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Melinda Wiley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

March 15 2022

Ordered several spiderlings and was very satisfied with the entire experience. Fear Not had excellent communication and the tarantulas arrived on time in great condition. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again!

Katie Graham  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncMarch 15 2022

Tarantulas arrive live and well. It’ll be a year this June and they’re still thriving. I got two slings: a GBB and a T. Vagans. Attached are pics when I first got them and pics today.

Matt Chandler  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncMarch 9 2022

I have ordered from a lot of places, to grow my collection to be quite large. My experience has been that they have provided the best overall communication, best experience, and healthiest spiders. I have heard a few people gripe about their shipping, but I find they communicate and they truly care about the health of their Tarantulas and creatures. Fear Not has been great! Easily the best people to go through, overall, IMO.

Lisa Evans  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncMarch 8 2022 

Great customer service, superb packaging, all of my tarantulas arrived safe! Thanks again.

Jamison Madson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncMarch 1 2022

I've had great experiences from fear not, the spiders were great quality and healthy on arrival

James Perkins  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncFeb 26 2022

I would definitely recommend Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc! I have wanted to visit them myself but a friend was in the area and picked up a couple of tarantulas for me. He talked highly of the staff and how well he was treated there. I hope to get an opportunity to visit and meet everyone. I have since ordered for my first time from them and everything went extremely well. I had my purchase delivered to my local FedEx hub and was happy with the transaction. There is another order being prepared for me at the time of this review and I’m eagerly awaiting my new tarantulas.

Katherine Riddell  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncFeb 25 2022

very good prices, amazing variety, and their customer service is phenomenal. We lost a whole package bc FedEx delayed and they corrected the problem without hesitation, sending replacements. you can tell they have a genuine love for the hobby and helping other within it. 10/10

Shadwick Lutz  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncFeb 22 2022

Very detailed oriented company with a ton of knowledge and caring aspects for the animals they deal in. Fear Not is an awesome place. They care about what they do and it shows. I've bought over 10 T's from this company and will continue to do so. If you're looking to get into the hobby or you already are and have not gave these guys a chance then do yourself a favor and try them out. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Fear Not staff for everything you do and care you take while doing it.

Drake Lee  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncFeb 16 2022

Placed my first ever online order through them and it was great. I bought one from the mystery event and I’m glad I did, everything went smooth and my three little slings arrived unharmed and healthy. I got them from the latest mystery event and I have to say it was well worth it, I can’t wait to watch them grow. Would definitely recommend and I will use in the future

Zachary Hoffmann  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.  Feb 25 2022

First time ever ordering Tarantulas online, and I am more than impressed! I ordered four slings, and they all arrived perfectly fine! The packaging was immaculate for shipping especially into cold weather areas like Wisconsin where I'm from. Will Definitely Order Again!

Crystal Cobb  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncFeb 14 2022

I order a Spiderling from them and I received it and they did a great job with packaging and the best day it it a death curl and I contacted them and they are replacing it. I am so happy with their customer service and I can’t wait to get my tarantula they are so great

Jennifer Fisher  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncFeb 13 2022

They refunded the extra I paid to have it shipped home, because the temp, dipped with out me asking. They sent me an email with the address of the closest hub and a date and time, and asked if it would work for me. T arrived snug in container with a heat pack separated from the T so it wouldn’t cook. I plan on purchasing from here again

Terri Lynn Hess  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, IncFeb 6 2022

we have gotten 4 tarantulas from here and a scorpion they are all wonderful people and awesome spiders ...

 Seth Schermerhorn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc Dec 17 2020

Great transaction and super fast shipping. My son loves his spider. 👌

Jillian Smith  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc  Dec 15, 2020

Alex Jae Emerson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 20, 2020

Healthy, active tarantulas! I have bought 8 of them and they are all still doing well. When I had questions about a tarantula I purchase that I couldn't find any information on and they helped me out. They're so nice and have amazing customer service. Hopefully one day I can visit the physical location.
Note: I wish there was a 'favorite' button on the site so I could have like a wish list on the site since I will probably only be buying from FNT from now on

Jared Ferguson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 19, 2020

I love Fear Not. I've bought 8 slings from them, all healthy and beautiful. The process has been painless and they maintain excellent communication throughout. Couldn't ask for a better place to pick up your next 8 legged family member. ❤️

Dylan Mueller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 18, 2020

Amazing company. All of my slings arrived happy and healthy. Well packaged and on time. Would definitely purchase these guys again!

