Aphonopelma hentzi (Texas Brown Tarantula) 1/4″ – 1/2″


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Aphonopelma hentzi (Texas Brown)

This is one of the relatively few species native to the USA.  This species is known to be very docile and long lived, sometimes living over 30 years. Sporting a bronze colored carapace, burgundy abdomen and silky black legs makes this a handsome tarantula.  Ours are rather active and fun to watch.  Even at just 1” they rearrange their habitat like little bulldozers and seem to tend to their home more than any other tarantula we have.  They are long-lived and very hardy.  Though I do not advocate the handling of tarantulas, this is one of the most handleable.  We recommend housing small spiderlings in a small clear container similar to what is shown below.  This will enable you to more fully enjoy the activity of these industrious tarantulas.

Name Pronunciation:
Aphonopelma (uh-fone-uh-PEL-muh)
hentzi (HENT-see)

*Adapted from The American Tarantula Society


New World. Burrower
Size: Can reach around 5”
Growth Rate: Slow.
Natural Habitat: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma.  They live in silk-lined burrows.
Housing Needs: Terrestrial burrowing setup. Humidity needs are low.

Name and Description History:
Mygale hentzii Girard, 1853
Eurypelma hentzi Simon, 1891
Dugesiella hentzi Banks, Newport & Bird, 1932
Aphonopelma hentzi Smith, 1995