  Check him out on Instagram!

“Kinda random got to handle one of my Liphistius ornatus today for the first time. Verdict: Surprisingly very calm but capable of impressive bursts of speed. They are not nearly as clumsy out of their tubes as I’ve been led to believe. Also their legs have well developed little claws, they stick to your hand like velcro, definitely no risk of falling off for them, their grip is solid. Also it’s really hard to judge their size when all you ever see of them is the front legs poking out, so this gave me some scale. Since I got them in April they have roughly tripled (!!!) in size. Which would also explain their seemingly endless appetite. Some other interesting tidbits about these for the people that are still reading this: – Liphistius are “Mesothelae”, an extremely ancient group of spiders not closely related to any other spider. Not even to “primitive” spiders like tarantulas. Their last common relative with any other extant spider lived over 350 million years ago! -Some of their ancestral features they kept are the separated instead of fused plates on their butt and the position of their spinnerets pretty much in the center instead of towards the back. -It’s unclear whether Liphistius even have venom. For a long time it was believed they neither had venom glands nor venom channels in their chelicerae, but a 2010 paper found them finally. If they produce and use venom is still unknown.” #liphistius #liphistiusornatus #liphistiuscfornatus #mesothelae #spider #spidersofinstagram #invert #invertebrate #trapdoorspider #trapdoor