Kelsey Hampton  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 18, 2020

Easy to purchase online, their website is easy to use. Their detailed instructions are very good. The flights for my slings was prompt and they arrived without any issue. Unboxing was very easy as well; everything was clearly marked. Customer service was amazing with getting back to me with transport questions.
I definitely recommend Fear Not Tarantulas. I would definitely order my next slings from them.
I have bought 3 Ts and they have all been amazing!!! Great prices too. You can tell that the staff at Fear Not take great pride and care in what they do. Keep being fabulous guys! You Rock!!

Dotty Dart  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Nov 17, 2020

I absolutely would recommend FNT. Their communication is amazing, they package amazingly. I will definitely be using them again.

Stephanie Neitzke  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 16, 2020

This place is amazing. The staff is incredibly helpful and informative. I could spend hours in the shop looking at all of the beauties that they have.

Emily Arguello  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 12, 2020

Gage Smith  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 12, 2020

Purchased a Grammostola iheringi (Entre Rios) complete package from them. After confirming I agreed and understood shipping policy my tarantula shipped out a few days later on 11/10, and arrived 11/11. everything was well packed, insulated and live and accounted for. The tarantula was the size in the description, and I'm extremely happy.

Kristen Lawrance  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 11, 2020

After a bad experience ordering tarantulas from another online service I swore I wouldn't do it again, but I'm SO glad I did! The entire process was super simple and I don't think I've received better communication from anyone I've ordered anything from ever. The tarantulas arrived very well packaged and all healthy. I was updated by both Fear Not and FedEx every time my package moved. Wonderful experience and I highly recommend them!

Francis Macadat  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 7, 2020

Yes I Do. Friendly staff. Great displays of the adult form of the animals that you can purchase of slings. They have enclosures that are pre-packed for your new animal to go home with. Affordable pricing for the animals on sale. I would suggest to come in and check them out!

Alex Robertson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Nov 2, 2020

Virginia Beach location is great! Displays are awesome. Customer service is great and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anybody.

Hayley Lorenzo  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. Oct 21, 2020

First time ordering from here. Very impressed. Great communication, terrific packing. Healthy spiderlings.You can tell they care about their animals! Will be ordering more!

Sierra Lewellen

  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc  Oct 7, 2020· 

It’s my first time ordering tarantulas onlinr and especially without knowing the company too well. I have to say though, the experience with FNT was amazing! Kept me updated with shipping and what was to happen next, a cute little prompt of how to set them up, and they were neatly and safely secured so no damage would happen on their journey to me. I’ll definitely be ordering from them again in the future!

 Nichole Irene Mader  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 4, 2019 at 9:41 PM ·

Mom to a tarantula loving son. Tanya was amazing at talking me through the unboxing as my son was still in school and I didn’t want to keep them in their transport containers longer than need be. Great company and wonderful people to work with.

Marleah Koi Cabano  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. December 3, 2019 at 9:59 PM 

Best customer service, hands down! That alone will have me coming back, and I haven’t even gotten my first Ts from them yet. Long story short – ordered 1 spider. Hubby surprisingly talked me into getting a 2nd one 10 mins later, so ordered my 2nd. Next day I realized there was a minor error on the dates, I knew what they meant, but wanted to confirm. BJ was extremely helpful and made sure I was refunded the 2nd shipping charge since they will be shipped together. To be honest, I didn’t even think about the shipping! Haha, I am happy he caught it! Thank you again, BJ, and FNT staff! Can’t wait for my Ts to get here!?

David Pryor  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. November 12, 2019 ·

I ordered my first 3 tarantulas online. When they came they coordinated with me to ensure the day and approximate time. The package was delivered and in great shape. Unboxing was easy and they were very well packaged. All were alive and well. I will purchase from them again.

Branson Lane Fuller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. November 7, 2019 ·

I got two slings, chromatopelma cyaneopubescens and tliltocatl vagans formerly brachypelma vagans, and they arrived in perfect shape and both are doing great! Temps were too high in my region and they reached out and helped me get them here safely. 10/10

Cody Chronister  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.November 5, 2019 ·

As a first time keeper I have been very impressed with Tanya and the rest of the staff at FNT. The sling arrived well packed and was immediately showing signs of life. The provided enclosure was perfect and the sling went right in. The included feeders are the perfect size and I should have some nice take downs soon. The thing that stood out to me the most was how concerned they are about their slings. From the start everything was about making sure the sling arrived healthy and alive. They quickly remediated a shipping issue even if it meant an inconvenience because to them the tarantula comes first. I will definitely be coming back to them as I expand my collection.

