Mystery Spider Event - Sold out for June.

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This event ends June 12th at midnight.  That is the last time to purchase.  We will start shipping  the Mystery Spiders on June 15th!


Scott’s Sweet and Fluffy Tarantula almost 1/2″ New World Terrestrial
I am big and fluffy and
rare, you don’t have time
to spare. Better get me
now before I disappear.

Tim and Kasey’s Dancer. about 1 1/2″ New World Terrestrial
When I am young,
I am a leggy spood
Proof pink looks good on a dude.
Columbian neighor Shakira
Hips might not lie
But my special dance
Works well to confuse a guy.
My prickly dance deters those who bother my tunnel bed
Harass my burrow and
You’ll get the leg daggers of red.

Michelle’s Award Winning T 1 1/2″ New World, Terrestrial
I’m a large tarantula from the Amazon and I don’t mind saying I’m much better than the others.
I like to roam and you’ll rarely see me hide which it great because my colors are quite mesmerizing.
A spectacular bloom of black highlighted by blue and fuchsia I’d be a prize winning flower in any collection.

Ralpheal’s “Arggg!!! Matee!!!” 3/4″ – 1″ Old World, Terrestrial
Oceans of deep blue are waiting for ya! We set sail north in search of treasure. Danger could be lurking around every corner, so be cautious and choose wisely. A gold daubloon is yours for you the takin.

Justin’s Big, Bold, Beautiful and Pink! 1 1/2″ New World Terrestrial
Nothing can scare me
Ruler of Venezuela
Gigantic and Pink

BJ’s Big Beauty nearly 1 1/2″ New World Terrestrial
I’m one of the biggest of my genus, blue black and burgundy.
Misidentified as my cousin; long legs and quite fuzzy.
I love to eat in fact you’ll see my response to prey is sick.
I’m quite fluent in Portuguese, my hairs I tend to kick I’m grow real fast and get quite large, your collection I’ll fulfill.
Make BJ’s day and please pick me, she’ll promise you a thrill!

See Past Reveals  Join The Tarantula Collective Facebook Forum to be among the first notified! 
Each Fear Not staff member chooses a species.  It is completely up to them and could be from any of the species we have as long as we have enough of a quantity of them.  They each write a description of their chosen species to get interest in it.  
This is a contest between our staff members and the one who has the most sales gets $100. It is fun for them and our customers.  It is an opportunity for us to garner interest in species that have been overlooked and also to get pricey species in the hands of those who would otherwise not purchase them.   
It is important to keep in mind that some of the species offered do cost less than $50, and some cost more. 
All the choices will be listed on the day the event starts along with their descriptions.

Important to know:
***Each one is priced at $50 even though some have higher or lower prices normally.
***We can only send one of each species in each shipment.  You can order more than 1 Mystery Tarantula, but please choose only one of each species.
***We CANNOT tell you what species you have until the end of the event.
***Soon after the event is over we will post a “Mystery Reveal” on our Facebook page as well as on this site.
Please DO NOT purchase a Mystery Spider unless you are an experienced keeper.  If this is your first tarantula, a Mystery Spider is not for you.  We do include species that are appropriate for beginners, but there are also some that are not.  Anyone purchasing a tarantula for the first time should know about the species they are getting.  If you have any questions about this at all, please email us at [email protected]