Grammostola iheringi (Entre Rios Tarantula) 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ Beautiful spiderlings that start off looking like miniature adults! Complete package includes everything. Spiderling, habitat with substrate and foliage, 30 day guarantee, Spiderling Care Guide, and a 2 week supply of feeders!


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Grammostola iheringi tarantula for sale Entre Rios

All packages come with a complete habitat (substrate, silk leaves, and a crystal clear acrylic habitat), 2 weeks worth of meals, a 30 day live guarantee, and a spiderling care guide!

We will send you a complete habitat that will be good for at least 8 weeks and a two week food supply!  Most spiderlings will not need to be re-housed for 3 months or so.   We are also going to guarantee the health of your  tarantula for 30 days.  Please use the habitat and substrate we provide for at least the first 30 days.  Using another habitat will void the guarantee.  Adding anything to the habitat other than what we sent will also void the guarantee.

If anything happens to your spiderling, we will replace it at no cost*.  We will email you a Spiderling Care booklet that is chock-full of  information and will cover any questions you might have about how to care for your spiderling.  This booklet was written by Tom Moran of  Tom’s Big Spiders and we are happy to be able to share it with you.   You will also be able to ask as many questions as you want (you’ll have my personal cell phone number).  We want you to be happy with your new pet and to enjoy the hobby as much as we do! *Shipping not included. *One replacement.

If the spiderling is under 1″, you might receive a large vial in addition to a  habitat. The large vial should be used first until your spiderling reaches about 1″.

What is included:

  1. A crystal clear habitat that will be appropriately sized for the species you ordered. You will not need to re-house your spiderlings for at least 8 weeks, usually longer.
  2. If your spiderlings is under an inch, we may include a medium sized vial as well as a larger crystal clear habitat to house your spiderlings in until it reaches an inch or so. Using a vial for smaller spiderlings is beneficial because you will be able to find it quickly and check on it better.
  3. Substrate.
  4. Silk foliage appropriate for the particular species you chose. 
  5. A two-week supply of food. We will include enough appropriately sized red runner (Blatta Lateralis) roaches to feed your spiderlings for at least two weeks.  We will also include instructions on how to care for your roaches during that time.*** Unfortunately we cannot include this in orders shipping to Florida.  
  1. A Spiderling Care Guide in .pdf format. This will answer all your questions related to raising up a spiderlings.  It is written by Tom of Tom’s Big Spiders. We have a great appreciation for his ability to share information from his personal experience. 
  2. A 30 day guarantee as described above.

Q: What will void the 30 day Guarantee?

A: 1. You must follow the guidelines for delivery.  If you do not pick up your package within 2  hours of it being available, then the 30 day guarantee will be void.  If you are not home (for home deliveries) for the first delivery attempt, then the 30 day guarantee will be void.

2. If you use a habitat other than what we provide or add something we did not provide to the habitat, the 30 day guarantee will be void.  

Q: But .. how do I take care of the feeder roaches?  


Grammostola iheringi (Entre Rios)

This spectacular species is somewhat rare in the hobby. It is said to be the largest of the Grammostola and has a bit of a different temperament than most others in this genus. The velvet black body and deep burgundy abdomen make this one of the most elegant looking tarantulas in the hobby. It is much leggier than most in this genus. Grammostola are known to be slow-moving, docile, and generally less active than many tarantulas. This species, however, diverts from that description by being much more active and a little defensive at times. The iheringi is not usually a shy tarantula, and seems more aware of its environment than most others we have experience with. It makes an excellent display species as it stays out in the open more as a juvenile and adult.  This tarantula is an aggressive eater  making feeding time quick a display.

Name and Description History:
Eurypelma iheringii Keyserling, 1891
Agathostola iheringi Pocock, 1895
Citharoscelus iheringi Pocock, 1903
Grammostola jheringi Simon, 1903
Grammostola gigantea Mello-Leitão, 1921
Grammostola iheringii Bücherl, 1957
Grammostola iheringi Schmidt, 1993

New world. Opportunistic burrower
Size: 8-9”. Some say this is the largest of the Grammostola genus.
Growth Rate: Medium. This species actually grow quickly compared to other in its genus.
Natural Habitat: Brazil Southern Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul; Santa Catarina; Parana in the valley of the Rio Grande river. Uruguay, Argentina
Housing Needs: Terrestrial setup.
Temperament: This species is feisty, but not aggressive. They are quick to run out from their hide to investigate and disturbance and are not shy creatures.