Alexis Roldan-Santiago  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 30, 2019 ·

I would like to just say all my babies came in spectacular. As a month and a half newbie The packaging was great and the notes inside very helpful. Will be buying again from this wonderful place and from me and my wife thank so much for having our first time purchase a wonderful one. 5/5 ✨

Bri Diederichsen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 15, 2019 ·

I placed my order with FNT for my first T and felt very taken care of, and my questions answered! The shipping process is very clear and smooth. I love my new T (c. cyaneopubescens, greenbottle blue)! Will definitely be ordering again in the future.

Susan J Matyas  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 14, 2019 ·

always received tarantulas well packed and alive and healthy, they always communicate and answer e-mails

Aubrey Trejo  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 12, 2019 ·

went to look at spiders today at the reptile expo in tinley park and came across these guys! everyone was so personable and knowledgeable.. i bought a brazilian black after handling one myself.. the owner is the sweetest lady and you can tell they all have quite a passion for what they do. i can not wait to expand my collection! 10/10 would recommend.

Debbie McClure  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. October 4, 2019 ·

Always received healthy T’s. Packing is obsolete. The staff are amazing. Always helpful

Tim Yohn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 25, 2019 ·

Great service, every single time, through the entire purchase process.

Jacqueline Rickett  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 25, 2019 ·

Ordered twice for a combined 8 tarantulas. The communication was amazing, transactions smooth and arrived quickly. All slings were great!

Out of all the places I’ve received tarantulas their packaging has been the best!

Kenneth Blackburn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 24, 2019 ·

I just ordered from Fear Not for the first time, great service!

Hu N G Va  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 22, 2019 ·

Amazing people, products, pricing and shipping

Krystie Sedlmayer  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 15, 2019 ·

Great variety, and very VERY responsive to questions! My favorite place to get tarantulas!

Melissa Karnes  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 13, 2019 

Great communication, great experience over all. If you’ve never had a tarantula, they walk you through every step of the way.\

Hannah Gunn  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 11, 2019 ·

Excellent communication, packaging, and selection of Ts. Everyone came in perfect condition and I’ll definitely be ordering with Fearnot again, I’ve already got my eye on a couple things

Samantha Cottrell  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 5, 2019 ·

What’s not to love about Fear Not?! Amazing selection, super friendly and knowledgeable staff, hassle free shopping and support. Extremely satisfied and cannot wait to place our next order.

Michael Depangher  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. September 4, 2019 ·

We ordered a Brazilian Pink Bloom sling and it arrived on time and healthy as can be!! We will be ordering from them again!

Nathan Holcomb  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 28, 2019 ·

perfect order great communication and a live arrival. I only buy from here.

Chris Goodson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 28, 2019 

Fantastic communication with emails and texts. Everything was packaged well and everyone looked nice and healthy. Can’t go wrong with the complete packages. 30 day guarantee and 2 weeks of food.

Brad Habermehl  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 21, 2019 ·

Tanya and the crew at FNT are great!
Awesome service. On time and alive.

Laila Quick  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 3, 2019 ·

Numerous superlative buying experiences with FNT. Absolutely love their selection, and their prices are great/competitive. Tanya is a boss!! 10/10 recommend to other tarantula lovers!

Ashleigh Pugh  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 3, 2019 

We ordered a couple of spiderlings from Fear not a couple weeks ago. Hands down the best experience! The packaging was great, and unpacking the spiders was very easy due to how they pack them inside the vials! I’d highly recommend them ☺️

Karl Reiser  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. August 2, 2019 ·

I have been raising and breeding Tarantulas for over 10 yrs. I have been skimming Fear Not’s available list since they came online. I have specifically watching for Brachylpelma Schroederi to show up somewhere in the states. I have been really hesitant to purchase Ts from anybody in the summertime because I live in Vegas. The temperatures are so hot. When the B Schroederi showed up , I had to purchase, summer or not. Fear Not was very accommodating, the communication was beyond excellent, packaging was very good, and the delivery to Fed ex hub was timely. My Ts showed up in great health. I truly could not have been happier. This experience has earned them a lot of future business.Thanks to Fear Not and their staff!

