Tarantula Habitat – Crystal Clear 3-3/4” x 3-3/4” x 3 Cube with Zoo Med Eco Earth coconut fiber substrate and foliage.


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Everything you need to house your new spiderling is included. The habitat is crystal clear for easy viewing and visual appeal.

***This cannot be purchased alone.  A tarantula must be purchased with the habitats.  Only 2 habitats per order can be included. This is because we can fit only 2 habitats in the insulated overnight shipping box.

***The purchase price does not go toward the minimum needed for shipping or freebies.

HABITATS …. HOW MANY ARE IN YOUR ORDER? If there are more than 2, we will not be able to ship them in your overnight box with the spiderlings. Scheduling your order for shipping will be delayed if additional habitats are added.