Angela Schiel Ferguson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 27, 2019 ·

I have placed several orders with them and could not be happier!!! The T’s always come very well packed safely & easy to get out of the vials & unpacked without injuring the slings!

Alexander Sharpe  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 25, 2019 ·

I’ve purchased Ts from Fear Not multiple times and its always so smooth. The packing job is amazing and the Ts are always in good shape at arrival through experience. Would recommend them to anyone in the US. Will purchase more in the future.. thanks!

Kristen Neal Barnett  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 23, 2019 ·

Absolutely phenomenal service and communication. Any time I had a question I got a prompt response. After adding to and changing my order a couple times I was concerned about the entire order being correctly sent. After receiving today my order was correct, with great instructions for unpacking and excellent care taken with packaging. Super thrilled with my order and will definitely be ordering from them again.

Sarah Stinson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 23, 2019 ·

amazing! great response time, beautiful packing, and the tarantulas are always well priced and beautiful quality

Vicky Dulin Keller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 22, 2019 ·

The beauty of these 8 legged creatures!

Nicole Allamon  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 22, 2019 ·

I ordered two tarantulas and also got a free one. All of the slings are healthy and wonderful eaters. Will definitely order from them again. Also had great communication with shipping.

Arevalo Steven  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 20, 2019 ·

Perfect, got a G. Pulchripes and not any regret

Josh Taylor  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 19, 2019 ·

great service, healthy Ts and great selection. they are very knowledgeable about spiders and happy to help. great communication as well.

Alicia Nadine Webster  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 14, 2019 ·

Fear Not Tarantulas is amazing !!! we own two baby T’s that came in amazing shape and have just grown and been awesome since we got them! Ordering process is so simple, great descriptions everything is awesome !

Marcus Murray  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 11, 2019 ·

Recieved my 2nd order from Fearnot! 4 slings and a juvie female p. reduncus. She is gorgeous! As usual, all packed great and arrived full of life! Can’t wait to see the p. regalis grow up. 3rd order has already been placed!

Tanya Higgins  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 8, 2019 

Excellent customer service, great selection, solid packaging, and friendly staff to boot.

Stacy Duhon  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 6, 2019 ·

my family’s first tarantula, a GBB sling, was delivered 6recently. The enclosed instructions explained exactly how to set up the habitat & house the sling, made startup to spiderling very easy! FNT’s helpfulness is very appreciated, & I’m very much looking forward to buying more tarantulas!

Roxanne Ferguson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. July 4, 2019 ·

Wonderful service all around! My little B. hamorii sling was packaged very well. They sent a very healthy and feisty little dude(tte). I also greatly appreciated their outstanding customer service. The lady I spoke with was very kind, understanding, and patient when answering all of my questions and very knowledgeable as well. They really put forth great care and love into their tarantulas. Thank you so much!

Roger Wilco  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 28, 2019 ·

the care they use to inform you each and every way but also how they ship their T’s

Raul De los Raphaeles  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 16, 2019 

yes, its a safe way to buy Tarantulas from and the Ts come in gr8. Prices are fairly low so its very recommended

William Livingartexotics Shreve  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. June 6 at 9:56 AM

Easy to purchase from and would recommend them to anyone
Will be making future purchases

Dustin Komes  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc. May 29 at 8:44 PM

Jeanee’ Dupree  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

May 4

I had to have a friend place the order as they were a gift to keep them secret. fear not was great about making sure I was the person picking up even though someone else paid.

they were packed so SO well! clearly labeled box. large lime colored sticker point to which way they needed to face. came with habitat recommendations of set up even though I did not buy a kit for my slings. also had some other great info. personally wrote a thank you to my friend and I for ordering. also one sling had it’s most recent molt labeled on its enclosure which I personally was so happy to get.

thanks again! can not wait to order in the future!

Brandi Reddington  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

April 30

Thanks so much they came safe and sound.

Vanessa Crowe  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

April 28

Andrew Perez  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

April 23

Rocco Russo  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

April 18

Rachael Emery  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

April 18

Gary Cheatwood  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

April 1

Melanie Kirsch  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

March 31

Gavin Doss  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

March 28

Malick Darian White  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

March 23

Jeff Ruppel  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

March 17

Rick Brown  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

March 13

Joe Owen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

March 1

Chris KIng  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 28

Chris Shade  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 21

Angela Buer  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 13

Teela Marie Golden reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star 2019

Katherine Hemen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 12

Jennifer Greer Delz  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 11

JT Smith-Martin  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 9

Michael Mauzey  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 6

Nick Coons  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 5

Ken Aplin  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

February 1

Susan Moore  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 31

Dan Pompili  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 30

Stacey Ranae Ripley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 29

Stephanie Errickson Lockwood  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 23

Tara Tootles  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 23

babies arrived this morning alive and well  thanks so much, thanks FNT for everything

Jody Harkey  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 22

Updated 2/6/19: My Caribena versicolor sling arrived safe and sound. The little guy was perfectly packaged and doing well. “He” is shown here in his new enclosure (not the shipping vial)

Claudia Rossen  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 22

January 22

Dallin Lochridge  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 15

Kara Ashlea Bell  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 13

Lori J. Renaldi  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 9

T. Blondi, L. Difficilis, & B. Verdezi
Shipping was a breeze, packaging was very durable and the communication is outstanding, unlike other tarantula businesses I’ve dealt with, making their customer experience top notch! The slings are just beautiful and healthy. I will definitely order from these guys again! Highly recommended.
Thanks Fear Not Tarantulas!

 Patrick Lewis  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

January 5

Kellie Thompson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 31, 2018

Sue Ann Okerwall Knoblauch  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 29, 2018

Red Cichorz  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 25, 2018

Shae Charles-Maar Barthel  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 21, 2018

Maxy L. Olcott  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 21, 2018

as getting another….. and another… ?

Thank you for being here! 


Julie Tallon  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 17, 2018

Cliff Pruitt  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 11, 2018

Amy Huber  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

December 7, 2018

Quentin Douget  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

November 16, 2018

Jo Miller  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

November 10, 2018

Vincent James Dorazio Jr.  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

October 30, 2018

Katie Crow  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

October 25, 2018

Jennifer Holt  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

October 24, 2018

Chloe Cee  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

October 16, 2018

Amanda Black  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

October 11, 2018

Lindsay Olivera  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

October 6, 2018

Johnny Morales  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

September 29, 2018

Sheri Dennison Mary-Ann Pascucci  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

September 28, 2018

Dominic Savana  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

September 27, 2018

I appreciate the way that the Fear Not team has reach out to me during purchases to ensure my buying experience was a great one. That’s what every customer wants when they buy something – a feeling of mutual appreciate – that removes the transactional nature of buying.

Consider saving and buying a big order. Freebies are included starting $75, currently, (H. Gigas) and the higher purchase amount feebies are incredible!

Thank you for everything Fear Not. I will be waiting for the next mystery boxes!

Brooke Hinkley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

September 26, 2018

Jonathon Aaron Straus  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

September 25, 2018

Wynona W. Wiltfong  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

September 16, 2018

Alvarado Stephanie  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

September 6, 2018

Amber Mack Ivie  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 30, 2018

Whitney Schreiber reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

August 8 at 5:41 PM

Just received my slings today and they are in perfect condition! Super active and beautiful! Fear not has the BEST customer service and is so professional. Definitely the perfect place to order my first slings. I will be ordering again!

Kevin Kriesak  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 21, 2018

Kate Rooker  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 16, 2018

Ashley Tubbs Wahlberg  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 14, 2018

Jason King  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 14, 2018

Brenda Stewart  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 14, 2018

Sky Wesley  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 14, 2018

Danny Johnson  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 13, 2018

Michael Birch  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 13, 2018

Myria Hoisington  recommends Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc.

August 10, 2018

Teela Marie Golden reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

August 10, 2018

 I’ve always had very quick responses to any questions and the staff has accommodating of requests, such a changing the ship to or checking stock for extras. There is always a great selection and prices that are very fair. 100% will buy from again in the future.

 Marcus Murray reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 26 at 12:55 AM

Vince Padilla reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 19 at 5:33 PM

Shawn Hardesty reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 18 at 9:02 AM

Joe A Menendez reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 11 at 12:59 PM

Michael Wells reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 11 at 12:56 PM

Courtney Guinane reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 11 at 11:23 AM

Daphne Bauer reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 10 at 8:57 PM

Erica Swift reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

July 4

Kathy Davey reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

June 30

Kevin J Pace reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

June 21

Jean Fowler reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

June 8

I ordered three Ts from Tanya at Fear Not and I love them! Beautifully and carefully packaged! So glad that Tom’s Big Spiders directed me to her. All three Ts arrive alive and perfectly fine.

 Scott Bauer reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

June 5

Stewert Tripp reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

June 4

Lauren Weiss reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

May 17

Katelyn Ricker reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

May 16

Jesse Maryam Oukheira reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

May 16

Izzy Presley reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

May 15

Mike Downey reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

May 13

Vicki Ignaszak reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

May 1

I had a question about my vinegaroon (I wanted to be sure I knew the exact species) so i contacted the info email provided on this facebook page. I received a reply within an hour that my vinegaroon was Mastigoproctus giganteus. Very quick to reply to emails, I’m confident they’d reply promptly regarding online orders as well.

  Greg Longstreet reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

April 11 at 11:15pm

 Justin Reed reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

April 10 at 5:18am

 Greg Retzlaff reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

April 9 at 7:28pm


  Leslie Valar Morghulis reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

April 6 at 7:59pm

 Shannon Gormley reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

April 6 at 7:07pm

 Randy Miller reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

April 3 at 5:51pm

  Jennifer Baldwin reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

 Shannon Egendoerfer reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

March 21 at 11:16pm

  Jane Hogarth reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

March 14 at 2:59pm

 Christine Carlson Whittington reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

March 14


  Linda Clark reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

March 3

Kristen Ingersoll reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

March 3

 Carl Evans reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

March 1


 Nicole L. Berrima reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

March 1

  Damien Kinchen reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 25


Bethany Alvarado reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 25

 Robert Morris reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 22


  Shannon Garber reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 22

  Shawn Smith reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 22

Tanya… thanks again

 Mary Lalor Kitchen reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 17

 Byron Gast reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 9

 Jenni Hubbard reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

February 2

  Shelby Falker reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

January 29

 Jessica Mason reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

January 15

 Bruce Hermann reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

January 12

Their selection of tarantulas offered is always great, and their packing method for animals is superb. As their excellent rating would suggest, you couldn’t do better than using Fear Not Tarantulas. Will definitely use again in the future!

  Ryan Hawk reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

December 23, 2017

Ryan Hawk You’re very welcome! You should see some of the slings I got from my first order.. they are getting big  When I ordered from you guys the 1st time, I had maybe 6 T’s… now, I have 36, and have ventured into my 1st old world (C. darlingi). I am going See More

 Brice Zeman reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

December 10, 2017

 Jesse Goodwin reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

December 9, 2017

 Brittney B Cullen reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

November 18, 2017


 Joshua J. Banker reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

November 14, 2017

  Nick Cunningham reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star

October 28, 2017

Our first order was in June, being our first transaction purchasing tarantulas online we were apprehensive, but Tanya was great about communication and the confirmation and detailed emails with delivery information all made us feel very reassured.

Our second order was in August, and actually the weather was a bit too hot to send them out when we originally planned. Tanya was kind enough to personally call us on the phone and make detailed plans with us so we were able to receive them at the next most convenient time. Valuing the lives of their tarantulas over making a sale, and we appreciate that they care so much about each tarantula they have.

Our most recent order we received October 24th, we were lucky enough to obtain the slings we wanted. Every order with Fear Not Tarantulas has been completely professional and the communication is perfect. We never had any issues with FedEx delivery estimations, or any communication errors with anyone. We will always be returning to Fear Not Tarantulas for every new addition to our growing family 

 Steve Johnson reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star October 27, 2017

Shes very patient and willing to help. I can tell she genuinely cares for her inverts and not just a profit…which is hard to come by these days.
We definitely need more sellers like her in the hobby, and for that id recommend her to anybody

I appreciate everything tanya and have a feeling you and i will be doing a lot more business in the future

 Christina Henning reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star October 25, 2017

 Amanda Cozzi reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star October 7, 2017

 Brian Lemmons reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 26, 2017

  Benjamin Neuls reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 23, 2017

Received my L.P in good shape and it seems to be adjusting nicely. Thank you so much for the speedy service and communication.

Lewis Homden reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 19, 2017

Highly recommend, they know what they’re doing, they communicate with customers really well, and of course the safety of the Ts is their #1 priority, and it shows. Good people, great service.
Shout out to Tanya for helping me with a problem I had with my account due to ordering some Ts before and after creating an account. She was awesome and represents the business well. 

 Ian Glisson reviewed Fear Not Tarantulas, Inc — 5 star September 11, 2017